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Mahindra e2o review: is it any better than the awful G-Wiz?

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The neighborhood says it is EU generating tested, but no hesitation which organization vating that or what was the short. I cannot buy a E2O in my opinion, where there is even a professional market for associated budgets and above. Nonetheless from this, there are many numerical values why many would not buy a EV.

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In a stop watch test it took 54 seconds to attain 60mph Immediately you are intimately aware of the road surface, which clatters up through the steering and the seat. The electrically assisted steering is extraordinary. Four turns lock to lock, it has a turning circle of 7. You could send yourself dizzy spinning round in front of the Savoy in an e2o. The e2o is at its best around town - you'd be brave to take one on a motorway Credit: Andrew Crowley While the battery weight is low, the body rolls quite a lot and then the inside rear wheel lifts. Performance is brisk up to 20mph but the one tonne weight and modest Top speed is quoted at 63mph, though we tested at a genuine 64mph, mph takes 18 seconds and in a stop watch test it took 54 seconds to attain 60mph.

Roaring around like this and with the air-conditioning on, saw us eating 48 per cent of the battery charge in just 25 miles; clearly you need to have a light foot to achieve the claimed range. While the e2o is an improvement on the G-Wiz, there are still far better electric cars on sale Credit: Andrew Crowley Not that you want to go fast in the e2o. Indeed that isn't its purpose. We do it, however, so you don't have to, so we ventured out on to a busy motorway for a couple of junctions. Originally Posted by hybridpetrol The suitable range depends on how long one will travel per day, within the city. What I meant was, it should be possible to charge it on a weekly basis, even if you get caught up for your work schedule during the weekdays, and your usual travel is 50 km per day.

Apart from this, there are many known reasons why many would not buy a EV. Charge stations, service etc b Travel has to be planned more carefully. Not possible to increase the range on the go like filling petrol c Battery Life - When battery gives up, it would cost a bomb.

This is just a general assumption, may be you know better, how much it costs to replace a battery. Single car owners major population want everything from their one car - cannot spend money on City only car. I cannot buy a E2O in my city, where there is even a good market for luxury cars and above. No need to take any offence from the usual "against" points about the EV in general. I also want to test drive the E2O or any EV to confirm the above points are not true, and buy one The car is certainly to be placed in second car category. You must have another gasoline car as an alternative.

After acquisition by Mahindra, they are aggressively planning to penetrate to small cities.

In dating bangalore price car E2o

But I think it will be hard to sell these datingg smaller cities given the general obsession with Diesels there. People do not have high in-city running mileage in small cities, that makes the matter more complicated. A new battery replacement cost approx. It can go more or less depending on how the battery was maintained.

This mathematics is good enough to shy away people from buying this vehicle. Travel Planning may sound complex but it is actually not. They have a banga,ore app which has a buffering on a map. The buffer will tell you how much can you drive, or whether if u can come back to same position with the given charge in car. But mostly you will know in advance how much you might drive. For me, I have driven a max of 80 kms in within city which was a one-off case. On an average I drive a max of 40 kms in a day. Originally Posted by imove It would be nice to have a pedal inside this car so that it can help generate some electricity to charge the batteries should someone run out of charge.

An auxiliary solar panel may also help a bit.

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