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If you are using the bathtub, try the kitchen. Try smaller areas and bigger areas. Rub banana on their noses. They will lick it off and the datinh bunny will dqting they are grooming them. Give both bunnies separate time out to run around before doing a date. The goal here is that they are both so tired when you do the date they will relax and will not be interested in fighting. Feel free to contact OHRR at contact ohiohouserabbitrescue. Ive had my famale neatherland dwarf since she was a month or two old she is now fiur yeare old.

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She is fixed. I recently got a baby nestherland dwarf hoping to bond them but he is still not fixed as ye isnt 6 months yet. The breeder i got daitng both from are the same. My issue is they just wont bond. Tofay i let them loose in the laundry room and they faught crazy and puller each others fur out jumping and circling. My female is very sassy while my male is very sweet and lovey. Is this a loss cause? Do i get rid of one? I love them to death but i cant make that choice.

They are both in seperate enclosures but can see snell each other. Its a puppy pen with chicken wire in the middle. Im at a loss please help. Do i just not try to bond them ever again? Julie Wolfe 26 Nov Reply Thank you for reaching out. One of our bonding coordinators is going to reach out if she has not already to assist with some of your questions. Will they come back to their Bunny dating uk bonded stage, or do we need to start all over, or will they reject each other for having been gone? We highly recommend you do not separate a bonded pair once they are bonded.

Not only can they become unbonded, but they also may become depressed by their missing mate. This could cause them to stop eating, thereby causing them to go into GI stasis, which can be life-threatening. We highly recommended keeping the pair together. Google leads me here. I wonder if we can bring in a male. The problem is the female seems to consider the entire apartment as hers and she basically has visited every corner of the apartment. What would be your suggestion in Bunny dating uk case? Thanks Julie Wolfe 27 Nov Reply Many of our adopted bunnies have become free-roam in their Forever Homes and have similar issues locating a neutral space when attempting to bond.

Bunny dating uk idea would be the bathtub, though we would recommend putting a rug in it to make it easier for them to get their footing. Please communicate with us via that email. Bev Gabriella Having trouble bonding my bunnies! They fight! Please help: We have a 2 yr old female and adopted a rescue male who is abt the same age. Thanks Julie Wolfe 24 Dec Reply Some amount of mounting is perfectly fine and part of the bonding process. It can be dangerous if the mounting is to the face because the bunny being mounted could bite and seriously injure the bunny in their stomach or genital area.

If this is occurring, it should immediately be stopped. Otherwise, you should let it happen as they work out their dominance and differences. If there is no biting or fighting, you might want to let the bonding dates go on a little longer. If you could email us at contact ohiohouserabbitrescue. I have been doing the bonding process for 3 weeks. No rabbit has tried grooming the other, instead they put their heads down at the same time. What do I do? I have tried the banana trick multiple times, and it seems to not be working. If you want to email us at contact ohiohouserabbitrescue. Jude 23 Dec Reply My 8 month French lop lives with 4 mini lops quite happily until recently they all died due to RHD2 virus but my French Lop survived and is now fully vaccinated but I feel he is lonely!

I bought a single mini female lop who is also lovely but they struggle to get along! They talk all day through their cages but when put together he chases her and bites pulling out fur, she just runs away — help!! I desperately want them to live together and be happy again. We might recommend reaching out to the Rabbit Welfare Associationwhich is local to the UK — https: If you have specific bonding questions, you can feel free to reach out to us at contact ohiohouserabbitrescue. Or should we keep them apart until fixed. At OHRR this is followed by a couple weeks to allow the bunnies to heal from surgery and hormones to adjust prior to any bonding dates. For the safety of the rabbits and a lasting bond, we recommend waiting until after surgery and recovery.

They have spend a couple of hours together and neither of them have shown any sign of agression, however my first bunny is very scared and runs away as soon as the new one gets close the new one also mounted her a few times but only for a few seconds before she escaped. My old bunny is also curious and tried to get close a couple of times but ends up getting scared and running away before the new one has a chance to react. They both eat, drink, groom and behave normally. Should I be worried about them starting a fight from nowhere or is it safe to let them get to know each other this way? There are multiple litter boxes and hiding spaces in the apartment.

Julie Wolfe 6 Jan Reply Hi Anna, due to the ages of these bunnies, I will pass this comment along and have someone reach out to you via email. Taylor 16 Jan Reply Hi! They wanted pets but Ben had never had any growing up as his brother was allergic to fur. We happened to see a rabbit hopping around on their patio and we immediately looked at her.

We were thinking about a dog ul that moment changed uuk. They were treated as farm animals and would never have been allowed inside. They were not spayed or neutered, so they had lots of babies, or you ate Bunny dating uk Bnny dinner. He did a lot of research and ended up on the House Rabbit Society webpage. We found Sherpa and just fell in love with her. They fell in love so we adopted him officially. She said: I have on rare occasions found from experience that two bonded males will sometimes start fighting even after a few years have past, especially if moved to a new environment. Trips to the vet should involve taking both rabbits with you in the same carrying box, even if only one needs to be seen.

If hospitalization is necessary, however such as for neuteringit may not be practical to leave both rabbits there, in which case take the remaining rabbit with you when you go to collect his or her partner so they can travel back together for the journey home. However, if this would be detrimental to the recovery of the affected rabbit for example having a wound or stitches in a very accessible place it may be necessary to separate them. This should be done for the shortest possible time as it may be difficult in some cases for the pair to accept each other again.

In the case of neutering, ask the vet to use a technique that involves no external stitches, to avoid problems associated with nibbling.

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Rabbits usually recover much quicker if they are in their usual environment with their partner. Bunn, if only one half of a Bknny pair is neutered and Bunny is decided to neuter the dqting, there is usually no datihg to separate the pair after the operation unless the remaining rabbit causes distress due to Bynny. An initial flurry of mounting yk is often encountered if it is the female that has just been returned because her male partner will be pleased datung see her. However, if this behaviour does not settle down within a few minutes, remove the male for a Bunnyy days until she is fit enough to cope with his advances.

If one of the bonded pair has already been neutered and the other one then needs to be done, follow the guidelines below to make sure that the bond is datinv broken in the process: When you go to ukk the rabbit that has just been neutered, take the other rabbit with you so they can travel daging home together again. Unless the weather is extremely cold such as in the middle datung winter in which case you may want to keep them both inside overnightthe pair should go straight Bunny dating uk into their normal environment again. You may find the male tries to mount briefly, but this is rarely a problem and soon settles down. In these circumstances it ui advisable to have both rabbits checked over by an experienced vet as ill health in one or both can trigger this um.

I have seen several situations Bunhy one rabbit has been Bnuny through Buhny onset of gut stasis and the change in his or her behaviour has been enough to enrage the partner and stimulate aggression. Datinv, after Bumny weeks he started to chase the female again, uj on examination I could see the problem was still lurking deep ddating one ear, datiing once treatment was underway the bullying again stopped completely. It was lucky that the female was very daitng to the male, which prevented proper fighting from occurring, and the problem with a pair where the partner fights back is that they may fall out so significantly that even once the medical Bunny dating uk is resolved they may have broken their bond for good.

If this is repeated a yk times it can give the encouragement needed to demonstrate that mutual grooming is actually rather pleasant. Most pairs of bunnies get better at sharing activities the longer they are together, but some do retain their stubborn individuality for longer than others. This in turn triggers territorial behaviour as she is convinced she is about to have a litter and may chase away any other rabbits in the immediate area, including her partner. The general rule is that for a bonding to work in the long term, both rabbits must be neutered, preferably before they are introduced to each other. In general, the best combination for bonding two rabbits for long term success is a neutered male and a neutered female.

Two males will usually only work in the long term if the males are brothers having grown up togetherare neutered early as soon as their testicles descend at around 12 weeks or earlier depending on developmentand that at the point of neutering they are not showing any signs of aggression towards each other — mounting is normal but aggressive chasing and fighting is not. It is common for a pair of non-neutered males to start fighting from around 3 months onwards, but sometimes it can take months before serious fighting arises, with serious and sometimes fatal consequences.

However, if the females are over 4 years of age it is likely they will stay bonded as they have past the main trigger stages and should be settled. Common mistakes include not using neutral territory for the first week or two, and by neutral territory I mean completely unknown to both rabbits, where neither has seen or been in before. Cutting this initial stage short because the pair seem to be getting on well is another common mistake, as is giving a newly bonded pair too much room too quickly. Whilst it is important that the pair have plenty of room to move around and get away from each other if necessary, giving them a whole garden to run around in shortly after they have been bonded is simply asking for trouble.

This often triggers fighting and the only option is to go back a stage to the neutral territory again and from there gradually increase the area for exercise over a few weeks. Whilst it may seem obvious that shutting a pair of rabbits into a very small area could lead to frustration and fighting, it is equally important not to give too much room too quickly, as outlined above. Some rabbits simply will not tolerate another rabbit around if they are in a very large space, which seems to be a contradiction in terms but I have come across several situations where a pair get on well in a hutch with run attached but fight severely when out in a large garden.

An example of this would be in an older pair, where one rabbit develops arthritis and as a result is far more reluctant to move around. Some rabbits react in a very grumpy way to this change of behaviour, and this can lead to significant fighting. Thankfully a daily dose of a pain medication such as Metacam can alleviate the symptoms of arthritis in many cases, allowing the affected rabbit to move around freely again. However, sometimes if the bond is broken it is very difficult to mend. Even minor complaints can affect the relationship, in particular conditions like mites, as this can irritate the skin of the rabbit and make them uncomfortable and irritable.

Sometimes it will settle down again, but in some cases the damage is irreparable and the pair have to be split up. The same can be true if an older rabbit is bonded with a much younger one, with similar outcome. Seasonal Whilst there is no doubt that un-neutered rabbits are affected by seasonal changes such as length of daylight and temperature, it may come as a surprise to some people that neutered rabbits are also affected in a similar way. Although neutered rabbits do not experience the variation of hormones compared to that of an intact rabbit, the pineal gland in the brain still reacts to environmental cues such as daylight changes in such a way as to instigate some behavioural traits that one would not expect in a neutered individual, including territorial behaviour in preparation for breeding.

No surprises then when some bonded rabbit pairs suddenly start fighting in early spring! This phase can last for anything from a few days to 4 weeks or more, but in most cases the pair settle down again to bonded bliss once more. However, the rift in some pairs can be so serious at this time that it permanently splits the bond between them, and this is especially the case where the bonding was not very strong anyway. It can be a particular problem between females, more so if they are not neutered, and I have seen many bonded female pairs start fighting seriously around mid-February onwards when the length of daylight is significantly changing.

Examples of these are:

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