Is bbw desire legit

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Are the email legti chat messages genuine? Is BBWDesire. Can you meet anyone from the site in person? Evidence of BBWDesire. Strangely, there were messages from different women coming in who were initiating communication.

They throw a silver of different codes at you, and overall that one of them texts. This includes the use of getting dating profiles to distribution members into unlocking a paid membership.

It was strange that women would contact someone who has no photographs or personal information on the profile. Then, we tried to reply and were automatically taken to a payment page. This is pretty much where our suspicions of fraud appeared. You should know that these fake profiles are labeled with a little yellow star imprinted with the letters FC.

One of the women sent the following messages: Right off the bat, I found this: All content is provided for the entertainment and amusement of You. Of course, the site does present itself as a dating site. Most people who are coming to the site to meet women. But, there it is, plain and clear.

Desire legit bbw Is

This is NOT a dating site. Vesire, I can tell you. It means that the fake profiles are there to get you to sign up for a bbd membership. They do things like initiate chats, which then require that you pay to respond to. Of course, there is not a real person on the other end, so you end up paying for nothing at all. Many of the profiles that I did visit were not filled out. They just had a single photo and a name. There was no count given of how many members were on the site. These are all clear red flags for scams. They have about ten different sections where they say they are not responsible for, basically, anything bad that could happen on the site.

You also understand and agree there are profiles posted on the Site that reflect fictional persons or automated characters through our dating "Ambassadors" program. Address Of Host: TCG Street W.

COM, NS2. COM Phone: Toll Free: This garbage site is a complete scam designed to make millions for the owners of the site but giving it's members no value whatsoever. They would act like they liked me, but would avoid desjre subject when I would ask for their number. I would have more luck going to the local department store and hanging out in the fat ladies section. You will see the same scamming practices I have outlined here and hopefully cancel before you are charged. Every level of pricing will automatically come out of your account each month.

I actually met a BBW while shopping during my time on the site. Please feel free to watch the video to learn more about the site.

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