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PsychoYellow finished product her Poer while there getting in more to other her ass and diversified between that and a intellectual to the cheeks. She caution satisfied and calm. She wins me.

He grunted, hitting the floor, before he started shooting with his AstroBlaster. PsychoRed cried out as he was hit up close and stumbled back from the surprise move. Andros got back up just as PsychoRed charged and slammed him against a wall. Cassie shuddered, holding back aanal moans as best she could as she felt herself approaching her climax. Cassie shuddered at that, qnal inside her Ranger Suit and staining it. She felt humiliated and embarrassed while Pink reached down and rubbed a finger against the sensitive area. Cassie moaned louder, feeling that teasing fingers actually rubbing her wet folds through her damp suit instead of just her clit like she had been doing before.

She felt humiliated but at the same time She felt satisfied and calm. With Yellow and Ashley on the other hand Ashley was pressed up on the ground face first with her ass raised with Yellow rubbing her exposed ass since the Psycho tore the suit around the area. It IS tight! I can barely move my finger! You be good and I'll make you feel good! Be bad and I have fun with you while making you feel pain AND pleasure! I should have been a good girl! What am I thinking?!

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Here's the prostate! Time for the real fun! Ashley clawed at the ground through her gloves while her body tingled each time the finger brushed against the spot. She was moaning, shuddering as a third finger entered her anus and she almost let out a beg for the fourth but caught herself, "I think your little hole is tightening up. Is someone ready to cum? Ashley moaned at the stimulation against her pussy, rocking against the fingers without noticing. And what none of the Rangers realised was, like their other battles, this one was being recorded and televised. Everyone was seeing the three male heroes getting their asses kicked but also the female Rangers getting sexually assaulted by the female evil Rangers and seeming to enjoy it.

I think that's enough!

The other male Psycho's had already teleported away leaving just the girls. They grasped the girls by the shoulders and began Power rangers anal teleport. But at the last second their hands were hit with blasts of blue energy, making them release the girls. Pink and Yellow were teleported away without their prizes, the silver Ranger Zane reaching the group on his bike. The statement was a bit redundant as the five Psycho's where now all gone and as Zane looked around he saw Andros missing, Carlos and TJ laying on the ground nearly dead and Cassie and Ashley laying on the ground limp with the ass of Ashley's costume ripped away.

And his heart sank. We'll get our girls soon enough. Pink nodded, hugging herself in comfort, as Astronema walked over to see the demorphed, unconscious and injured Andros being held by PsychoRed by the throat And the Red Psycho Ranger was sent flying into the far wall from a blast of purple electricity from Astronema's staff. Astronima just glared at him, too angry to think of any words, before she picked up Andros and took him to her bedroom. Red snarled, panting a bit. She smiled, casting a few small spells to trap him on the bed before she closed the door and locked it. And the final spell she cast was to wake Andros up. The male groaned and slowly opened his eyes.

What happened? He looked at her with wide eyes at the position and tried even harder to get his limbs to move. Did you ever Of me sucking your dick? Of me kissing you? Of you pinning me as you plowed my tight ass while I'm still in my skin tight leather suit?

Did you think of me as you masturbated before you knew we were related, and then felt oh so VERY arngers about it? I had several fantasies involving you and lots of wet dreams. What did you do then? Andros groaned from the rubbing while feeling his dick start to slowly wake up from the movement. You're big! She smirked and got off him before she started to pull the jeans down. His jeans and pants where now at his knees, revealing his throbbing cock 'Why the hell did I say all that?! I wonder how it'll feel when I take a little taste. Andros groaned, bucking his hips Before Astronema let go of his cock and backed away.

But I haven't cum yet! And that will take a while.

If we find items from your Facebook tickets, we'll connect you to them back then. That made Astronema temple and time. Suddenly PsychoPink involved Cassie in an armlock from behind.

I can't do that! Ashley and Cassie just stayed silent Poer they didn't want to recount what happened to them. They had loved it. Ajal wanted more. Which was shocking because both didn't think ana, enjoy being toyed like that, and had no idea it would happen all of a sudden in the middle of a battle! But PsychoPink had been so loving and PsychoYellow had been so Both just looked Poweer while also feeling guilty that Andros was taken away. They were so wrapped in their pleasure they never even rnagers attention or even tried to Pkwer Andros. Heck they were going to LET the Psycho's take them as well.

We're fine. Don't worry, we'll get him back. Ashley just nodded while rubbing her hands together and felt her ass twitch while PsychoYellow flashed through her head for a brief moment. I think. Zane noted the girl's down looks and could only assume it was guilt along with pain from what those Psychos did. I promise. Before she hugged Yellow. I love her so much and want her here! Getting ours back won't be a problem at all. How long until her brother would break?! Select Gender? This helps us keep people, musicians and brands searchable on Myspace. This is your profile URL. Pick one that's 25 characters or less and includes a letter. You can throw in numbers, dots and dashes, too.

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