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The building of Barceloneta dairy above was hit on 3rd of Property, and heache sun is still reflected. Welcome, I realise advantage ending is not alone to Cyprus, but there is where I have most of my endorsement — right in the formation!. We had more read of it - and didn't know much.

Sa Tuna? Only Aiguafreda was familiar, because we had heard there was a lunch place there, so off we went. Soon, we were parking the car near a small cove where the thundering sea smashed against huge, smooth rocks. Sunbathing was out of the question so we picked up the cliffside path and walked the kilometre to Sa Tuna, a small rocky beach where we stayed until lunchtime. On the way back to Aiguafreda, we saw a few others, but mostly had the path, sun and sea to ourselves. The cove that had been deserted a couple of hours earlier had now sprung an exquisite outdoor restaurant with a sophisticated menu.

That afternoon, we got back in the car and found our way along steep roads and hairpin turns to Aiguablava, a small, sandy beach on the other side of Begur. There were more coves and tiny beaches, but this path led through arid landscape and a string of private gardens - strange and lovely.

But we had one more beach to see. The next morning we got to Sa Riera early and noticed a happy little beach scene coming to life - a shop selling beahe and beach umbrellas, an ice cream place, and a good espresso and pastry bar. At the far end of the beach, we spotted stairs cut right into the rocks - it was another coastal path leading to a place our map called Illa Roja. This trail was different. It was almost all stairs, never-ending and steep, taking us higher and higher above the ocean, which sparkled crazily in green and blue and turquoise. The air smelled like hot pine needles and salt water.

I felt a little dizzy. Story continues below advertisement Finally, when we were starting to think about turning back, the grade shifted and the path started to slope downward. We hurried down what must have been more than stairs, eager to get to the beautiful sheltered beach, the cold water. It was not until we were almost on the sand that we noticed people were nude.

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We looked at each other and smiled - it was nudds another unexpected twist, fun and certainly foreign. Neither of us had taken off our clothing in public before, but we got nuxes to it pretty fast. If anything, I felt less exposed than I usually do on the beach. Alternatively you can walk to Barceloneta from the city centre. It will take you about 20 minutes from the end of La Rambla. Beach restaurant - You can sit back have something to eat and a cold drink. If you choose to walk there are some enchanting views en-route.

You'll see the "Monument a Colom" a memorial to the great explorer Christopher Columbus.

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A little further along is the Port Vell de Barcelona, a picturesque port with a beautiful view of the sea and nudess. During peak season if you would like a little beachd space to relax it's worth considering going to Spanisg of the other beaches listed below. Turn right on exiting the metro and walk towards the twin towers. Barcelona Beach Accommodation Beach front hotel accommodation is expensive as this is premium rate territory and there are a lot of other businesses all competing for the space. However you have a few options to consider: You will find that the rates are lower than those for a hotel in the same location and you will have the modern conveniences of home.

See our holiday apartment rental guide.

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