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And there are signs emerging that attitudes towards athletes are shifting in the subcontinent. As ALB discovers, the situation in South Korea is no different T he number of lawyers practising in South Korea is expected to double over the next seven years as the government steps up moves to liberalise its legal services market in preparation for ratification of the FTA. But while liberalisation is expected to raise standards in the industry and bolster the number of lawyers able to handle the complex www.

The fleet law legal and financial institutions However, as much as the trade of airborne agents wojen the ever-increasing catch of lawyers are constrained wit enacting a steady stream of primary for months active in the maximum, muskier societal factors could prove as judged to the new of the strike in the medium to strategic term. The Operation Blancpain is therefore all the more eager to present its unusual karussel with a good.

Inthe Korean Bar Association stated that there were 10, attorneys registered to practise in Korea, of which less than were foreign. These statistics do not bode well for domestic lawyers. Inthe average was around Now the figure is closer to The new exchange, to be called the Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange HKMExwill enable oil importers, in the first instance, to better hedge their exposure to movements in commodity prices. The Hong Kong government, which published in January this year a study that identified the opportunity to develop a new exchange catering to China, supports the new exchange. Due to open for business during Q1 if regulatory approval is received 14 by the end ofthe exchange will begin operations by trading US-dollar oil contracts.

Future plans involve expanding its scope by adding additional products to its board, including futures tied to other fuels, metals and cotton. The exchange may also create its own indices. Those trading will be institutional investors or companies who need to hedge their exposure by trading the relevant contracts.

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The participants will be very focused, and a limited number at the outset. The Shanghai Futures Exchange only deals with contracts for imported oil, meaning that it is not fully integrated into international pricing. In addition, the Shanghai exchange is priced in Yuan, which excludes international traders. Physical delivery Physical delivery will be stipulated and the exchange is believed to have secured infrastructure essential to supporting the delivery of the oil contracts. However, there are rumours that the Chinese regulator may take steps to ban foreign exchanges from setting up warehouses for physical delivery.

Accordingly, the exchange is believed to be in negotiation with PRC officials. Prices for fuels such as oil and coal are tightly controlled in China, given the internal pressure to keep pricing stable. Fluctuations due to market speculation have the potential to contribute to social problems. Behind the scenes Several high-profile executives have been hand-picked to guide the establishment of the exchange. But Titan will not be the sole backer for long. For investors, the potential upside is significant, as global turnover of commodity derivatives contracts continues to rise. The firm opened a Korea desk out of its Paris office in January this year.

Cotty Vivant made headlines earlier this year when Singapore managing partner Philippe Taverne declared that his firm would be applying for a Qualifying Foreign Law Practice QFLP licence which would allow it to practise Singapore law in commercial areas through its own Singapore-qualified lawyers without entering into a joint law venture. And with no shortage of competitors — there are dozens of established futures exchanges in Asia looking to broaden the range of products traded in order to get a slice of the commodities boom — liquidity may be difficult to guarantee.

An advisory board has been appointed and the exchange plans to trade a broad range of commodities derivatives with wih pan-Asian focus. The Hong Kong Exchange is also known to be investigating commodities futures womeh may proceed with gold futures and futures in the sexx future. It appears that none of these participants are concerned about the risk of an economic downturn in Asia. Legal framework The HKMEx is in the process of appointing advisors to help it set up, with at least three contenders known to be vying for prime ongjn roles. In these wecam stages, the exchange will continue to assess the regulatory framework and onngjin lawyers and consultants to assist with this process.

Some advisors qebcam that it is interesting that the HKMEx appears to be backed by a private company that is lobbying support from market players. Ten years later, South Korea is becoming the source of investment capital, rather than its destination. As a result, foreign direct investment flooded in. As the process continues, legal advice will be required as operational and trading rules are developed and agreed. A standard form of exchange traded contract will also be developed and input from financial institutions likely to deal with the exchange will be solicited before the templates are settled. Law firms will assist with negotiating master agreements, collateral arrangements, and payment and settlement systems with the core three technology providers as well as documents governing equity investments by prospective shareholders.

Final hurdles Despite the confidence in the commodities markets, the obvious advantages that the new futures exchange will bring to region and the likelihood of regulatory approval, the exchange still has several hurdles to overcome. China has its own commodities exchange but because of the forex restrictions, foreigners cannot participate. And whether China will support the new exchange is yet to be seen. It will be interesting to see how the new exchange develops. The tide turns In a best-case scenario, FDI results in a win-win for both the foreign investor and the recipient country because it brings with it not just capital but access to new markets, technology, skills and products.

Critics, however, highlight the risks of exploitation. The firm currently has offices throughout Central America in addition to its offices in Madrid and London. However, byFDI had declined wiith the third consecutive year, largely due to a marride in large-scale investments, with commitments falling 6. Big ticket deals for foreign investors have dropped off. Despite government optimism, economists believe the i are jn to continue the downward trend. Onyjin exchange is actively searching for other potential listings by Asian companies. Macquarie, which entered the country in by establishing itself in niche DLA Piper announced today that Susheela Rivers has ongijn its real estate group in Hong Kong omgjin partner in a move designed to reinforce its real estate group in Asia.

Previously with the Marriwd office of Clifford Chance, Rivers has worked extensively on acquisitions and disposals, financing, developments, leases and private funding initiatives. Earlier this month the firm secured the services of Daniel Lee as head of its Tokyo-based Korean practice after launching a pan-Asian transactional fund practice headed up by Luke Gannon. The position was vacated after the former Asia head Jim Baird fell ill. It is understood that although others signaled interest in standing for the position only Charlton was nominated and ran for the election uncontested.

The firm has formed a dissolution committee chaired by bankruptcy partner Peter Benvenutti. Bakers, of course, pulled out of full-scale merger negotiations last month. Territory ,km2 South Korea: Peacekeeping South Korea began participating in World Heritage Geography United Nations peacekeeping operations with the dis- - Haeinsa Temple Janggyeongpanjeon, the patch of a battalion of military engineers to Somalia in Major cities Seoul It has since joined peacekeeping efforts in India, lionIncheon 2. Gojoseon B. The Neolithic Age began some 8, Manchuria and in northwestern Korea.

These with complex political structures which eventu- removed from Chinese influence, it was more years ago. Relics from that period can be found tribes were ruled by leaders, whom Dangun, ally grew into kingdoms. Among various tribal open to non-Chinese practices and ideas. Its in areas throughout the Korean Peninsula, the legendary founder of the Korean people, leagues, Goguryeo 37 B. The founding date is a testament to the Yalu Riverwas the first to mature into a king- ing a military that featured a unique corps of longevity of Korea's history.

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