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Should you wish to submit a dispute to us, please email us on info craftbundles. Should you purchase not appear within your My Purchases within one hour of the time you purchased it, please contact us via email on info craftbundles.

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For this reason, refunds for products which have been downloaded cannot be refunded. However we do appreciate and understand exceptional circumstances can take place with regards lisg the character of product we supply. Therefore we do honor refunds that match the following criteria: Non delivery of products We aim to deliver any product purchased on CraftBundles. Should you not be sent an email with a download link included; or gain access to the download from within your account on CraftBundles.

Alphabetic list file silhouette extension Sex clipart

Product Defects All products are thoroughly tested in advance of sale, however unforseen errors can sometimes occur. Any error must alphabefic submitted to our technical support team via email on info craftbundles. Should we be unable to rectify the error or cannot do so within 3 business days, we will issue you with a full refund. Any errors must be submitted to CraftBundles. Please note that should you receive a refund, your related purchase will be removed from your account and any commercial licenses for the packs included will be revoked. All refunds will be sent within 7 days of the refund being agreed.

Though we cannot be held responsible or guarantee the length of it time it may take for your bank to debit the refund back to your account. As a customer you are responsible for understanding our policy before purchasing any item from CraftBundles.

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Reporting content will not automatically remove it, but will ensure we look at exttension as soon as possible. The moderators will then decide whether to remove it permanently or reinstate it. You agree to extenxion and hold us harmless from and against any clipwrt. or indirect loss or damage including consequential loss and loss of profits, goodwill or business opportunities arising from any third party claim in relation to content you have uploaded onto our website or your breach of the provisions of these terms. Social Media: We have a social media presence apphabetic use Facebook and Twitter among other social media platforms.

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By breaching this provision, you would commit a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act and other relevant laws in this and other jurisdictions. Chaos-Theorie A Halloween or vampire font. Charon Cyclin An ironwork font. DecoCaps Ornamental caps. DeutscheDruckschrift DeutscherSchmuck DiamondDreams A pearly all caps typeface. Ellipsoideogram An italic headline sans. Epitough A sans. Funtastique An exagerrated, almost bubbkly, art nouveau typeface. Gondoliere A light-hearted poster typeface. Gotika After Reiner's blackletter typeface for Bauer.

Greex A Greek emulation typeface. Hans Sachs Gotisch Hartwig-Schrift A blackletter typeface that revives Hartwig Poppelbaum's Hartwig Schrift from Hasenchartbreaker A hand-crafted typeface. Heimat HelvAssim A naughty take on Helvetica to needle Linotype. Hohenzollern HollandGotisch Designed together with with Manfred Kleinthis is a revival of the textura typeface Nederduits aka Fleischmann Gotisch by Johann Michael Fleischmann, ca. InkyDinky IsleOfTheDead An angular hand-crafted typeface reminiscent of the movie titling of Dr.

Jaecker-Schrift Revival of the blackletter typeface by Wilhelm Jaecker for D. Kleukens-Fraktur A Schwabacher based on a design by Friedrich Wilhelm Kleukens, KrasniFellows An old Slavonic emulation typeface. KuehneRevised A blackletter typeface. An organic monoline sans typeface family developed together with Apostrophe. Leibniz-Fraktur A warm and plump informal typeface. LightBats Lupinus Lurzing-Initials Manuskript Gotisch A revival of a Textura typeface by Wolfgang Hopyl, which was a house typeface at the Bauersche Giesserei in ModerneSchwabacher After a ca. MonkeyHouseParty MothproofScript A calligraphic typeface.

The name is a take on frostmoth, one of Petra Heidorn's early aliases. MuseAsis Artsy fartsy. Neudeutsch Revivals of typefaces by Johannes Wagner Schriftgiesserei in NinjaLine An outlined graffiti typeface. Nordland Oetztype German expressionist. Named after the Tyrolian Iceman, Oetzi. Oktoberfest Pachyderm A nice ultra-fat typeface. Ornamental Celtic caps. Pegypta, Pegyptienne Hieroglyph-inspired typewriter fonts. PostmoderneFraktur Rammstein

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