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10 Unique First Date Ideas For Book-Lovers

The far enough launch I ever had was when my daughter Longfellow Speaks set up for a great Irish Pub and I did my mother in the requirements section. If so, what do you focus?.

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Yes, but I'd do that anyway, and it's usually Bqrnes of a time for coffee. But I am all about this experiment! Anything that can get people into bookstores. All good. Wine is often served at signings I do at independent bookstores. It's a nice touch and makes things more festive. Like Hank, I am ambivalent about Barnes and Noble serving wine.

I can't see anything against it but it wouldn't lure me into a bookstore if I hadn't set out to buy a book. I'd certainly appreciate a glass if I came to do a signing. Bzrnes all in favor of anything that makes the bookstore feel like a central gathering place. It may well lower inhibitions and make people buy more books. However, as someone who was brought up to treat books with care, I am already horrified when I see people in Barnes and Noble drinking coffee and eating cake while looking at books they haven't yet purchased. Wouldn't wine make things even more sloppy? And they might start serving nachos with the wine I won't be surprised if they start hosting our local farmer's market in the cookbook section.

But I want them to survive, so whatever it takes.

We can only exit and see, and perhaps drihking a suite of wine before we have. You could even removed out a money reading at that one hip creator shop with the underlying wooden tables, if that's more up your choice.

I haven't even heard of Coffee, Beer and Books, which is surprising, since I live not far from Biddeford. I'll have to check it out. To me, drinkung problem with dronking "beer or wine served in a bookstore" daating is that reading books is a solitary activity, nbole drinking is sociable. Not that I won't have a glass of wine while reading a book at home, but if I go out for a drink, I'm meeting up with friends. And if I'm with friends, I want to be talking, not have my nose stuck in a book. On the converse, if I'm going to the bookstore, I don't want to get too chatty; I want to browse and find a good read.

I am, however, wholeheartedly in favor of alcohol at book signings! The best book launch I ever had was when my local Longfellow Books set up inside a great Irish Pub and I did my talk in the upstairs section. My publisher provided two drink tickets for every attendee. I always bring wine and cake to a book launch event. Maybe it draws a few more people than might have thought about coming? But I'm dubious about how wine will help Barnes and Noble.

Drinkng to a reading or Barnws signing GIPHY Look up the literary events wnd your local bookstore, and chances are you'll find something to spark your interest. You could even check out a poetry reading at that one hip coffee shop with nole reclaimed wooden tables, if that's more up your alley. Plus, if you both buy the same book at a book signing, you're guaranteed to have something to talk about on date number two. Check out a used bookstore GIPHY For a dinking more casual, Datlng kind of first date, go to a used bookstore together. You can help daing other search for hidden treasures, make fun of the vintage kids' books, and secretly harvest information on what kind of books this cute person likes to read.

Plus, supporting local, independent booksellers is always sexy. I mean, you are essentially sitting in the dark next to a stranger for two hours. But, if there's a big movie out that's based on a book you've both read, make a date of seeing the film and then vigorously critiquing it over ice cream right after. Nothing says "romance" like bonding over how the book was so much better. Add a slight twist by serving literary cocktails. Make your guest a pint of Butterbeer or a Tequila Mockingbird, or get creative and come up with your own bookish beverage just try it out yourself before you inflict it on your date. But if you can't afford to spend a bundle on books, pick out some library books together for free.

Or pick out books for each other, and then review your findings over drinks afterwards. Even if you don't live in a big city, look up the closest author museum, and make a day trip of it. No bookworm can resist seeing places from their favorite book in real life. Take your date to a '20s-style speakeasy, or go out swing dancing. More of a Jane Austen fan? Try ballroom dancing lessons. Both huge dorks for science fiction?

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