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Non intimidating mascots pittsfield

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Loius, MO Webster's mascot the Gorlok must surely rank among the most democratic in all of collegiate sports, since the mythical creature was designed by students and staff through a contest in the school's newspaper. In the summer ofthe Missouri-based college convened a committee that selected the name "Gorlok" from an assortment of student suggestions. Gorlok is a portmanteau of Gore Avenue and Lockwood Avenue, two major streets that intersect on the Webster campus. What emerged was a creature with the face of a Saint Bernard dog, the paws of a cheetah, and the horns of a buffalo.

The original Gorlok looked like something out of a Saturday morning cartoon, but in the college updated the mascot for the new millennium with a slightly fiercer image. Officially, the school has no mascot, and Stanford's athletic teams — known as Cardinal Athletics — refer to the color and not the bird. However, the Stanford Tree serves as the official mascot for the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band, assuring its presence at most major sports events. Representing the Palo Alto tree that appears on Stanford's official seal, the tree first appeared inas the school struggled to determine a new mascot.

During a halftime show that featured several other offbeat candidates such as the Stanford French Frythe Tree charmed crowds enough to become a permanent member of the marching band. Throughout the years, the grueling selection process for the tree has become the stuff of Stanford legend.

The school arrived at many solutions over the years, including the bulldogs, the Cajun Man, and the notorious Cajun Chicken. InUL Lafayette decided on a unique approach, introducing a mascot more spiritual than physical. Cayenne, an anthropomorphic cayenne pepper, embodies the school's fighting Cajun spirit and the rich history of Cajun culture in Louisiana. As a staple spice of Cajun cuisine, cayenne plays an important role masctos the Acadiana region, the home of the UL Lafayette campus. Cayenne the mascot serves kntimidating the "spirit leader" for the college's sports teams, iintimidating Cajun culture to the world.

Cayenne's maroon tint and shock of bright red hair make him impossible miss at UL Lafayette sporting events. In an origin story that must surely rank among the strangest in college sports, the Billiken came to Florence Pretz, a Kansas City art teacher, in a dream. Resembling a stouter troll doll, complete with a tuft of hair atop his head, the Billiken "embodied hope and happiness to sort of live up to," according to Pretz. After filing a design patent on the image inPretz sold her creation to the Billiken Company of Chicago, which transformed the Billiken into a national sensation.

Billiken dolls sold by the millions, and the creature even found its way into popular songs and movies. As the story goes, the Billiken resembled one SLU athletic coach so strongly that the college eventually adopted the creature as its official mascot. Concordia's corncob — affectionately known to fans as Kernel — sits firmly in the former camp. She treats me like her real eonni, like a mother sometimes. The value of a wagon is dependent on many things but brand name is important when estimating the value of a wagon. I would appreciate any help you can give me with this, thanks in advance.

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But hold on an unsympathetic anti-zeitgeist moment here. Artie the Fighting Artichoke - Scottsdale Community College Non intimidating mascots and more back inScottsdale Community College left it up to its students to create and vote on a new mascot for the school's burgeoning athletics program. But, because community colleges are more known for their stoners and lifetime students than for creative intelligence, as a prime example of "what did you expect would happen? The college's administators attempted to shove the vegetable under the proverbial rug, but the rebellious students would have none of it.

So as ofArtie the Fighting Artichoke still appears at Scottsdale's sporting events to shame and embarrass anyone remotely associated with the college. Why, no mascot at all! That's the case over at New College of Florida where their sports spiritmonger is actually called Empty Set and is represented by a pair of square brackets. Legend has it that when the college's constitution was drawn up inthe administrators left a blank space reserved for the future mascot denoted by the empty set. Normally bison eat wheat but WuShock is so creepy, he'd probably pull the stars out of Marco's eyes with his bare hands.

Bonaventure Winner: Florida Wolves have 42 teeth, alligators have Florida's Albert Gator will chomp down on St. Bonaventure's Bona Wolf. Texas Tech's Raider Red seems ready to set him straight. Arkansas This is a close one with two portly animals going up against each other - Arkansas' Big Red fighting razorback and Butler's bulldog, Hink. While Hink's collar is pretty foreboding, Big Red's tusks give him the advantage. The guy walks around with a hammer and always wears a hard hat. Imagine meeting him on a street late a night. He's the kind of person you run from because he's the kind of person who could take down an elephant, and will do just that.

All Big Jay has to do is peck his way to victory and he doesn't even need to worry about the Quaker fighting back because one of the Quakers' key principles is peace and non-violence. Wuf, looks like Chuck E. Cheese's sickly lesser known brother.

Intimidating mascots and more Non

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