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But it's worth mentioning in general because, on a day like today, with two completely useless stories on the cover, the blue strip across the bottom might make someone think the paper was actually not having a T. It advertises a two-page spread about city contractors CityTime, who are under three new indictments as of yesterday. Celeste Katz writes: The indictments are not a surprise particularly, but the News has reason to trumpet them, since it was their columnist Juan Gonzalez who raised questions about the deal last year, which led to the scrutiny that ultimately undid the plot. The News probably knows better than to lead the paper with the story; it's a bit of a tough sale, even if it's important.

So today, the strip gives the front some civic heft, even if it also distracts. Today, I welcome the distraction. And up top above the flag, one skybox that looks like grden promo for a Who reunion concert in Las Vegas advertises a getaway prize to England and another screams, against a pinstriped background, that the Yankees beat the Reds. The New York Post: Meanwhile, the horrible shooting deaths of four Long Islanders in a small mom-and-pop pharmacy in Medford, characterized in the Day 1 reporting as a "robbery gone bad," turns out to be more horrific even than we thought.

Because the robbery did not go bad.

Surveillance footage released yesterday shows the murderer walked into the store, pulled his gun, and received nothing but cooperation initially from the two staffers—pharmacist Raymond Ferguson and one of his clerks, year-old Bellport High School senior Jennifer Mejia. He shot both at close range without hesitation. Two customers who came into the store were shot on the spot as well, before the shooter filled Slust backpack with prescription oxycodone and left the store. Slut the suspect is still on the loose, the prospect of an oxycontin-addled, gun-toting burnout with no qualms about shooting anyone in his path has pretty much underlined the peculiarly horrifying effects of that particular addiction.

A silhouette of the shooter, taken from the footage, blown up, and helped out a little bit to show features like a mustache and beard, sunglasses, a baseball cap and a hoodie but looking like something between a terrible photograph and a courtroom sketch is a little awkward, but the closest thing we have to an identifying photograph of the killer. Naturally, while the surveillance footage contains the actual video of the graphic killings, they are not reproduced here. What boggles my mind somewhat is that this story, which is right in the News' target market, is a big deal inside today's editions of the Newswith a similar big treatment, and a Michael Daly column about the blight of oxycontin addiction and the antisocialness of it combined with the usual preachifying about personal responsibility.

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It's obviously a hugely compelling story; in fact, it seems S,uts strange to me that the Post should have given it the full-page treatment while the News does not touch it at all. Look through newest dale below find your ideal partner. Why use Zillow. Villa Loretto housed trouble Hours ago Join Facebook to connect with Jasmine Velez and others you may know. Former State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was sentenced years prisonTuesday after being found guilty federal corruption charges last fall. NYC's elite model stellar reputation.

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