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8 Signs Your Relationship Won't Last Forever, No Matter How Hard You Try

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Long story short: This is actually healthy.

Now that the chemical haze of lust has worn off as it always doesyou can finally see your partner for all that she is. And what soemthing you see, Matt? It can mean the exhilaration you feel at the prospect of a life together. My husband and I find adventure in everything we do, whether it's a trip to Whole Foods or a trip to Puerto Rico. And we're a stronger couple for it. Kissing you don't feel any sense of adventure in your relationship, it may not be the one for you forever. Peace Pixabay One of the best, most unexpected things I found out about my husband is the incredible sense of peace he gives me.

I've never before been in a relationship where I've felt so calm and at ease all of the time. Sometimes, we get in a relationship pattern of fight, make up, fight, make up. And it's terrible because we start to think this is what relationships are supposed to be like. But they're not. The kissing is perhaps the worst. I don't enjoy kissing her, I hate how she does it and have even tried talking to her about how we could change it. We both tried and made some changes which helped, but still is just "meh". With my ex I have never laughed as much, gotten frustrated or as mad, or been absolutely head over heels as much.

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We could kiss until our lips fell off. In my experience, trust doesn't just mean you trust them not to imssing. It means you trust them to be there when you need them. It means you trust them to be a good person all on their own. It means you trust them to let you help them when the going gets rough among other things.

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Trust is critical if you want your relationship to continue on in the future. But if you don't have it, you probably won't be able to misisng things last forever. Respect Respect is a word that gets thrown around a lot when it comes to political figures and world leaders, but what about in the context of a relationship? Well, in the right relationship, you and your partner should feel a ton of respect for each other. You should admire them for who they are, not just what they bring to your life. Now that the chemical haze of lust has worn off as it always doesyou can finally see your partner for all that she is.

And what do you see, Matt?

Yeah, that sounds a lot like the way happily married men describe their wives. You will age. Physically too, you need to be challenged by a partner who you're excited to be with intimately, and who you don't just fall into a routine with. It's important to take a step back and really think about whether or not you can live with whatever you feel is "missing" with your partner. You can even try communicating your needs to see if things can change. If not, Hahn says, it's OK to leave.

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