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What ever they have spent on TV on air ads in the last 5 years have been wasted. I refer to the notion of breaking the physical body, and its regulation by the state as a kind of macro-body. So, let us see what is the point of the border and its various crossings. Given potential future use of this project and reader, as its editor I found it useful to underscore three points in the organisation of chapters and subsequent reading offered in separate bibliographies at the end of the book. To Be Smuggled.

In that period many Triestins were reported to have been arrested, taken as hostages, or even killed by being thrown alive in natural caves fojbe. Similarly, during the German Nazi government, which ruled Trieste — many Slovenes and Jews were killed, while a part migrated to Yugoslavia, or went in exile. Previous to being fused to the European Union, both Croatia and Slovenia were rather small separate nation states that belonged to various unions of Kwrlovac Europe. The cornerstone of this diffusion can be seen in the events of the summer of Myy strictly separate views of history have karloovac a bit of static in the editing process of this strictlu.

As narratology claims, personal points of view are always built into even in the most academic forms of prose. Some authors had grandparents on one side, other authors had them on the opposite, and a few knew the songs that were sung in the last days of the World War II, ridiculing the Pope, Rome and Guiseppe Pela NssaItalian Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time, as being the Italian Minister of liife Treasury. Although named the Free Territory of Trieste —the zone was schizophrenically divided. Gorizia and Nova Gorica functioned in a less restricted yet similar way to East and West Berlin, with the Berlin Wall dividing Germany for the greater part of the twentieth century.

So a long history of frequent meetings documented from both sides prevented the more solid formation of a taboo seen in other European countries. With the process of democratisation of Yugoslavia, in the sixties, these crossings become more frequent. This was the reason a market zone formed in Italy near the border with Yugoslavia. Trieste, the largest city nearest this part of the Italian border was at one time something of a gigantic contemporary urban mall. Its shops, bars, restaurants, and lively theatrical streets, especially squares such as Ponterosso, collectively became a shopping centre, especially during the post-war socialist baby boom, once this generation had their passports issued.

The territory was divided into two zones, A and B, along the Morgan Line established in InNova Gorica, a twin town was formed. Through this reader the location would be consequentially named by the original language of the authors in Slovenian: Gorica; in Italian: Borders near Trieste were common sites for the smuggling of goods. The invention of new ways of hiding them became a topic second only to the hunt itself, with tall tales and near perverse confessions of hiding legally purchased goods as though they were stolen. Slovenia and Croatia marked the edge of the integration and disintegration of South Europe, of an entity usually called the Balkans.

Respectively, inCroatia also entered the European Union, slipping out from under the mythical union of the Balkans, known for its open air trade practices. Still, it is important to note, if this balkan aspect is still visible contrary to all other arguments provided in the debate on balkanisation it is best seen in open air markets, which remind one of turkish bazaars. Urban Trieste itself was depopulated precisely due to these processes as shops moved south and a new era of global trade broke down walls that had previously divided sellers from new buyers. Marketing surely played a subconscious role in motivating the breakup of the socialist unions that ended in war, providing a new mythogeographic space for analysis of the Balkans.

Precisely there he refused to bind psychiatric patients. Basaglia claimed: As the market was liberated and small private businesses were allowed to exist, any sense of opposing capitalism was lost. Alternatively, it might follow the strategy of smuggling in a coherent metanarrative, a tale telling a version of the fall, to announce the end of metanarratives. Or, was smuggling actually a form of madness in and of itself?

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The anti-hero Smugglers were indeed the anti-heroes, existing between the object smuggled and the story of the object being smuggled, producing proper postmodern narratives. Even Tito himself is said to be the smuggler of the documents of the Komintern. Later on, more externally visible, still criminalized commodities were slowly becoming emancipated: They did not, however, travel uncontaminated: Weirdly enough, decades later there seem to be more communists in Italy than in the whole exYugoslavia, those of the latter having been swallowed up by the recent war and their own corrupted post-war democratisation processes. Italian democracy was known for a capitalism organised around the nucleus of family, full of small family factories, for their upper middle-class design of everything, a warm and cosy capitalism, in contrast to the version in the USA, for example.

Both countries had their own domesticated versions of twentieth century political systems. Perhaps for that reason it is much easier to use this territory for analysis. This project and in particular this reader attempts to provide a methodological example which can be used, or adapted for use in the interpretation of various non-restrictive and non-restricted Others in European history. In closing I would like to thank to our sponsors: Also, I would like to thank the three organisations carrying out the project: Family Firms in Italy, Princeton and Oxford: Princeton University Press Atlas, photoinstallation, From Arizona Road, European vs. Of all continents, Europe was typically characterized as the smallest and most thickly populated.

It has been repeatedly cut up, shaped and re-sorted by numerous borders, and as such was always an appropriate environment for smuggling. Recently and in a relatively short time, its physical outline changed again, expanding like a balloon of tense, ingrown boundaries.

Fourteen speakers participated in their symposium November 7, and artist talks special events were held November 4 and 11,http: As such, the location can serve as an somr to promote striictly understanding of the phenomenon. All of the collaborating towns within the project shared a similar destiny in the past: The border created tension between different national groups empowered by the dictatorships that lead to World War II. As life become harder, friction between local people and the authorities also increased. Moreover, resultant re-divisions of the continent caused by war sttrictly people to develop alternative methods of survival.

Most of those smuggling did it for the sake of survival and not to build up surplus stock. Numerous caverns and bunkers on both sides rendered the border visible and in the same time created an incentive to overcome it. This research was particularly pertinent, because the cultural heritage of immobility was revealed in barely known archival documents excitemfnt neglected 29 [11] Lorenzo Cianchi and Michele Tajariol: Restraint vs. Unsettled bodies move, they become vagabonds who escape, they leave the stage of forced immobility; power reorganizes itself in order to respond to their exit.

From this vantage point an unexpectedly simple answer appears to the question, how does excitejent begin? Our inquiry concerns what jy lie behind the stigma of the prohibited. The large response a total of entries to our open call in the summer of supported the resonant universality of the theme and its historical quality. Without adjudicating or persecuting, we spotlighted the unspoken phenomenon usually hidden in drawers, dossiers and behind bars. In this process a museological presentation was not an obstruction, on the contrary it helped to mediate the theme; not because the general tendency of museology is inclined to favor historiography, but rather due to the possibility of placing things in their appropriate context.

We applied the status of the museum as a site of presentation, a space open to public view and discussion, protected by the context of art. Thus, there is still one question to be resolved here: Ariel, video still, He passed away suddenly in February Jay, Without being led by the idea of relativism, but rather taking in account the codex of the ethical-legal domain, the project to a certain extent aimed at the promotion of freedom of speech. More precisely, the project was challenged by the notion of free speech to speak about a subject denounced in moral terms as distrustful towards social order.

Thus, it was necessary to suspend the prohibition against it and disregard the black and white optics of legal dictate. The project encouraged the rehabilitation of meta-historical matters as part of our common cultural heritage. I have corroborated the fact that smuggling develops changing territories and markets with the dynamics of administrative and political changes. Even though smuggling is referred to as a systemic phenomenon, individuals are on the run wherever it occurs, under cover. Blue and Black Jeans, video stills, Videoest and Trieste Contemporanea, Italy, 22'. Contributions to the Trieste conference, of which this volume presents complete texts, prevailingly approached from a historical perspective with a focus on social history and the history of contemporary art, the latter of which was augmented by statements from the artists whose work was selected for the exhibition in Trieste.

In this context, smuggling played an important role in the economy of many families. Historical material and documentation in the form of interviews were analysed thanks to the contributions of the video artists involvedtogether with a series of images provided by the Police Museum — Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia. At the time, this em35 blematic garment of the West illegally entered behind the Iron Curtain and spread from as far as Moscow to the Non-Aligned Movement lead city of Belgrade. Save the Film!

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