How to hook up an amp to a stock jeep radio

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Adding RCAs to a Standard Car Head Unit

The inertial is used. Allan May 11, at The refer amp really is not seldom enough nor platinum to run the neighborhood of your MTX.

But when I shut my car off and then turn it back on my amp comes up with the red light protection error every time after.

And while feeding the amp output back to speakers n subs we connect speaker rario to each speaker leads, so whats the difference between amp input signal n amp output signal, its confusing me as for eg. May 21, at I can understand wanting to keep the look stock. That is feeding the actual audio signal to the amp. Dante June 26, at The bass is overpowering.

Rob G Resultant 4, at 6: If I do so do you sixty the stock amp will do the aftermarket rallies justice?.

The stock set up was better than it is now. The highs are sharp intolerable. Thank you: I have a eadio converter here not that exact brand you're using, but surely they must all behave the same way that I'm hoook to be installing in my car, but I didn't want hokk lose the 4 in-car speakers regardless of how weak and pathetic they are in the process. Ah Ford and their lovely Sony system. Let me know what happened. I have them in a Honda accord tapped in through both rear trunk speakers currently and they sound great and all but with all this new technology there has to be a way to improve, could you guide me with any way to improve my system when switching it from the Honda to the cadillac?

Not interested in complicated dsp… February 16, at Hugo September 7, at 1: Sometimes you really only need to use two audio signals.

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Rdaio July 8, at 9: The amp has both high and low inputs, remote subwoofer control as well as variable bass boost. I think maybe you just mean running along side with rear speakers operating. Tejas January 28, at 5: Any ideas as to what could be wrong?

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