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From that Radioactove forward, the amount of Carbon in materials left over from the plant or animal will decrease over time, while the amount of Carbon will remain unchanged. To radiocarbon Radioactvie an organic material, a scientist can measure the ratio of remaining Carbon to the unchanged Carbon Radioacctive see how long it has been since the material's source died. Advancing technology has allowed radiocarbon dating to become accurate to within just a few decades in many cases. Carbon dating is a brilliant way for archaeologists to take advantage of the natural ways that atoms decay. Unfortunately, humans are on the verge of messing things up.

The slow, steady process of Carbon creation in the upper atmosphere has been dwarfed in the past centuries by humans spewing carbon from fossil fuels into the air. Since fossil fuels are millions of years old, they no longer contain any measurable amount of Carbon Thus, as millions of tons of Carbon are pushed into the atmosphere, the steady ratio of these two isotopes is being disrupted.

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In a study published last yearImperial College London physicist Heather Graven Rdaioactive out how these extra carbon emissions will skew radiocarbon dating. Although Carbon comprises just over 1 percent of Earth's atmosphere, plants take up its larger, heavier atoms at a much lower rate than Carbon during photosynthesis. Thus Carbon is found in very low levels in the fossil fuels produced from plants and the animals that eat them. In other words, burning these fossil fuels dwarfs the atmospheric levels of Carbon, too.

Radioacitve measuring whether these levels of Carbon are skewed in an object being radiocarbon dated, future scientists would be able to then know datiing the object's levels of Carbon have been skewed by fossil fuel emissions. Researchers could then disregard the date and try other methods of dating the object. Queen's University paleoclimatologist Paula Reimer points out that measuring Carbon will often not be necessary, since archaeologists can usually use the sedimentary layer in which an object was found to double-check its age. Editor's Note: This approach forms the basis of radiotherapywhich is commonly used to treat cancer and other conditions involving abnormal tissue growth, such as hyperthyroidism.

Images Radioactive dating

Ionizing radiation introduces breaks in the double-stranded DNA molecule, causing the cancer cells to die and thereby preventing their replication. While radiotherapy is associated with unpleasant side effects, it generally is effective in slowing cancer progression or, in some cases, even prompting the regression of malignant disease. The use of radioisotopes in the fields of nuclear medicine and radiotherapy has advanced significantly since the discovery of artificial radioisotopes in the first decades of the s. Artificial radioisotopes are produced from stable elements that are bombarded with neutrons.

Following that discovery, researchers began to investigate potential medical applications of artificial radioisotopes, work that laid the foundation for nuclear medicine. Today diagnostic and therapeutic procedures using radioactive isotopes are routine.

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