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Who is Aimee Garcia? Is she still Single or Married?Know in Detail about her Affairs and Dating

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Aimee played a forensic garciw for the police force who helps the main characters with their cases. Her father, Hector, is from Puerto Rico and was a member of the U. Armed Forces; while her mother, Eloisa, datng from Mexico and attended Northwestern University, where she graduated from. Aimee Garcia got her start in the entertainment industry when she began appearing in commercials as a child. She also began performing in the theatre when she was only seven years old. She took classes at Piven Theatre Workshop to improve her acting skills. In the university, she studied three majors — economics, journalism, and French while also acting in local musicals and plays.

After she graduated, she chose a career in finance over a career in acting. However, she was unsatisfied with her choice and chose to pursue acting instead, quitting her job. Safe to say, she made the right choice. I used to say Ryan Gosling but then we ended up going to the same gym for awhile and it kind of lost its luster.

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I love Mark Wahlberg. To me Boston and Chicago are very similar cities. Did fitting into Hollywood come easy? You recently did your first love scene.

Garcia dating Aimee

How did it go? I wanted to keep it classy and represent Chicago. Where do you agrcia yourself going next? I would love to become a producer one day. I hired you! You seem to be very gracious when it comes to the press. He said it always takes more effort and energy to say no [to the press and fans] than to say yes.

We get to datinv what we do because Ainee the public. What kind of experience do you want that two minutes to be for them? I love antique shopping. White Attic is one of my favorite stores. I love little sushi places and the Vietnamese food in Andersonville. I went to Northwestern University so I always go back and walk around campus. You guys actually have my secret favorite job. I went to Medill and always wanted to be a journalist! Frank Sinatra says Chicago is a big city with the heart of a small town and I think that nails it perfectly.

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