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Starting a Speed Dating Service – Sample Business Plan Template

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Rent a Meeting Venue and Set Time and Date for Meetings Before sending out invitations to singles to attend your event, you are expected to first of all sort out all the logistics that will enable you have a busineas event. Hence, you are expected to go around town to rent a decent place perhaps a hotel or a beach front where singles can feel free to mingle and relate with other singles. Of course, you are expected to fund the first outing from your pocket. So going forward, you need to look for means of generating money from the people that attends your single meetings or create a membership package that will require single to register before attending your single networking events.

Send out Invitations to Singles around You Once you have been able to lock down a venue for your singles networking event, you can then send out invites to singles around you. If you intend to run the business on a large scale, then it is definitely not something that you can run alone, so you must build a solid business structure which will allow you to choose proficient and committed people to work with you in achieving your goals and objectives. From the above analysis, you will require at least 7 key people to help run your speed dating business successfully.

The Service Delivery Process of a Speed Dating Business In starting a speed dating business, you must have the enthusiasm necessary with which to run the business as the business is one where you have to interact with people and get them interested enough to attend the events that you will be hosting. If you are not enthusiastic about the business, you might not be able to get your clients to be excited about it either. You must identify your target market especially in the area you are looking to start your business in.

Start by conducting a thorough market research, and then through the identification of your target market create programs and events that they will be able to identify with. Identifying the venues where the speed dating will occur is very important as you need places that will suit the clients you have at hand.

Probably gathering clients there are a grade of organic to do this and the most recent of this is over the internet. Illegitimately are several times you will need to confirm at for when adopted for a country and they are; if the agency is loaded to serve phoenix, if catering contexts are available and if the producer is close to your name keeping. In this functionality, the shorter option trader is taxed over emails and the Internet.

There are several things you will need to look at for when looking for a facility and they are; if Strt venue is licensed to businexs alcohol, if catering facilities are available and if the venue is close to your target market. Our history We started running our own events in when speed dating was a new concept. With little more than a one-page website and a few flyers we managed to fill and run our events. In those early days, we worked out who matched with who manually. The process took hours on end.

We also managed the booking process manually and, although we took credit card payments it was hard to keep track of everyone.

It was unsustainable to carry on this way but we knew the answer was to create a bespoke web based system to run the business. The system does it all. Singles are faced with the challenge of balancing their personal and professional lives, and there is less time for personal life management. The divorce rates among married couples are also high, leading to more people in need of a companion or life partner. This social crisis has created a unique business opportunity for entrepreneurs in terms of speed dating, which is a modernized form of matchmaking. If you succeed, we succeed.

Lets do this together! Are you ready to be a star in your community and start spreading the love and make a few bucks as well? So learning the keys to prosperity in how to differentiate your adult speed dating energies so that you: An adult speed dating company in the romantic arena has to have a public relations face when recruiting.

Speed Start dating business a

A female face has more sway in the dating service field. A female face lends a ton of credibility in getting both females and males to make the leap to adult speed dating. When women sign up, men follow. Your events will have fewer problems, attract more folks and those folks will feel more comfortable and more at ease if there is some common bond among them, Therefore, in mid-size and larger cities a number of nationality groups may live there like Greek, Czech, Asian, Brazilian, etc.

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