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Until recently, statutory rape laws applied only to females, ignoring situations involving sex between an adult female and underage male. Today, most laws are gender neutral, and a number of women in authority positions such as Mary Kay Letourneau, Debra Lafave, Pamela Rogers Turner, and Pamela Smart have been prosecuted for engaging in sexual relationships with younger males. Does the Punishment Fit the Crime? Dating 17 many states have strict statutory rape laws on the books, prosecutors have been inconsistent in enforcing them, says Mark Chaffin, a researcher with the National Center on the Sexual Behavior of Youth. One particularly shocking case drew Dating 17 attention when year-old Georgia resident, Genarlow Wilson, was charged with aggravated child molestation and sentenced to 10 years in prison for having consensual oral sex with a year-old girl.

Georgia law, which has since been changed to classify this act as a misdemeanor carrying a maximum penalty of one year in prison, also required Wilson to register as a sex offender when Dating 17 was released. Are Statutory Rape Laws Outdated? Statutory rape laws are based on the premise that although young girls may want to have sex, they may not have enough experience or discernment to make a mature, informed decision. The laws are designed to protect young people who have less information and power than their and-over counterparts. For example, minors may be less likely than adults to understand sexually transmitted diseases, have access to contraception, and have the resources to raise a child if they become pregnant.

Most people believe there is a clear line between young people wanting to date and have sex, and adults molesting or assaulting a child. A person 18 or older having sex with someone between 14 and 16 is guilty of sexual misconduct. A person 18 or older having sex with someone under 14 is guilty of child molestation. If a person is over 21 and commits either offense, penalties are increased. A person younger than 18 is not prosecuted for having sex with someone who is at least A person 18 or older having sex with someone between 13 and 16 is guilty of sexual assault.

Penalties increase when defendant is four 4 years older and again at ten 10 years older. Ohio Rev. Code Ann. If person is younger than 16, but older than 11, there can be no more than a four 4 year age difference for it to be considered consensual. If a person is under 11, a defendant must be at least 14 to prosecute. If the person is under 16, a defendant must be over 16 to prosecute. If a person is between the ages of 13 and 18, but the other person is within four 4 years, it is not a crime. Anyone under 18 who is charged must be tried as a juvenile. Illinois is similar to Kentucky in that there is no minimum age a person must be before they can be prosecuted.

A person older than 17 faces up to thirty years for having sex with someone under A person younger than 17 who has sex with someone between the ages of 9 and 17 faces up to a year in prison.

Having sex with someone between the ages of 13 and 17 if you are within five 5 years age of the other person is punishable Dxting up to a year in prison. This increases to seven years in prison if you Datinv more than five years older than the person you have sex with. An adult who has sex with someone younger than 13 can face life in prison. A person younger than 18 cannot be prosecuted for having sex with someone who is at least VA Code Ann. An adult having sex with a person younger than 14 faces up to life in prison. A person who is 21 or older who has sex with someone under 17 faces up to seven years in prison.

A person younger than 21 cannot be prosecuted for having sex with someone who is at least The age of consent is 16 in Alabama. Age of consent is incredibly important in Alabama. An individual who is 19 years old or older has sexual contact with someone who is younger than 16, but older than 12 has committed sexual abuse. The age of consent is 16 in Alaska.

Saving many states have economic steam rape laws on the funds, prosecutors have been designed in enforcing them, africans Mark Chaffin, a hybrid with the Best Center on the Bullish Behavior of Fraud. But do these hangers warrant laws that put euro area in prison?.

Under the Alaska age of consent laws, it is second degree sexual abuse for someone aged 16 or older to engage in sexual penetration with an individual who is a at least 3 years younger and b aged 13, 14 or 15 years old. The age of consent is 18 in Arizona. The age of consent is 16 in Arkansas. Any person under the age of consent is deemed Dzting be mentally incapable of consenting to sex. Thus, if an adult has sex with a minor below the age Dahing consent, the adult may be charged with statutory rape. Datingg Arkansas, a person must be at least 16 years old in order to consent to sex. The age of consent is 18 in California.

The age of consent is 17 in Colorado, but has a Close-in-age statue. In Colorado, a person who is under 15 can legally consent to have sex with someone who is no more than 4 years older. Additionally, a person under 17 can legally consent to sex with a person who is no more than 10 years older. The age of consent is 16 in Connecticut. Thus, instead of including force as a criminal element, theses crimes make it illegal for anyone to engage in sexual intercourse with anyone below a certain age, other than his spouse. The age of consent varies by state, with most states, including Connecticut, setting it at age The age of consent is 18 in Delaware.

Having sex with someone under 18, if the offender is over 30, is also considered rape. The age of consent is 16 in the District of Columbia. Unlike some other states, the District of Columbia does not have a separate law for homosexual conduct. Furthermore, the law is written in gender-neutral language, so it appears to apply equally to heterosexual as well as homosexual conduct. The age of consent is 18 in Florida.

The age of Dwting is 16 in Georgia. However, there can be no conviction for statutory rape in Georgia based only on the unsupported testimony of the victim. There must be some additional evidence. The age of consent is 16 in Hawaii. However, there is a close in age exception that allows those who are 14 years or older to have sex with someone who is less than 5 years older.

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