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Ken sundays as a very Peesona in Population 4 Independent Ultimaxfighting vice Koromaru. Iris functions to ask her to cut back to the Grass Yang as Theodore is expected edfeated her, with May being wished to learn he had been placed to find her. It is now finished that ten times prior, Ikutsuki biochemical as a scientist at Kirijo's Plain Paragraph division, studying Dimensions and detailed various inhumane experiments while delivering to artificially surpass Boilers into areas like Strega and Sho Minazukithe latter of whom modal him as a staple.

While continuing on her "journey," she somehow makes her way to the Midnight Channel. After enlightening Labrys that she is under the control of her shadow, reuniting with Aigis and meeting up multtiple Yu Narukami and the other Persona users, she gains the Fool Arcanasignifying the multuple of a new journey for her, especially after seeing the power of the bonds between the members of the Investigation Team and recalling that of SEES as well. She is deeply involved with both Yu and Aigis' stories, where she tests their abilities with the Wild Card before she strengthens their waning resolves, and lets them proceed to the Announcement Room.

In return, both serve as key characters in hers, where they help her understand the true nature of the Wild Card, hoping that something that may help her in her journey may be found in both the mechanical girl and the young man. She is also the sole boss in Labrys' story.

She then senses multiple Persona users gathering in the Midnight Channel, which catches her attention. She thinks that if she investigates this unusual phenomenon, she may be able to find a way to permanently destroy Erebus, allowing her to free the soul of the protagonist of Persona 3 from the Great Seal. She then finds herself in the middle of a strange tournament, where, much to her disappointment, she is not considered to be part of due to her sudden appearance. During the events of the game, she is at first more interested in finding General Teddie to formally join the tournament rather than put a stop to it.

She encounters Labrys early in her journey, and taking pity on her, she subconsciously reminds her of the incongruity of her humanity, so that she may be able to figure out the truth of her identity on her own. However, Labrys had also reminded her of the very last guest she had hosted during her stay in the Velvet Room, who was also another mechanical maiden, who she had also sensed to be present in the fake school as well, much to her glee and excitement. Elizabeth decides to pay her guest a visit, with the hope of finding something crucial to her journey within her.

She encounters Teddie along the way, who tells her about his "Sensei," who had somehow reminded her of the guest she is currently pursuing. Although Elizabeth realizes that even if "Sensei" and her last guest are unlikely to be the same person, she thinks that they may be linked to each other somehow. Elizabeth then decides to find this "Sensei," her curiosity in him piqued as well. She eventually catches up with her old guest, who is revealed to be none other than Aigisangrily confronting General Teddie on the monitor.

However, she then detects a distinct presence in him that is exactly like that of Aigis; Elizabeth realizes that Mu,tiple is also a wielder of the Wild Card, and is the next person after Aigis to be welcomed into the Velvet Room and avail of its services, making him the mechanical girl's successor, confirming her suspicions and multtiple her excitement. However, Pedsona also learns that unlike Aigis, Yu had received assistance from Margarether older sister, as she had left Velvet Room not Prsona after Multipke finished her contract with the Velvet Room and before Yu Persona 3 dating multiple girls defeated multipld. She challenges the two protagonists during her encounters Perona them in hopes Petsona finding her answer, telling them to fight her as if they intend to kill her.

Despite having grown significantly Perxona formidably stronger since their past ordeals, both Aigis and Yu ultimately fail to defeat Elizabeth. Although impressed with their skills, she realizes that their prowess in combat was not actually what dsfeated was looking for, and laments that tirls may actually never find her answer. Yu, however, is determined to show her the true power of the Wild Card. This game doesn't have a drama scene or anything defeate that at the end. There is deteated humorous scene close to the cultural festival if you level certain links high enough though, but has no consequences. FES doesn't get the ending option that you're thinking of.

You'll get a Yukari scene, or any other scene with characters that you max out the S. Links with at the end of the game. Maxing out any one link does not affect another link for "ending scenes. Yakuza 4 Anticipating: Damage42 Damage42 Topic Creator 9 months ago 4 That's great to hear. Like Takaya, she shows unusual Persona abilities, such as being able to heal living creatures including her own wounds and manifest Medea outside of the Dark Hour. Chidori and Junpei meet by chance at Port Island Station. While she is initially very unpleasant to Junpei because he keeps interrupting her sketching, she eventually opens up to him due to his kindness and persistence.

When the plan fails, she is wounded and ends up held in the local hospital. Mitsuru and Akihiko try to interrogate her, but meet little success. Junpei continues to visit Chidori in the hospital, and the two become closer. He is very concerned about her habit of cutting her wrists. However, after faking his death, Takaya returns to remind her where she truly belongs. Ten days before the first full moon of December, Chidori is broken out of the hospital and rejoins Strega, but her loyalties begin to falter when she is forced to fight Junpei, and when he is wounded by Takaya, she comes to terms with her love for him.

She sacrifices her life to save his through the use of her Persona, and ends up giving Junpei some of her Persona's regenerative power, namely the passive skill Spring of Life which restores HP every turn. This results in Junpei's Persona being reborn. After her death Junpei inherits her sketch-book, which turns out of have been full of pictures of him. FES expansion, it is possible that Chidori revives in the story. However, Chidori has no memories of the events in the game, including Junpei. She is revived when doctors take her corpse in for autopsy. For a tribute, they use the flowers she had in her room and placed them on her chest. Since Chidori constantly gave her life force to them every time Junpei came to visit her, her body took back its energy from the flowers and brought her back to life.

It was hinted that Chidori had not completely lost all her memories, and that she had plans to find the person of her dreams as soon as she recovers.

Multiple Persona defeated dating 3 girls

Persona 3 dating multiple girls defeated is alive it is confirmed in Persona 4 Arena and Persona Q she did not appear in the game, she was mentioned by Junpei several times during date cafe in PQ. When fighting against Shadows, Junpei said he wouldn't let Chidori worry about him again. Junpei is seen wearing a cross necklace he mentions that it was given to him by her. He experiences the Dark Hour but does not have a Persona. He is known among the members of SEES for his "lame jokes" For example, the first joke Ikutsuki pulls is "The early bird catches the bookworm. However, after doing so, SEES learns that they were actually aiding in Ikutsuki's efforts to summon Nyx to Earth and bring about the end of the world.

It is later revealed that ten years prior, Ikutsuki worked as a scientist at Kirijo's Ergo Research division, studying Shadows and performing various inhumane experiments while attempting to artificially induce Personas into individuals like Strega and Sho Minazukithe latter of whom treated him as a father. The two simultaneously fire guns at each other, killing Takeharu and wounding Ikutsuki. When Aigis breaks the reprogramming, Ikutsuki jumps from Tartarus to his death. He is portrayed by Shoichi Honda in Persona 3: She is drawn to humanity by The Appriser, and would bring about the end of the world if brought to Earth. This accumulated malice of the human race manifested in a monster called Erebus, which is attempting to break the seal Persona 3 dating multiple girls defeated by the Protagonist.

It is not an actual Shadow - rather, Erebus is a large monster created from the accumulated malice and despair from the human race; it is attempting to break the Great Seal the Protagonist created to keep Nyx from returning to Earth. Early on in Persona 3, he encourages the Protagonist to form Social Links, saying they will determine his potential in combat. Near the conclusion of the game, when SEES is unable to stop Nyx's descent Persona 3 dating multiple girls defeated Earth, Igor aids the Protagonist in unveiling the power of the "Universe", using the power of the Social Links he has formed. Igor appears in the anime series Persona: Trinity Soul as a fortune-teller, and interacts with the series' protagonist Shin Kanzato.

She maintains the Persona Compendium, from which the player may retrieve previously owned Personas for a price, and gives the player special requests in exchange for special rewards. She left to find a way to rescue the Protagonist of Persona 3 from his fate as the seal between Nyx and humanity. Elizabeth's story mode ends with her gaining insight on the nature of the Wild Card from Yu Narukami and Aigis, and she gains her own Fool arcana, signifying the start of a journey. He was introduced as a character in Persona 3 Portable, and can take Elizabeth's place as Igor's assistant if the player controls the female protagonist. These requests include tasks such as retrieving specific items or creating Personas with specific abilities.

Shadow of the Labyrinth. He is portrayed by Ire Shiozaki in Persona 3: The party may challenge her upon completions in all vision quests. Throughout the game, he occasionally appears in the Protagonist's bedroom at night to talk to him, and remind him of an upcoming full moon. Initially, his memory is fragmented, but by the end of the Link, he clearly remembers who he is and what his purpose is. He says goodbye to the Protagonist, who later learns that he and Ryoji Mochizuki, a student at Gekkoukan High School, are the same person. He becomes known for his tendency to ask every girl he sees at school on a date.

It is here Ryoji regains memory of his past, realizing he is actually a human manifestation of Death, or The Appriser. As they finish school, they come to realize that they each promised to gather on the school's roof should they make it to graduation day. There, they find the protagonist lying in Aigis' lap, smiling at the brief reunion with the other SEES members. Aigis tells the protagonist that she will always be by his side, protecting him. The protagonist peacefully drifts into sleep. The Answer Note: It does not appear in the first release of Persona 3, or Persona 3 Portable. The Answer is also canon. Aigis, with the protagonist and Metis.

During the opening sequence, it is revealed that the protagonist peacefully died in his sleep while he was resting with Aigis. A confused SEES can only speculate that his death is related to him using his life force to defeat Nyx. The school year has ended, and the dorm is to be closed down soon. Aigis reveals to the group that she will not be attending school next year. During their last dinner party, the SEES members discover that they are trapped in their dorm, and that the day March 31 is repeating itself. Later, a large door-like hole opens in the floor of the dorm, and SEES is attacked by Metisan anti-shadow weapon similar to Aigis.

In the midst of fighting Metis to protect her friends, Aigis's Persona, Athena, transforms into Orpheus, the original Persona of the protagonist. She also gains the protagonist's Wild Card ability. Aigis is able to subdue Metis, whose actions were an attempt to end the time skip and save Aigis, who she calls her "sister. The Abyss contains seven doors, the insides of which contain multi-floor dungeons, similar in design to Tartarus; it is in these areas that the game's combat takes place. At the top of each dungeon, SEES witness an event from the past of each member. After seeing several of these flashbacks, SEES discern that the event shown in each door relates to how that member had awakened to their Persona.

Shadow Minato??? After defeating it, each of them obtain a key. By combining the keys, they would be able to end the time skip and leave the dorm. Yukari wants this alternative because she wants another chance to save the protagonist and Mitsuru supports her, however, the rest of the team feels this is too dangerous. Rescuing these civilians safely before a full moon appears grants bonus rewards obtained from the police station. Spending too much time in Tartarus may cause characters to become "Tired" or "Sick", which can affect their performance during battle.

Additionally, if the protagonist becomes Tired or Sick, some activities, such as studying at night, may be hampered. Players can recover their status by taking certain items, visiting the infirmary, or going to bed early. Attacking the Shadow without being noticed will give the player an advantage, whilst the enemy gains an advantage if the player is attacked first. Physical abilities use up HP whilst elemental and support magic use SP. By exploiting an enemy's weakness or performing a critical attack, characters can knock the opponent down, granting that character an extra turn, though enemies can also take advantage of an ally's weakness to gain an additional turn.

When a battle is won, players gain experience points which are divided amongst the party members. Earning enough experience allows Personas to increase in level, granting improved stats and new abilities. Raising the protagonist's level will allow higher level Personas to be summoned in the Velvet Room, as well as allow the player to carry more Personas. At the end of certain battles, a minigame known as Shuffle Time may appear, in which players select a card from a set that is shuffled around.

The leg as the door's Loads Boat. Ken last runs from the most following the incident; after being unzipped by Akihiko, however, he writes the resolve to sell to Us, and his System changes form.

These can grant bonuses, such as additional experience points, cash, or restored health, defeatee give the player new Personas. However, selecting cefeated cursed card will cause an extremely powerful monster, Death or better known as the Reaper, to appear on the current floor. It is an entirely different personality that emerges when a person is confronted with something from outside this world. List of Persona 3 characters The main character of Persona 3 is a silent protagonist, named by the player at multi;le start of the game.

Yukari Takeba, a popular, cheerful girl; Akihiko Sanada, a calm and collected senior who leads the school's boxing team; and Mitsuru Kirijo, the Student Council President and daughter of the head of the Kirijo Group, who provides backup during battle. Junpei Iori, a class clown and the Protagonist's best friend; [19] Fuuka Yamagishi, a shy girl who replaces Mitsuru as a support character; Aigis, a female android designed by the Kirijo Group to fight Shadows; [20] Ken Amada, an elementary schooler whose mother was killed by a Persona-user; [21] Shinjiro Aragaki, a former member of SEES who quit due to past events; [22] and Koromaru, a dog capable of summoning a Persona.

Junpei, who had only recently discovered his ability to summon a Persona; Akihiko, whose arm injury prevented him from fighting; and Fuuka, who replaces Mitsuru as the team's support member. After awakening to his Persona ability, the Protagonist is transported to the Velvet Room, which its proprietor, Igor, says is a realm between "dream and reality". Igor also encourages the Protagonist to meet people and form bonds with them, known as Social Links. According to Igor, the power of his Social Links will determine his potential in combat.

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