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Course Materials for CIS 300, Spring 2015

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Programming in the Key of C: If you do not meet the prerequisite requirement for this course, you should see me immediately.

Online dating Cis300

It is your responsibility to drop datinng course if you do not meet the prerequisite requirement. The department and the Olnine of Engineering reserve the right to drop you from this course if you do not meet the listed prerequisites. Learning Outcomes Students should attain competence in: Using interfaces to partially define a data structure Implementing and using standard versions of classic data structures: Microsoft Visual Studio If you are enrolled in this class, you can download this product for free from the MSDN Academic Alliance Software Center see below for your own personal use.

However, this is a very large download. This software is also available on the Windows machines in the public labs in Nichols 21, 22,andas well as certain other public labs on campus. Please note that some of these labs are reserved for classroom use at certain times of the day - be sure to check the schedules posted at the doors. Microsoft Visual C Express. This is a free version of Visual Studioincluding only C language support. It also is missing a few features, such as an icon editor.

The F indicates failure in the course; the X indicates the reason is an Honor Pledge violation. In this class, you may discuss homework assignments with others, and you may help each other to find errors in your code; however, you must write up your own solutions yourself, without using either complete or partial solutions from your classmates, the Internet, or other sources. Unless you are instructed otherwise, you must complete your lab assignments without the help of your classmates, the Internet, or other sources outside the classroom the instructor, a GTA, and lab assistants will be available to help you if you need it. You must do the exams with no assistance from others.

If you are in doubt about what is permissible, please ask me.

If you would tell to refer to a trade that rates Java, which is accessible to CI can use the application: Although it is not part, registration is required within 30 days of death. Strike Hours:.

Students who engage in behavior that disrupts the learning environment may be asked to leave the class. Grade information may be accessed there, and announcements will be posted from time to time. Important class inline will be emailed to your KSU email addresses and posted as announcements. You must be enrolled in the course to access K-State Online. Services are available to students with a wide range of disabilities including, but not limited to, physical disabilities, medical conditions, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, depression, and anxiety.

How to Succeed in This Course Prepare for labs. Preparatory readings and the slides to be used will be available on K-State Online in advance usually two days. Taking some time to familiarize yourself with the material will help you to do well on the lab assignments, as well as to learn more from the lab experience. Come to lab.

Furthermore, by trying, you will undoubtedly complete many of them, which will earn you even more onlinr. Finally, what you learn from this experience will help you to do well on the onlije and the exams. Don't be afraid to ask for help on labs. While there is value in figuring things out on your own, there is limited time to complete the lab assignment. If you seem to be stuck on something, or if something in the instructions doesn't make sense to you, ask for help from me or one of the lab assistants - that's what we're there for.

A little help can often make a big difference.

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