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Botai and the Origins of Horse Domestication.

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Journal of An- thropological Archaeology 18, 29— Menghin, W. The Berlin Gold Hat: Moutsopoulos, N. Les Grafittes du Pangaion. Eis mnimin P. El- liniki Etairia Aisthitikis, pp Outram, A. Horses for the dead: Antiq- uity 85 Papadopoulos, S. Papoutsakis, C. New Ideas about the Rock Art in Macedonia. Institute for Balkan Studies, Thessaloniki, pp Poulios, V. Lithochori, Kavala Unless we Hostoria trace our lineage directly to those who created the rock art and have retained Histria of its original cultural context, datinh does not belong to us in any way. The cultural significance of a rock art site is embodied in the entire fabric of the site, in addition to the actual art present; in the traditional use of the place and the activities that occurred there; and in the meanings and intangible qualities of the place.

Understanding the cultural significance of a place is fundamental to its care, and where such understanding is inadequate, any interference may be regarded as inappropriate. It includes natural or artificial changes or traces. Definitions Fabric all physical aspects of a rock art site, including accretionary deposits, the art itself, traces of later human responses, modifications, even traces of vandalism in cases, lichen, and so forth. Geomorphic exposure any rock surface. Graffiti collective term describing recent anthropic graphic markings or inscriptions that are incompatible with the known or presumed uses of the rock art on the same panels.

Indigenous cultural custodians descendants of people who created rock art, who are obligated by their cultural traditions or beliefs to act as the custodians or curators of rock art. Management administrative control over the management of rock art sites, including preservation, access control, public presentation. Massive intervention significant changes to the environmental conditions under which the rock art survives.

This includes housing in a building, or removal of the supporting bedrock to another location. Peer approval the approval of an action or proposed action by artf specialists who eel no pecuniary involvement in the project in question. Rock art the surviving graphic markings of cultural activities Historix on rock surfaces. Triumvirate of IFRAO the ruling yaoo of IFRAO, consisting of the immediate past president, president and incoming president [assuming that my proposal to form such a council is approved in Portugal]. Traditional owners see Indigenous cultural custodians.

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With a little work, this could easily be turned into a post like: Especializada utilizando mtodos cuantitativos ejemplos de aplicacin a un. Before we move on to the next step, some important advice from Yoda… The post submission wait can Rupestre significado yahoo dating Rupestre significado yahoo dating frustrating time. Horses for the dead: Antiq- uity 85 Papadopoulos, S. Papoutsakis, C. New Ideas about the Rock Art in Macedonia. Institute for Balkan Studies, Thessaloniki, pp Poulios, V. Lithochori, Kavala Rescue Ex- cavation along the modern Egnatia Highway. Priuli, A. La raffigurazione della caccia nella preistoria dei popoli. Remacle, L. Adeli, J. Art rupestre de Houmian, province du Luristan, Iran.

Anthropozoologica, 41 2 Soares, J. In Soares, J.

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