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The Menucha Principle - In Shidduchim, Dating & Engagement

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I was maybe 8. She began her Sgidduch as an illustrator, after attending the Fashion Institute of Technology—much like Rachel, the nvels of Brooklyn Love. Noveld wound up doing features for them. When my editor asked for an article on how Orthodox Jews date, I novles to figure out the angle, and I realized it was a book. It took several more years for her to get an agent, revise the book, and sell it. By then, she and her husband had moved back to the States, settling in Atlanta. Finding a home for the novel, however, was a tall order. Levy wound up selling Brooklyn Love to Crimson Romancea new imprint that launched last June and publishes five titles a week first as e-books, then as print-on-demand in the five main categories of romance novels: And it was so well-written—the biggest challenge in romance is creating conflict that will keep a reader turning pages.

How alien are a few Orthodox Jews in a genre full of vampires, shape-shifters, and smoldering 18th-century Scottish lairds? Continue reading: Beyond the Orthodox Lawler was right: Brooklyn Love did find an audience beyond Orthodox readers.

Suspend noveos little disbelief, girlfriend. Perhaps in that culture, even tsniyusdik romance novels remain under the bed. It amazes me that people who are so nofels and intelligent in their daily lives can often give over their entire essence to fantasy when it comes to relationships. Jewish history has been a different experience from that, and my writing reflects it. Not too shabby. Is it tzanua for anyone? To all those who love hammering me with challenges of which Gedolim support my opinions, I would like a list of noovels Gedolim support THAT.

I would also like Shidduch dating novels women to stand up and tell everyone if they think this is an improvement to the shidduch world that onvels mothers and grandmothers did not enjoy, that they are comfortable with it, and that they would wish the same for their daughters, or if they feel overwhelming pressure to engage in a picture-oriented beauty pageant in order to get a date. I will note that women have caught up to men in this regard, and are just as likely to demand a picture as a pre-date requirement for equally shallow reasons, but since there is always more sympathy for the plight of single women than single men, I pose the question this way.

Surely all this time saved is being spent on far more noble endeavors, without anything lost from the shidduch process. Surely singles are getting married more quickly, more easily, and with greater success than before, and we have all that saved time in the bank. He would use small print and single spacing, and would have no space to notate trivial facts about his relatives. His description would be a mini life story, deep and personal, honest and interesting. Not all of it would be flattering, but it would portray a real human being as much as a real human being can be portrayed in an artificial way.

We all know that actual shidduch resumes are the complete opposite of this. They are like horoscopes; carefully worded to sound impressively vague, or perhaps vaguely impressive. They apply to everyone, and therefore to no one. Shidduch resumes are intended to make singles sound like they fit in nothing is more important in the Orthodox world while standing out a great catch. They are a perverse invention indeed.

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As fun as it is to mock shidduch resumes, there are serious ramifications to all this. For starters, shidduch resumes afford an air of legitimacy to so much of what is wrong with the shidduch world: First of all, one can only expect hand-picked references to say exactly what the single wants them to say, which obviates the purpose of the reference. After all, information is only as reliable as the source. Who is to say that the references can be trusted any more than the shadchan or the single?

Novels Shidduch dating

Since everyone here is acting a part in a ludicrous play, why should we believe references more than anyone else? Datinb are like a complicated plot of spies and intrigue, only the spies are amateurs and the people are not very intriguing. If people Sidduch wanted to get accurate information about singles, they would hire a team of private investigators to follow them around and report how they conduct novelw in their daily lives with their guard down. It might even be more romantic. What I find most tragic about the proliferation Shidduch dating novels shidduch resumes is that singles have allowed themselves to be reduced and objectified nofels protest.

After all, shidduch resumes remove from singles the burden of knowing oneself, what one brings to a marriage, and what one is looking for from a partner. It is much easier to list our worldly accomplishments, pretending we are so much more excellent and outstanding than everyone noveld, and then describe the excellent and outstanding person we are shopping for. We justify our narcissistic shopping list by first flashing our degrees Shiddhch awards, our impeccable pedigree, and whatever Shidduch dating novels phrases we devised to describe how wonderful we are. Woe to those who are merely average in any way, which, by definition, should be virtually all of us.

This is what the shidduch world has become in the last generation or so. This is what shidduch resumes have represented and encouraged since they became widespread in In the olden days, if singles wanted to do hishtadlus, they met people and went out on dates. Those who criticize the system are told the Chassidim have arranged marriages, it works like a charm, and everyone is happy a lie if ever there was one, and irrelevant besides. Some of you will say things cannot change. Things are always changing, and they had to change a great deal to reach this point. Besides, defeatism is not a very attractive quality. I encourage singles to do something decisive and change the rules of the game.

The first thing I would like you to do is take your shidduch resume and light it on fire. If you need more time to think about it, burn it with your chametz this coming Pesach. Take a picture or video of your shidduch resume burning and share it with others proudly. This simple act will make a powerful statement: You have a mind, a heart, and a soul, and you will not allow yourself to be reduced to a silly profile. They are going to have to be old-fashioned and get to know you. There are no shortcuts. How illogical is that? Eventually matchmakers will come around to this better way of thinking, even if that means working with fewer people and focusing on quality over quantity, or they will go out of business.

Either outcome is a major improvement to the status quo. While all this is happening, singles will be forced to get to know themselves as well, which to this point they have been completely discouraged from doing. This is also a very healthy step forward and is sure to only help in the search for a partner. All those who think what I have outlined is an absolutely horrible idea, impossible, or against the Torah way are welcome to continue with the system as it is. I am not interested in arguing with them, and wish them the best of success, in spite of all they are doing to prevent that.

My only request is that they stop complaining about the shidduch world and looking for scapegoats like the Internet, the secular world, and heavenly decrees. The problem is no further than the nearest mirror. They have made their choice. Those who wish to see things change have to step up and be part of that change.

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