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Jesse’s Guide to the Mister Babilla disco, Cartagena Colombia (with Photos!)

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The club opens on June 2nd Puerto d'Amore: Head towards Torrevieja on the N and you will see a big sign above the intersection just patties the petrol station on the right forPuerto d'Amore The owners of this club have contacted us crtagena confirm that they do not use any paid "hostesses" and that all sex on the premises is free. If you are worried about getting recognized, we also have tens of thousands of profiles of swingers from the rest of Spain and over 2 million in the UKso we are sure there will be someone amongst the 4.

Click here to join "La Marina Swingers" Our basic service is free to use and to join. This allows you to create your profile which consists of your personal details and your ad and allows you to search the database and write to people you think you might like to meet. If you are new to swinging, and want to find out what swinging is all about, or you want to know how to get involved select the relevant sections from the menu on the left. All swingers welcome new comers, and most will go out of their way to offer you help and advice. All swingers, new comers and experienced alike can benefit from reviewing Swinging Manners, as we all forget how we should behave sometimes.

Select "Book to Attend" from the menu.

Select the party you wish to attend from the list of events. Cartagenz the "Join" button at the top of the event description. Single men may only click to join the couples, ladies and trios parties if they have a couple to sponsor them. If you are unable to attend after you have booked Please go to the party page and click the "Unsubscribe" button at the top of the description.

Our Saturday parties start at 9pm and finish at 3am. Please avoid arriving early, as it delays us preparing for the party. Our December 8th party is for mixed sex couples, single ladies and mixed sex trios. Single Men may only attend as the guest of a couple and must be 45 or under. Please book early, we have to limit the number of guests at this party to 80, as everyone will be inside the house.

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Around Instead of an empty dance paties, there are wooden tables everywhere. Each group grabs a table and orders a bottle of rum. It almost feels more like a restaurant with dance music than anything else. By around This goes on until at least 4: Ordering Drinks Etiquette The girls are generally pretty and all are thin, though facial quality varies. There you can drink beer or aguardiente or Rum. In that case, grab a table instead.

In cartagena parties Swing

The waiters will hand you a menu and expect you to buy a bottle of rum. Order one bottle and keep it at your table all night! And order some Sprite or Coca-Cola as well to mix the liquor. Everything is relatively cheap. Here you can see the wooden table with the bottom of rum in the ice bucket. The girls are very easy on the eyes, but like at all places quality does VARY! There are a few beautiful girls the 9swhile most girls are somewhere in the middle 8s and 7s. The cool thing is that there are virtually NO ugly girls!

ALL the girls are quite doable, and with at least decent bodies. It just comes down to differences in levels of facial cuteness. The ratio of men to women is pretty good too. Besides myself, I only saw one other Gringo male there, out of some hundreds of partiers. Being tall is also a big plus. At 6 feet tall, I was maybe the tallest guy there, as Colombian men are quite short. At around People basically stick with their own small groups and I saw absolutely NO inter-group mingling early in the night whatsoever. In addition, ALL the women are chaperoned by males, as the men always pay. ALL the women are chaperoned by males.

Just start by getting into the party atmosphere with your own group at your own table.

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