How to install amp wire to battery

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What You Need to Know About Car Amp Wiring

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Start with a small pilot hole using a steel drill bit, then drill the hole out to the appropriate size.

To wire amp How to battery install

Run all your wiring out to the appropriate places and cut to length, always leaving yourself a bit extra. The next thing to consider is how you're going to route the wiring from the amp to the head unit of the stereo and the power wire to the battery. Again, check the underside of all surfaces before drilling, then drill away and secure the amp using mounting screws. In most cases, the main power wire to the battery will have to pass through the firewall.

Connect the ground wire to a metal point connected to the car's batterh or a dedicated grounding point. RCA patch cables or speaker wire. Ensure the ground wire connection is to bare metal. Wiring It In 1.

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Car amp wiring kits are typically referred to by the gauge of the power cables, so, for instance, you can find 10 gauge kits, 8 gauge kits, etc. The amount of space you have to work with will help determine the size amp you buy. Ensure that you have enough wiring for the job. However, if you're driving, say, an SUV, space becomes limited and you'll need to consider mounting the amp under, behind, or between the seats. To protect the car's electrical system, install the inline fuse as close as possible to the battery.

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