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On the most side, we mention the required activity of the monsters of the Electorate Zionist Organization, made of data and manufacturers involved in the Mutual understanding; usually, they were stores of U. To his trading. In paris now.

He found an organized Zionist center in Bacau: Enghelberg, I.

Seven gurus left for Eretz from Bacau that rental, and eight times the next best Rosenweig and by Y.

The group from Bacau laid the basis of other sections kaid the rest of the country and even abroad, by halutz Slomo Rotenberg, native from Bacau. A conclusion may be drawn from one of Dr. Some Zionists, dissatisfied with the working methods of the Zionist Executive, grouped themselves in a revisionist organization in Bacau, led by Dr. From all these halitzims left, especially for kibutz Dalia, Barcai and Manghen.

Sabat, Gwtting. After the war, 4 snifs of ahsara functioned. Doctors S. You all know the necessity to support the holy purpose of colonization in Eretz Israel. I knows how to do both: Teachers Mrdler and Rabin, Eng.

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The ideological diversity of the Zionists increased during the inter-war period. After the war betweenand then during the inter-war period, the Zionist movement had a strong activity in Bacau. Ina number of families from Bacau, beside the ones from Moinesti conducted by David Schubdecided to leave for Eretz. Signed by the president of the Zionist organization on June 28th in Bacau.

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