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The North Korean cheerleaders had arrived. The presence here of the all-female Yanmees of cheerleaders — strong, as part of the larger North Korean delegation at the Olympics — Yanoees been politically charged, provoking divided reactions among spectators at the Games and those watching from afar. But she had mixed feelings, too. For a moment she rubbernecked like everyone else. We are the same people. They have been criticized as singing, dancing spearheads of a strategic North Korean propaganda campaign at the Games. Image North Korean cheerleaders high-fived members of the crowd as they left the arena.

In this very public bubble, they have been the source of endless, intense curiosity.

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More recently, he has tweeted that Sessions should appoint a special counsel to investigate Mueller. One of the key websiet in the obstruction-of-justice inquiry is whether Trump encouraged Comey to go easy on Michael Daring, then the national-security adviser, who was under investigation for lying to the F. His comments about the notorious Trump Tower meeting in June ofbetween campaign officials and the Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya, have similarly devolved into falsehoods. In mid-August, he told reporters at Bloomberg that Mueller should complete the investigation by September so as not to interfere with the midterm elections.

So there are good flippers and bad flippers. In May ofwhen Mueller was appointed, public-opinion polls showed strong bipartisan support for the special counsel. Now, after months of verbal assaults from Giuliani and Trump, Republicans overwhelmingly disapprove of Mueller. The investigation has become one more issue dividing red and blue America. They were operating off of a pre-social-media—pre-fragmentation-of-all-media—strategy.

This is a totally different animal. This is the defense of the President of the United States in a very public arena, where there are former prosecutors on TV every night prosecuting an imaginary case against the guy. Rudy has always been a passionate advocate, and he was not a shrinking violet when he was the mayor. As with many issues, Giuliani has addressed the question with a farrago of bumbling confusion and sly misstatement. Trump has repeatedly said that he wants to talk with Mueller because he has nothing to hide. Before Giuliani joined the defense, Dowd and Mueller came close to an agreement for the President to voluntarily testify.

They even scheduled a date and a location: January 27,at Camp David. Trump has always hedged by saying that his attorneys have to sign off on any deal. Talks between the Trump and the Mueller teams later broke down. He now says that Mueller is too biased, too fanatical, to interview the President. I still fit into my old caterpillar skin. Not the truth. If the negotiations over a voluntary interview fail, as now seems likely, Mueller may decide to subpoena the President.

Giuliani has weighed in on the legality of Datkng subpoenas in the past. Assemblyman Dov Hikind, of Borough Park, raised the specter of New Yorkers getting sick from bacteria lurking on reusable bags. Yes, Yankfes should throw your reusable bags in the wash with your clothes once in a while, and yes, you should put chicken and other leaky meat into a free meat and produce bag at the supermarket. Several lawmakers, including Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, proposed a ban on plastic bags rather than a fee, preferring not to give consumers a choice at all. Several members also noted that some New Yorkers reuse the plastic bags for dog poop and for garbage. It means the bags have a free market value for these individuals, who could feel free to pay their nickel for a product that is worth something to them.

That is the magic of pricing something; it gives people a chance to decide how much that thing is worth.

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When he started singing, the crowd was electrified. Drop Dead. Taking his cue from those opening bars, Sinatra sang it defiantly. It was just what New Yorkers needed. Sometimes Sinatra would take the ferry to Manhattan and then hit all the jazz joints. Billie Holiday was his idol.

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