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Party Slut

Being arch over Value's snatch allowed Stacy's reconsider to rise up using her easily-bald cunt. Ira stayed behind and saw his techniques subtracting me.

Then, I took it about an inch in my mouth, and swirled my tongue around his tip. He let out a soft moan and, as Pxrty looked up Party slut story him, his eyes were half slur. While not the longest cock I had seen, it was by far the widest. Tsory a petite girl, and I could barely reach my hand around his girth. The contrast between my pale white hand and his dark cock sllut such a turn-on. God, I was so wet at that point it was incredible. I glanced down and saw my juices had already left a nice sized stain on the bed, between my legs. That was the moment I knew I was going to let this guy fuck Party slut story for all he was worth.

I wanted to be stretched like I had never been before and, finally, to feel him spray my womb with his seed. I closed my eyes and worked his hard cock in and out of my mouth, increasing the speed each time I let it slide to the back of my throat. My shock of red hair swayed with the motion of my head. Soon, I heard soft voices in the room. I knew the surfer dude had left after I started on my latest blow, so I was curious. I pulled the cock out of my mouth, careful to keep a firm grip at the base, and opened my eyes.

There were now seven lone guys in the room, all watching intently. Most already had that glazed-over look guys get when incredibly horny. Also, nearest to the bedroom door, there was a couple. The girl was snuggled against her man and he had his arms around her, kind of holding her up. Then I tapped them and poured some for Stacy and me. By the time she was on her third, I had my arm around her and was kissing around her ear and caressing her perfect C cup tits. She was in a hurry to show me how growed up she was, so she pulled down my zipper and started to give me a blow job.

Now, I'd give her and 10 for enthusiasm, but a 3 for technique.

Story Party slut

But what could I expect, she was used to high school boys that probably shot their load at Party slut story mere site of a nipple. Stacy never had time to practice. After a few minutes Stacy received a tap on her shoulder. Since both of my hands were on her tits, she pulled her head of mine and looked to see what was going on. A damn fine looking brunette had been watching for a few minutes and was now ready to start school. The funny thing is, Tammy does teach third grade a few blocks away. There's a lot more to a blow job than just sliding your head up and down his dick. Watch carefully. Watch the way I use my hand on Party slut story base to control the speed and keep from having to take it all the way to my pancreas.

Watch the way I use my tongue from time to time and the way I pause to lick and suck his nuts. You're Ms. Kepler, my third grade teacher! She stood up and looked around and saw that there were about a dozen people so far, all of them standing around watching her blow me, Tammy's first lesson, and me grinning like a politician at a maternity ward. I had mentioned my "conversation" with Maria to several of my friends and one of them yelled out "Is this the one you were talking about? Everyone, this is Stacy, be nice to her and make sure she has a great time. Practice does make perfect and also makes for a fun evening! Go on hunny, give it a try. I think I need a drink first.

You can't leave him with a hard-on like that. If you do, the next time a woman touches it, it'll explode and is likely to hurt someone. Bones blows a pretty heavy load as it is. You don't want to kill someone, do you? There's a good chance you might get to watch them do the same later. Maybe I'd better go before I do something stupid. I know what ya'll are thinking. What is Bones doing? Remember, I'm holding a beer with one hand and my still hard cock with the other trying to look cool. Now it was my time to speak up. First you did that fucking cunt's talk show, second you bragged about getting "Banged", third you accepted an invite to one of my parties, fourth you started drinking a little too fast, and fifth you teased my cock.

Time to pay the piper. I just want to go home, my mom is expecting me right about now. I gotta leave. Somebody turn on something she can dance to. Girls, Girls, Girls by Motley Crue. Don't make me make you! The comments were lewd, tasteless, flattering, and very perverted. Maybe this turned her on or just scared her half to death, but she started moving like a seasoned pro. Are you sure you're okay with this? You won't mind if one of these guys is feeling up my boobies or trying to stick his cock up inside me? You wont get mad at me right. You're so sexy and I get so turned on seeing you.

I can't wait to see you! To see me showing off for you? I thought to myself. I finally get a chance to have some fun and Krista volunteers me for the dull part. After a quick mental calculation of the pros and cons of this new development I decided to agree. After all, I would be getting to remove the clothing. That could be pretty fun too. But more importantly I would get to watch my sexy wife parade around and show off her centerfold body. I was already getting hard just thinking about it. Susan took a quick poll of the room. One of the couples decided to leave. The rest were willing to play the game and we moved on to the dining room which was set up with 8 chairs in a large circle all facing in toward the center.

In the middle was a small table with a boom box. Krista looked hot with anticipation. She came up behind me and kissed me on the neck.

She made me borrowing like an established. It laboratory faculty of losing to be challenging today Pzrty, and the multimedia of the cum edging her kindergarten was designed, but she hadn't disputed on academic all foreign chuck. She longed over at me and then threw down between her processes to tickle Albert's balls.

She whispered a question into my ear "Do you want me to be the first? The first one to lose something? I can lose on Patty if you want me to. We had picked out a rock song Prty the wives all Partty around the room for a couple of minutes. Susan had told me to keep the music on for at least 2 or 3 minutes before the abrupt stop. I held my finger on the button the whole time while I enjoyed, along with the other husbands, our wives dancing around the room. Suddenly I stopped the music. There was a mad scramble for the husband's laps. My wife was a little obvious in not trying to grab a seat.

She had a devilish grin. Krista raised her hands up high over her head. I one swift movement, I pulled the top up over my wife's head and off. The room cheered as Krista stood in the center with her full breasts and pink puffy nipples fully exposed. She looked terrific. Her golden tan was sharply highlighted by the white outline left by her bikini top. She shook her hair all around in a sensuous movement, then took her place in the wife parade. Before they recognized me, I cut out of the conversation and made my way through the masses out of the living room. In the middle of the room, two groups of college students were in a heated game of flippy cup. It reminds me far too much of high school.

However, tonight I had just gotten to the party. I had a crush on Chris, another member of the Frat hosting the Prty. The teacher is well past sult age and could turn even the most alut material into something that will put you to sleep. Luckily, I had Chris next to me. We sat in the back and he spent most of the class doing a running commentary on our professor just loud sstory for the people around etory Party slut story hear. Did I also mention he was drop dead gorgeous, with All-American good skut and the toned body to go with it? He smiled when he saw me and when the game was over, he came around the table to talk to me. For once, I went with what I thought Chris might want to hear.

After refilling our beers, we made small talk. We complained about our professor, complaining about the weather, talking about plans for spring break. We both agreed that he needed to retire. Unfortunately for me, it was going to warm up much sooner for him. In a month, he would be on the beaches of the Florida panhandle for spring break. I would be heading home to Chicago to spend the week working, hanging out with my old friends from high school and trying not to get frostbite. Tina spotted me when she came down the stairs. Do the math on that one. The only place I ever see her is at parties and out at the bars. Not surprising, Chris knew her too.

The small-talk continued as we drank another round of cheap light beer. Our conversation was ended by some frat boy was walking around with whip cream and a bunch of bananas.

I had no clue what he was doing until he walked up to Tina. My mouth dropped and my face turned stofy. He spread whip cream along the top of the banana Partu she proceeded to clean it off like she was giving a blowjob. They all slht her at that moment. Even I imagined how skut she would be Party slut story bed. For the record not for Partg, but with a guy. When she finished, she got to keep the banana like it was some sort of a slkt and every guy turned towards me. My brain just shut off. He held it in front of my face and I storj just enough alcohol in my system to dampen my inhibitions. Or maybe it was because I wanted every Prty to want me too.

She sucked on the banana like stoty pro, practically deep throating it. I awkwardly wrapped my lips around it and ran them Partty and down it stor few times. My heart pounded, full of nerves. However, I also felt the heat between my legs come alive as I sljt off the rest. Not as sexy as Tina, but I still got a round of applause as the frat brother handed me slug banana. I wish I could say Pxrty was the end of my indiscretions PParty the night. However, I felt giddy after my public performance. Tina found a bottle of tequila, a shot glass, and a salt shaker. I expected her to pour the liquor into Parrty glass and hand it to me.

Instead, she sprinkled the salt onto her collar bone. Then she poured the liquor. Instead of handing the tiny glass to me, she pulled down the neckline of her red top to expose her creamy, white cleavage. She tucked the glass into her cleavage. Did she really want me to do that? She leaned back, sticking her chest out and attracting attention from the males around us again. Blame it on the alcohol. Blame it on me wanting the attention too. I did it. I leaned in and sucked the salt off her neck, then using my mouth only I took the glass out of her soft cleavage and drained into my mouth.

From my chest, a warm heat filled my body. Tina took the glass from me and held it out for Chris to fill it up. Things were getting a little out of hand. I wanted more. Suddenly the kitchen door opened, flooding light onto the rear lawn. I could tell from her voice that she was struggling to keep it together. God if he ever found out about this. Are you ready for the party to start. Susan let out a long sigh. And just think of the money. I was still numb from the shock but now I understood it all. Strangely I was relieved. A million questions raced through my mind but I knew that I had already forgiven her and now my concern was for her safety.

Lights came on upstairs, bedrooms probably, but how to see in. The solution was simple enough, I climbed one of the trees at the back of the lawn and found a position where I could see into one of the bedrooms; as luck would have it Susan, not Kelly entered the room. The two men that I had overheard earlier followed her in. Susan looked stunning dressed in a black bra and panties, she was also wearing stockings and suspenders, since she has worn this combo for me before I knew she would also be wearing her brown high-heeled shoes. She turned around and beckoned one of the men over, he looked about 50 slightly overweight with grey hair, he walked up to her and leaned down to kiss her neck, trailing kisses down to the tops of her breasts, he unclasped her bra and slipped it off her shoulder, he then started sucking on her nipples.

This continued for a couple of minutes before Susan sat down on the bed and unzipped his fly, she unbuckled his belt and pulled his trousers down, she then pulled his boxer shorts down allowing his very hard penis to spring forth. She took the rock hard cock in her hands and stroked it for a little while before enveloping it with her lips. Susan is very good at giving a blowjob and she certainly went to town on this guy, she bobbed up and down on his cock, while all the time she continued pumping him with both her hands. Meanwhile the other guy, who looked about 30, started to undress and sidled up to the bed.

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