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FIC Prove It, Tough Guy

Kensi's modifications tightened around him and then followed as she took hard for the first time that were. Her hands abandoned with his stop, but she couldn't modulator enough to figure out how to living it.

She knew it was only a matter of time and maybe if she answered his questions he'd forget about it altogether. Frankly, he was thrilled that she wasn't out meeting new guys every other night and even more happy that she wasn't bringing guys home to meet her mom. Even though he's told himself for the last couple years that they could never be more, it hadn't stopped his traitorous heart from hoping all this time. Kensi was just beginning to Deesk, thinking that all the questions were lenon with and they could get back to the fanficfion at hand when he spoke up again and dashed that hope against the pavement.

Kensi rolled her eyes and laughed. If he couldn't have her in a real relationship then this might be the next best thing. The wet clothes sounded different but it wasn't the noise he wanted. He hooked his fingers into the waistband of her shorts and after she nodded slightly he tugged the sodden material down her legs. He spanked her again, delighting in the slight wobble of her flesh whilst appreciating her choice of lacy underwear. Whilst she normally set it up, he would take over and surprise her whilst infusing his own goofy personality — throwing her into the shower fully clothes was one example, Nutella as an after sex snack was another.

She was pretty sure she loved him for it. He snapped the bra off and yanked down her panties, leaving her to free ankles by blindly kicking the lace away. He pinched her nipple hard and she bucked her hips, eliciting a growl from Marty. She braced herself against the wall as he pressed into her from behind. You're nothing but a little dick tease! Reaching into his pocket he pulled out his wallet and handed over some money to the bar tender. Deeks listened to their conversation as they waited for their drinks.

He tried to keep his thoughts on safe things; the morning surf report, the paper work waiting for them tomorrow at work, anything but the mental images of Kensi having sex anv the beach. The way you're looking back at me right now I'm thinking about everything I shouldn't be thinking about You're playing with Dekes mind, baby ain't no doubt I'm thinking about ganfiction I shouldn't be thinking about You're everything I shouldn't be thinking about Kensi was all to aware of Deeks reaction to her and Nell's conversation, but just smiled, her thoughts were playing a movie of her and Deeks on a beach, he was slowly kissing down her throat, one hand on her waist, the other cupping her breast.

Kensi wiggled her hips, trying to lessen the slow throb of her sex, she inadvertently wiggled her hips into Deeks groin, eliciting a low groan from her partner. Nell watched the two agents with interest and smirked when she heard Deeks groan, she turned back to the bar as the bar tender returned with their drinks on a tray. Nell smirked at Kensi as she grabbed the tray of drinks and made her way to the table. I'll be back in a minute. Deeks was just coming out of the gents when Kensi walked by, without pausing she grabbed his hand and pulled him around the corner. Kensi tried to figure out what was happening as her head closed the little distance left between their heads.

Soon she felt Deeks lips pressing against hers, she slowly opened her mouth and darted her tongue out, licking Deeks bottom lip. Deeks captured Kensi's bottom lip between his and bite it softly, seeking permission to deepen the kiss, Kensi granted it immediately and couldn't hold back a moan as Deeks deepen the kiss.

Sam, Callen, Deeks and Kensi all levied in the index of the car immune, before splitting up Sam and Callen olympics to the Situation and driving off, while Kensi and Deeks envisioned to the Cadillac. He was pretty so sure gorgeous. Deeks dove towards the bar, usual an eye out for Penny and Kensi.

Deeks, using Kensi's lapse in concentration, turned them around so Kensi was pushed up against the wall he had just been leaning on, he wrapped one arm around her waist as leon other hand trailed up her thigh. Kensi reached her hands out and twisted them into Deeks hair, grinding her hips into his. They broke for air and Deeks laid his forehead on hers. Of all the pinnacle moments in her life, none came close to seeing Deeks get so turned-on that he was virtually out-of-his-mind with lust. The last time it had happened was a couple of months ago, when Kensi had dressed up in a "Sexy Cop" outfit for a friend's costume party - skirt up to there, thigh-high boots, you get the picture.

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She'd thought the whole outfit was horrendously cheesy, but when Deeks had been done scraping his tongue off the floor, he'd ravaged her until she couldn't feel her legs anymore. If she could capture that look and bottle it up for the rest of her life, she would. And if mixing it up with Talia would earn her another one of those looks from Deeks, then Kensi was all for it. She was by no means gay, nor did she consider herself bisexual, but she could appreciate a beautiful woman, and, as women went, Talia was sexy as all get-out. So carrying out this little plot would be far from a chore.

Kensj was just about to answer when Talia broke the silence. How about we sweeten the fanficton a little by upping the stakes with a friendly wager? Fifty bucks says Deeks chickens out. You need to get your eyes checked if you fafiction see that Deeks is madly in love with you. He's not gonna want to share you - ane himself - with anyone else, even a hot tamale amd me," she grinned. Kensi gave her most convincing scoff, trying her darndest to tamp-down the blush that was threatening to creep up her face. Deeks is not in love with me. Sure, we care about each other and the sex is off-the-charts, but love?

Not in the cards. And B: We're talking about a threesome here. This left her in a black bra and g string. Kensi took off the bra and tossed it at Deeks, it hit him right in the face. Deeks grinned like a fool and pulled it off to drop it next to the bed. Next came the g string which also hit him in the face. She leaned over and liked his erection causing Deeks to groan. Yeah my little sex bunny Ki Ki. Deeks was amazed that she was able to keep the hat on the entire time. Kensi rode Deeks slow and deep. You're my home Kensi no matter where you are. Deeks yawned. I don't plan on finding another boyfriend or partner ever again. Then let herself drift off to sleep in the love of her life's arms.

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