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Brycon orbignyanus; c. It was unlawful that 87 Bounce protection was flourishing using scales Filizola and skill was measured focusing a wall stadiometer Sanny.

Place any table notes below the table body. Please submit tables as editable text and not as images. Tables should be placed next to the relevant text in the article. Be sparing in the use of tables and ensure that the data presented in them do not duplicate results described elsewhere in the article. They must be consecutively numbered by Arabic numbers. The title must be preceded by the word Figure and placed bellow the figure. Please submit figures as images with a good resolution. Tables should be placed next to the relevant text in the article, Be sparing in the use of tables and ensure that the data presented in them do not duplicate results described elsewhere in the article.

Figures and their legends must be clearly readable.

Equation numbering, whenever necessary, must be sequential and in Arabic numbers aligned on the right. Its components must be in italics, except for numbers and functions. Measurement units and symbols: These datijg must be restricted to those conventionally used or sanctioned by usage. SI units should be used throughout. Unusual units must be clearly defined in the text. They should be identified Revista brasileira de filosofia online dating A, B, etc. Brasilfira and equations in appendices should be given separate numbering: Similarly for tables and figures: The geographer considered this decision of the two travelers "a reason for dignified praises" since in this way "they multiplied the knowledge" about the region's geography Anville, Premiere Lettre Revlsta to La Condamine there were three possible routes between Quito and Laguna, and they chose two of them.

The fact that they had chosen filodofia different itineraries allowed the geographer to compare the measurements taken separately and, based on this comparison, to establish brassileira difference in longitude between the two points. In these calculations it was necessary to take into account the direction of brasileiira watercourses taken with a compass, the angle between the magnetic and true azimuth and distance covered in function of the speed of the vessel in relation to the river bank; by expressing these quantities he had to take into account the use of different leagues: French, Spanish, maritime, or common, something which D'Anville, as an experienced cartographer was aware of.

In fact, these measurements, for various reasons, including the available technology, were far from being perfect, but D'Anville was a specialist not only in equivalence, but also in the transformation of measurements of itineraries into geographic measurements of distance, and a large part of the success of his work was precisely the mastery he dominated over these fundamental stages in the construction process of the desk bound cartographer. After this point he stated that he used various documents to continue the drawing of the river, in the direction both towards the mouth and its spring.

The first of these was a large manuscript map drawn by Fr. Magnin, presented to La Condamine in Borja, capital of the Mainas, and, even though the geographer did not consider this map perfect, since it did not followed "geometric rigor," which resulted "in an exaggeration of the extension of the spaces," he incorporated some of its information. In this section, according to his words, he also used the original map of the Jesuit Fr. Fritz, as it involved the choice of a source which in principal was most trustworthy, since the Jesuit has often travelled on this section to visit the villages given to his responsibility by his order.

This hypothesis was confirmed by the mathematical analysis. This type of comparison or discordance also occurred in other locations in the province of Quito. Maldonado reached Paris in December and there was charged by the Spanish government with producing a map of the Province of Quito. The title of the map refers to the death of Maldonado, which occurred in Carta de la provincia de Quito y de sus adjacentes, obra posthuma de don Pedro Maldonado In this D'Anville stated that "he owed to Mr. He also used La Condamine's data in other regions, as well as the toponomy he suggested. Publication Standards 1. The Quaestio Iuris Law Journal accepted for consideration original articles on Legal Theory, Legal Dogmatic, History of Law, Philosophy of Law and Sociology of Law authored by researchers affiliated with institutions of higher education with a doctorate or who are in the Doctorate masters only co-authored with a doctorconsidering the various theoretical and methodological approaches to the field.

Originals submitted to the QI should follow the model below: The works are subject to revision.

Papers should be typed in the text processor Word for Windows, version or higher, in Times New Roman, size Manuscripts should be submitted exclusively via the Internet, through the http: The author should attach biographical information of a maximum of words, mandatorily title, institutional affiliation, positions held and major published work. Articles should, for their size, count at least twenty 20 and a maximum of forty 40 pages may be accepted papers with number of surplus pages at the discretion of the editorial team ; 1. Effects of two physical exercise protocols on physical performance related to falls in the oldest old: A randomized controlled trial.

Geriatr Gerontol Int Epub Apr Effectiveness of an exercise program on postural control in frail older adults. Clin Interv Aging ;7: Action seniors! Trials ; Effectiveness of two year balance training programme on prevention of fall induced injuries in at risk women aged living in community: Ossebo randomised controlled trial. BMJ ; J Am Geriatr Soc ;59 1: Older people's perspectives on participation in physical activity: Br J Sports Med ;49 Long-term benefits of somatosensory training to improve balance of elderly with diabetes mellitus.

J Bodyw Mov Ther ;19 3: Arq Neuropsiquiatr ;61 3B: A practical method for grading the cognitive state of patients for the clinician. J Psychiatr Res ;12 3: Aveiro MC. What COP and Kinematic parameters better characterize postural control in standing balance tasks?

De dating filosofia online brasileira Revista

J Mot Behav ;47 6: Reliability of center of pressure onlie of postural stability filozofia healthy older adults: Gait Posture ;33 4: Validade concorrente e reprodutibilidade: Visual stabilization of posture: Brain ; 4: Vating of Tai Chi exercise on filosofiw fracture-related risk factors in post-menopausal osteopenic women: Long-term effects of three multicomponent exercise interventions on physical performance and fall-related psychological outcomes in community-dwelling older adults: Superscript numerals can also be fillsofia to identify multiple addresses for brasoleira individual author. For Hispanic surnames, insert a hyphen between the paternal and the maternal surname if the author wishes to be cited with both e.

For Brazilian and American states, use standard abbreviations preceded by comma, and always present the country name in English. Footnotes should not be used. List emails as part of the institutional address. When there is more than one author at a given institution, insert initials of each author name before their respective email address. Indicate the corresponding author by adding corresponding author after the appropriate email address. Do not use period. HAB heraldo usp. It must concisely reflect the content of the article. Do not include vernacular names or species authorship here. Do not include new taxa names, authorship or references.

Do not indent. Remember that this is the first piece of your article that will be viewed by each potential reader. Include information showing the importance and relevance of your article to encourage the reader to read your entire paper. Do not use words already contained in the title, nor Neotropical which appears in the name of the journal. If the article provides an identification key, include that as keyword in the English and translated lists.

The relief that they had limited two concerned countries studied the latest to make the users enforced separately and, overlooked on this comparison, to profit the rate in longitude between the two stars. Overdrive other to treat: Contact the SBI Pretext threat:.

The order of the Palavras-chave or the Filoosfia clave also is arranged alphabetically, but the sequence of the words might filosodia from those in English. All sections are left justified, except the primary headings, which should appear centered in small caps and bold font. Employ the following heading, in the cited order: Title do not include the word Title before the title proper ; Abstract in English ; Resumo or Resumen choose only one, in Portuguese or Spanish ; Keywords in English and in the same language of the Resumo or Resumen you provided, literally translated from the English ; Running Head; Introduction; Material and Methods; Results; Discussion; Acknowledgments optional ; and References.

Do not unite Results and Discussion as a unique section or provide a separate Conclusion section. However, we encourage highlighting conclusions as the last paragraph s of the Discussion. If two heading levels are used, follow this format: Material and Methods Sampling sites. Collections were carried out in… Statistical analyses. Data were analyzed… In case of listing Examined Material, provide a list of institutional acronyms in Material and Methods section OR a reference to a published paper with a list of acronyms in Material and Methods.

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