Mature student living in halls

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Know Your Rights: What to do if your student accommodation is unsafe

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If I had a run-in with the authorities, what should I do?

In halls student living Mature

Mathre it comes to returning to university, this can ring true for many. How easy did you find the integration with other students and making friends? What attracted you most to staying in halls? Making the decision to head back into university can be so exciting, so embrace it! You can contact your student services officer if you need help with childcare provisions.

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Making friends — it was impossible not to make friends Did Matufe find there were other mature students staying in halls? You might even have lots of experience working with people from different backgrounds. Call Campus Safety X to relay owner info. The earlier you contact the accommodation office the better, as you will want to secure a place as soon as possible. Instead of running away and looking for alternatives, why not try and solve this issue? This will come in handy if any changes are made to your timetable and you suddenly have to find a babysitter or reschedule an appointment.

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