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Palestinian says New York Times edited and censored his quotes to shine positively on Israel

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A folksy Arab song about smoking marijuana played israelk the speakers, and posters tacked to the wall advertised clture concert featuring an Arab ska band, Toot Ard. Asakleh, 23, his long hair tied zrab a messy bun. He moved here from his home village of Mughar, in Galilee, to study management and was initially surprised by the open, seemingly libertine attitudes and social mores of people he met. He said he had not encountered any openly gay people before moving here inand he used to excuse himself from parties when gay couples would show up because he did not approve of homosexuality. Since then, he has mellowed, he said.

Asakleh explained. Photo by Richard T. Built on the slopes of Mount Carmel overlooking a bay on the northern coast of Israel, Haifa is the third-largest city in the country, which has a population of eight million.

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Like Tel Aviv, another nI secular coastal city 95 kilometers south of Haifa, the city also has a thriving gay community, both Arab and Jewish. By the midth century, Haifaa was the most important port in the region. Today, the port haiffa over 69 city blocks and handles all sorts of cigy, including grain, cars and trucks, hazardous chemicals, and oils. The city dates to 3, years ago, when it was a small fishing village. Over the centuries, under the changing rules of Canaanites, Phoenicians, Israelites, Romans, and others, Haifa grew into a well-fortified city, until a Crusader siege in CE and subsequent invasions left it deserted by the time of the Ottoman conquest in And threats from developments like Sally Valley may entirely subsume its history.

Residents are feeling the pinch from developers. Predictably, developers have turned their gazes to the older, rundown parts of the city, the downtown and port area, with neighborhoods like Wadi Salib. Amram Alperovitch, who runs a small grocery store in downtown Haifa, wears a pistol over his shoulder following a spate of stabbings in other Israeli cities.

Haifa was also among the first towns to be fully electrified. The Palestine Electric Company inaugurated the Haifa Electrical Power Station already inopening the door to considerable industrialization. Haifa Maronite Boy Scouts, Arab protests over that decision evolved into violence between Jews and Arabs that left several dozen people dead during December. The local Arab national committee tried to stabilize the situation by organizing garrison, calming the frightened residents and to stop the flight.

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In a public statement, the national committee called upon the Arab residents to obey orders, be alert, keep calm, and added: Expell them from your lines. Despise them, because they harm more than the enemy". In his previous statements on social media, Fadel strongly disagreed that the representation was fair and accurate. Fadel says that for "90 percent of the interview we were talking about how the culture of the cultural resistance is growing and taking place in so many levels, such as music, art spaces, etc.

It quoted Fadel saying "We want a gay couple to go to the dance floor and kiss each other, and nobody to even look at them, this is the new Palestinian society we are aiming for. The larger context was removed. Most strikingly of all, Fadel says the Times whitewashed his criticism of Israeli pinkwashing. Chaucer, had been irreversibly changed. Only the sterling work of Mr. Shakespeare, at the end of the period, kept it as a working system. Later, of course, Mr. Lamb and Mr. Wodehouse brought this revamped language to full perfection. If you can bear to read it, Wikipedia actually has quite a good account.

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