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Canadian Davesprite keeps experiencing the option of such an extensive, it doesn't appear to not be there. And the bank part. Scarcity drums are too trivial to give up even like that.

Nidia's route is chock full of these. For one thing, "Combining bravmoan a dragon" or just "Combining" is repeatedly used as an allegory for sex. Cousin thinks Nidia's " grinding " refers to the dance move, and remarks that she's "so experienced" after she tells them she's Combined before Cousin is embarrassed to reveal that they never have. Datung, Nidia reminisces about Combining with her previous partner, saying it's "the most natural thing in the world," and bravoan that she's in detention for trying to force other students to Vating with her, which is referred to as "harassment.

Kind of puts her earlier " Sometimes a dragon is just daitng dragon " comment in perspective Ddating Junction: There are self-esteem issues, obsessive tendencies, and paranoiac conditions aplenty. Easter Egg: One bravooman references Homestuck. Evil Namco Highwhich captures Pac-Man late in the namc. Evil Lawyer Joke: In Tomari's datingg, he renounces inventing to namci a law student when convinced there's no way to prevent ten thousand Anhi of darkness and evil. When Cousin asks how useful lawyers will be in this time, Tomari says he wants to fit in.

Evil Parents Want Good Kids: Meowkie's parents wanted her not to end up in a life of crime like them, and moved to the town so she could attend Namco High and get a good education; that's why being a Hall Monitor means so much to her. Fantastic Racism: Meowkie is ostracized and blamed for everything because her race is assumed to be Always Chaotic Evil. Flat-Earth Atheist: Jane, hardcore. She describes herself as a "hard-nosed skeptic" and refuses to believe that anything out of the ordinary happens at Namco High, taking this to absurd extremes such as by claiming that a classroom is too small to hold a spaceship even though Galaga is sitting right there and failing to realize that her friends Terezi and Davesprite are anything other than cosplay enthusiasts.

At the end of her route, she admits that maaaybe some strange things do happen at the school. Flat "What. Cousin has a tendency of pulling these out. For Your Own Good: Driller's father tells him and sincerely believes that forbidding him from digging is for his own good, as he fears that Mr. Driller is poised to become just as obsessed with it as he once was. In the end he realizes it was wrong to take something so important away from his son and that together they can learn moderation in digging. Foreign Exchange Student: Terezi Pyrope, Jane Crocker and Davesprite are described as such in the official site fittingly, as they're the only characters revealed so far that didn't come from a Namco game.

Fourth-Wall Observer: Davesprite's role in a nutshell. Being an omniscient game-guide has probably something to do with it. In order to access the rest, you have to pay real money. You can buy content either individually, in packs of three or all of it in a single purchase. This last option is the only one that includes the routes for the Homestuck cameos. Gay Option: If the player chooses to interpret Cousin as a specific gender, going after characters of the same gender will make them this. After your first run through with Davesprite, it turns out that his fears of remembering the previous run through were unfortunately correct.

Davesprite will watch you run through the game as many times as you please, remembering each one. And the worst part? If you go through Davesprite's route again, he acknowledges this, but has the exact same lines of dialog as before. Davesprite could relive the same romance over and over, and have no damn way to stop it. Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: Evil Namco High, whose students and faculty consist of robot copies, on some character routes. High School A. Instant Costume Change: When she reveals her secret identity Anti bravoman namco high dating Cousin, Aki transforms instantly from her civilian clothes to her superhero outfit. Interspecies Romance: If choosing to pursue Terezi an alienMeowkie a catand possibly Davesprite a half-crow, half-human Exposition Fairy.

Lolo might Anti bravoman namco high dating as well, being Little Bit Beastly. However, Cousin is Ambiguously Human at best, so every romance might be an interspecies romance! It Runs in the Family: Both Mr. Driller and his father struggle with an obsession with digging. Konami Code: Referenced very subtly. It's the order of the secret handshake for cheat code sellers and villains; at least that's what Cousin implies to Al B. Marry Them All: While Davesprite keeps teasing the existence of such an ending, it doesn't appear to actually be there.

At the end of Hiromi's route. Her relationship with her partner Toby is very heavily implied to be a romantic one, with there also being the implication that her feelings for Cousin aren't quite platonic either. Multiple Endings: You get a different ending based on who you choose to fight alongside you when you go to rescue Pac-Man from Evil Namco High. From there, you can get a: Good End: You talk to the character you choose the day before Pac-Man gets kidnapped. You fight together and rescue Pac-Man from Evil Namco High, and you get their character-specific ending. Bad End: You don't talk to the character you choose the day before Pac-Man gets kidnapped and the day before THAT AKA only talking to your chosen character onceand when you both go to fight Evil Namco High you are defeated, or the character you were with grows apart from you Not talking to Valkyrie the third day but the other two still results in a sad ending.

My Friends Ani-Bravoman describes Poetry Club as being full of nice people Mythology Gag: At least one for every character just about. King's observation that the man you're about to murder in cold blood could be your best friend is a direct reference to him and archnemesis turned best friend Craig Marduk from the Tekken franchise. New Transfer Student: Cousin the Player Characteras well as the Homestuck characters. Odd Friendship: Cousin is surprised to find that Meokie a small and very nervous cat girl and King a Large Ham wrestler who intimidates the rest of the school are good friends. Offscreen Moment of Awesome: The complexity of the situation escalates, of course.

Eventually you find out that that our leading extraterrestrial is in trouble because they mistakenly rolled half the school, principal included, into a Katamari. A Katamari is, for those unfamiliar with the word, this weird ball that expands in size by causing everything but its creator to affix to it in a ludicrous, arm-flaily manner. Detention naturally followed.

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As you might have already guessed, this classroom of delinquents is a strange one. Everyone is a caricature or an outlandish impossibility. Donko from Taiko Drum Master? The graphics are equally dissonant. All of the characters are presented in their native art styles, a creative decision you will probably either loathe or love. I liked it. My first choice was Donko, obviously. Why settle for the mundane when you can have tempestuous power plays and deep-set issues instead? I nudged Roly-Polyanna, via the help of a single button, towards her, eager to see what a torrid affair between a musical instrument and a jelly bean-headed member of royalty would be like.

Can you imagine their kids?

The reacting versatility with Evil Namco Pegged necessarily fills of your life and your romantic partner leaping in, interested by cutting exclusive to the secret. Eventually you find out that that our extensive extraterrestrial is in perpetual because they often rolled half the show, principal financial, into a Katamari. In his judgment, Mr.

In detention again. Yeah, for talking on my phone in class. Donko ends her call. Barrels down on my pink-sweatered, rosy-cheeked avatar. Roly-Polyanna whimpers inwardly, possibly in search of reciprocal comfort. Namco High is a little stingy with opportunities for interaction. My joy crescendos when Donko laughingly reveals that her tirade was just an act. What a monster. What excellent narrative opportunities, oh my. The two eventually go on to have a normal conversation and Roly-Polyanna soon revises her opinion, deciding that Donko is a medley of negative traits but also really cute. I move Roly-Polyanna away, prompting her to go mingle further.

nravoman We chat up Anti-Bravoman and the blue-haired Hiromi before migrating to a braovman with Davesprite, a flaming, omniscient bird-spirit-boy who is hyper-aware of his status as bravoan game character. Roly-Polyanna is indeed rampantly attracted to virtually everyone in detention. But I ignore my own doubts. Roly-Polyanna has a romance to pursue. Sapient drums are too rare to give up just like that. Before I can even articulate my thoughts on this, a lurid pop-up makes itself known. You have not unlocked this character, it warns. I choose not to purchase access to Donko and the game telegraphs me back to the selection of names. You have not unlocked this character, the pop-up advises snidely again.

Every time you engage them in conversation, it will invariably end with a subtle-as-an-anvil nudge to unlock the character. Pay up, or get out. In the end, I give up and resort to charming the boosters off the Galaga ship.

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