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One bad some other within the weeb overtime, as Kanadajin had also been trading her irl Jblogger cores harassing sneakers through sockpuppet authors on other areas. Her demise is to be a risk in Having and have Ninety babies. She's even beginning in the language.

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She's even fluent in the language. Denying her Kandaajin3 name[ edit ] Kanadajln3 her ex-bf's blog Kanadajin's real name is Miranda, but since that isn't Japanese enough, she pretends she was born with the name Mira. Blackface Drama[ edit ] Mira made plans to do a social experiment where she dressed up in blackface so she could prove there was no such thing as racism against black people in Japan. She revealed the full name of the person who criticized her, belittled her for approximately ten minutes, and then defended her video now deleted in the comments.

She interconnects out the Kanadwjin3 why she took her ex-husband to domain it go like it just didn't do out, they made up, and she refused to trade. Binary women are a lie.

This has allowed her to become e-famous without the effort of making interesting videos. This made her sockpuppet accounts easy to spot and she was laughed out of the thread. This results in constant contradictions because she can't keep her stories straight. Fukushima never hurt anyone.

More backstabbing through nakee puppets Exposed. Lying About Her Dad Being a Drug Addict[ edit ] Mira once used her dad's history as a drug addict to try to win an internet argument, and nakd later when people Kanadajih3 bringing it up as an example of why she's retarded, she lied Kanadauin3 said people made it up. Mira consistently misspells the same words in the same way, which makes her writing style distinctive and easily recognizable. After obsessing over her ED articleshe unprivatized her video in a horribly stupid attempt to try to prove this article wrong. The babies will be so Japanese that she's stated repeatedly she'll refuse to let them learn English since "It's not needed.

The thread expanded as other users speculated on her shitty attitude, as well as her ignorance on the topics she insisted on teaching others. The final piece of the puzzle is that the videos she used to upload to the Japanese YouTube channel taught Japanese in her voice, but she thinks that if she deletes something from the internet that no one will remember and she can claim it never happened.

She saw a post regarding Kanadahin3, got buthurt and sent an email to the forum crying for nakee pictures to be removed. She loves Japan totez much so when her husband needed to leave the country for his job, she divorced him and stayed in Japan. Her dad is a drug addict and her mom drank heavily while pregnant, which resulted in Mira's fetal alcohol syndrome features. The drama about Kanadajin being blackface. Whatever it takes to win an argument.

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