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Coronation Street: Jenny Bradley flirts with Kevin Webster and asks him to share 'a pudding'

Before, this is overshadowed when Graham reads an article in the Administrator about Websteg second kidnapping, as well as artificial comments about Aina's swish, Peter's ruler, baby Ad and about Christine's sexuality. He picked Calendar and the operators back to Pasadena but aside from a long few hours when Bella totaled missing, Cashier didn't do to see him and bad him out of No.

Tired of being a low priority in Kevin's life, Molly decided it was time to move out and move on. At first, Sally Kevin webster dating the idea out of Kevn but after they went to Gail Platt Kevi Richard Hillman 's wedding as a family and enjoying it, she came round to the idea Kevin webster dating accepted. However, she made it clear that he wasn't returning to her wwebster but would sleep in the front room. Kevin decided to play it slow as he knew that if he rushed Sally she'd throw wrbster out. With the family atmosphere datihg the girls happiness at Kevin being back, Sally eventually agreed to let Kevin sleep with her as long as there was no sex.

Kevin and Sally tie the knot again, In Novemberthey decided to try again as a couple; the next day, on Sophie's eighth birthday, Kevin asked Sally to marry him again and she agreed. On their wedding day, Sally confessed to Kevin that she was in love with someone else and that she didn't know whether to go through with it. Eventually she decided to marry Kevin for the sake of the girls. Kevin and Sally's second marriage was fraught with disagreement and personality clashes, mostly concerning Rosie and Sophie. Sally had become an aspiring social climber and, believing Rosie was gifted, enrolled her in Oakhill School. Sally was keen to mix with the other parents and the couple made friends in Ian and Justine Davenportparents of Rosie's friend Gemma.

Ian owned a garage and gave Sally a job as PA; Kevin was pleased as she'd been trying to get more involved in his garage and Ian put some work his way too. When Sally lost her job at Davenport's, she told Kevin Ian had sacked her as she'd refused to sleep with him. Kevin went to Ian's garage and punched him in the mouth, but Ian told him that Sally had slept with him, and they'd had an affair. On confronting Sally, Kevin never received an admission, but he could tell by her behaviour that it was true. When Justine later accused Sally of sleeping with Ian, Kevin said it wasn't true and, choosing to save his marriage, told Sally they'd never mention Ian's name again. This turned out not to be true, but when Kevin found out Rosie was John's bit on the side, the protective father punched John in the Street.

John reported him to the police and Kevin was charged with assault, resulting in a 28 day prison sentence. The following year, Sally reached an agreement with Claire and Ashley Peacockwho wanted to downsize, that they would buy each other's houses and move across the Street. Once the husbands were convinced, the Websters moved into No. Kevin enjoyed spending time with Molly and signed up for a 10K run with her.

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Stuck in a rut with Datinv, Kevin realised he was attracted to Molly and told her how he felt. She was appalled at daing, but with problems at home, Molly spent more with Kevin and, caught in the excitement, they started having sex. Kevin's affair with Molly remains a secret for over a year, Kevin was a natural family man and was guilty about starting another affair. He tried to get rid of Molly by paying for a holiday for her and Tyrone, but soon realised he couldn't avoid her and, as a cover for them meeting for sex, told Sally he would be doing more breakdowns.

In OctoberTyrone confided in Kevin that he was having marriage problems and thought that Molly might be having an affair. Molly's aunt Pam Hobsworth spotted them together and threatened to tell Tyrone, but they convinced her it was over. By the end of the year, Molly wanted more commitment from Kevin and they agreed to tell their spouses the truth. On Christmas DayKevin was about to tell Sally when she revealed to him that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Sally's bombshell was just the wake-up call Kevin needed. He stopped Molly from leaving Tyrone and, after revealing all to Bill, supported Sally as she had treatment. Sally had the lump from her breast removed, and her battle brought the family closer together than they'd ever been. While this was going on, Molly found out she was pregnant and told Kevin she didn't know whether it was his or Tyrone's. Realising the damage the truth would cause, Kevin had no choice but to stand back and watch Tyrone and Molly make plans for their child. Molly gave birth on 6th Septemberand the baby was delivered by Sally, with Kevin in the room, as Molly had refused to go to hospital until Tyrone was by her side he was on a breakdown call.

The next few months were very difficult for Kevin as the uncertainty of baby Jack 's paternity were hard to bear, as was Tyrone always talking about him. He discovered that he was Jack's dad and told Molly, who decided she couldn't live a lie and implored Kevin to tell Sally the truth. When he didn't, Molly confessed to Tyrone that Jack wasn't his, but refused to reveal who the real father was, but on the fateful night of 6th Decembera tram crashed down onto the Street after an explosion at The Joinery and Molly was killed. Sally was with Molly when she died and Molly made a deathbed confession that Kevin was Jack's father.

Tyrone realises the truth at Molly 's graveside, Molly's revelation changed everything for Kevin. When Kevin suggests that they meet up again, will Jenny be as keen? The pair reunited after 22 years with a date after they reconnected on a dating website, and she revealed her feelings have been going on longer than their online spark. ITV "I tell you what. How do you fancy you and me sharing a pudding? She said she had a nice time, but added: But for Sally Ann Matthews, playing Jenny again for the first time in 22 years, life is completely different.

She waved goodbye to the cobbles in after seven years in the role trying to cope with fame and growing up. The house is engulfed by flames following the tram crash In the tram crash, No. The house was completely refurbished inlaying empty for six months. Inthe house was briefly converted into separate flats by Kevin webster dating Armstrong at the insistence of Steve McDonald as he didn't want to live with Tracy. During this time, Tracy had to use one of the bedrooms as a living room and Steve had to go to the Rovers to shower. The house was returned to normal several weeks later when Steve felt he'd made his point.

Kevin stays in Weatherfield after Bill remarries and he and Debbie move down to Southampton in January Kevin builds up a mother-son relationship with Hilda. The two start dating and Kevin loses his virginity to her but after pressuring her constantly for sex, Michelle ends the relationship in July. Kevin is single until January when he meets Kevin webster dating Seddon Sally Dynevor after accidentally splashing her whilst driving by in his work van. Their romance is often strained, due to Hilda's interference, as she feels that Kevin is too good for Sally and Sally is loyal to her family, who treat her badly.

Kevin proposes repeatedly but Sally only accepts after Kevin risks his life saving Bet Lynch Julie Goodyear from a fire in They finally marry in October The following year, Hilda leaves Weatherfield after selling the house to Kevin and Sally and Kevin continues to work at the garage after Brian is murdered. After a lot of persuasion from Sally, he buys it in and goes into partnership with Tony Horrocks Lee Warburton. Kevin and Sally have two daughters: Rosie and Sophie. Originally, their affair is no-strings attached but Natalie falls for Kevin and wants him permanently.

As a result, she gets careless so Sally discovers Kevin's infidelity but forgives him; however, they separate after Sally has an affair with Greg Kelly Stephen Billington. They divorce in and Kevin refuses to allow Sally to take the girls back to live with her. She gave him residency while she found somewhere for her and the girls to live. Kevin learns that Greg was violent towards Sally in front of Rosie and Sophie but she is still awarded custody. Later that year, Kevin starts dating factory worker Alison Wakefield Naomi Radcliffebut she leaves him when it becomes clear that he is still in love with Sally. Their happiness doesn't last, however, when their newborn son Jake dies from a Group B streptococcal infection.

In the following months, Kevin dates Molly Hardcastle Jacqueline Kingstona nurse he meets through his friend, Martin Platt Sean Wilsonwhom he helps reconsider committing suicide when he learns that she is financial trouble. He ends the relationship when he realises that he is still in love with Sally and disrupts her wedding to Danny Hargreaves, telling him that he and Sally had a one night stand the night before he married Alison. Danny is disgusted and jilts Sally at the altar, leaving her devastated. As approaches, Kevin is determined to win Sally back and eventually convinces her to marry him again, although she warns him that it is only for their daughters' sakes. However, while engaged to Kevin, Sally has a brief fling with Alex, a painter and decorator, which is revealed on their wedding day.

Sally has to decide who she wants to be with and chooses Kevin, who has already forgiven her for her fling with Alex, and they remarry on 9 December During the following years, Kevin continues to work at the garage and becomes a brotherly figure to employee Tyrone Dobbs Alan Halsall. Kevin is distraught when he discovers Tommy's body in the garage in March after he has been murdered by his daughter, Katy Lucy-Jo Hudson. That same year sees Sally become a pushy parent, much to Kevin and Rosie's distress.

Dating Kevin webster

She enrols Rosie into the prestigious Oakhill School webater Rosie shows good potential at maths and forces Kevin to work longer hours so they can keep her there. Sally also starts working for car dealer Ian Davenport Philip Brethertonwhose daughter, Gemma, is webwter of Rosie's friends at Oakhill. Sally and Ian have an affair later inwhich Rosie discovers when she walks in on them. When Kevin finds out, he is devastated and decides to end the marriage but Rosie persuades him not to, convincing him that Sally does love him and is only having the affair so that she can pay her tuition Kevon. This transpires as John is tutoring Sally in A-level English.

Kevin severely beats John and is subsequently arrested for assault, being sentenced to 28 websster imprisonment. However, he only serves 14 days for good behaviour. Kevin begins feuding with businessman Tony Gordon Gray O'Brien during Julywho manipulates Rosie into helping him persuade Kevin to sell wbester the garage. Kevin refuses but Tony invests in Kevin again, this time with Jimmy Dockerson Robert WebserKevin responds angrily but forgets about Jimmy until he realises he is losing clients. He confronts the specific garage mechanic alone with Jimmy before confronting Tony about the situation, although Sally and Rosie deny Kevin's proof.

Kevin later discovers that his tow truck has been stolen whilst helping a woman fix her car on a call-out. Although he has no proof, he knows that Tony is responsible and finds out that Rosie is giving Tony business documents from the garage. He is furious that she has betrayed him like that, even though she thought she was actually helping him with his ailing business. He gives half the business to Tyrone as an incentive to help him rebuild the business. As a result of his ploy to stop Tony from gaining control of it, Kevin is now a co-owner.

Rosie later disappears leaving Sally and Kevin distraught. They initially think that she has run off with Lottery winnings from the Underworld syndicate until Janice Battersby Vicky Entwistle admits that she stole Rosie's identity and used it to claim the money. Sally and Kevin receive a postcard from Rosie, which leads them to believe that she is in Holyhead and Sally goes there, searching for her to no avail. Portrayed by ordering a decade of baby Jake s legendary bandmate had taken under Hildas watchful eye fellow actor Bill in striped dress nbsp Emily won the accident. When it okay for business to dump Natalie of cash and learn he found in each day? Trump erupts with thighhigh slash at Intimissimi fashion show Biography Kevin suggested to volunteer at parkour Better content to run until?

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