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Kiss on a First Date? Should You or Shouldn’t You?

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rating You have so much in dhen. Lock it down now, girl! So you use your sassy sexy cool and lean over and kiss him when he least expects it. And you? Cool as a cucumber, you wink at him and walk to your car alone. A good way to tell? Embark on that kiss on a first date and see if he gets handsy or overly passionate. Do you knock…or do you barge in and take your shoes off, making yourself comfortable on the couch? Of course not! A first kiss should be polite and not overly sexual. You may or may not even use tongue.

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Pay attention to what his body language before and during the kiss obline telling you. The end of the date is full of pressure kias you stand at her door datig commenting on how the date went, looking at your toes while fighting stomach butterflies and sweaty palms. Instead, pay attention to her cues and try kissing daate earlier in the date or not at all. The key to determining the right time to go in for the kiss is to pay attention to her hints. Not onlinr date has to end with a smooch. The timing and strategy of kissing is not a science, but it will look that way if you are mechanical and rehearsed. When it finally happens, relax, have fun and enjoy one right in the smacker.

How Not to Kiss Her So there are kissing tips and then there are kissing misses. What do we mean? One way to do that is to avoid these cringeworthy ways of locking lips: After you kiss her, does your girlfriend discreetly wipe off her face after a kiss? Does kissing feel more like a washing machine than a passionate embrace? If yes, try swallowing your saliva before starting to smooch. I mean, this is a kiss, not the freaking DaVinci Code, right? So, I reached out to bestselling author and relationship expert Susan Winter to help me try to crack the first kiss code.

It turns out you can actually learn a lot about your date and their intentions from that first smooch — if you know what to look for.

Giphy You might think that because kissing is not as big of a deal is it was back in the day it might not mean much, but according to Winter it actually can mean a variety of things. It can just be a formality that says, "OK, that's it. I was with him for three or four months. It bothers me so much. If you both want and feel like hardcore making out after your first date, then God bless you. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk. Your date seems to be enjoying your company and they seem to like you. This could happen at times. For a few others, a kiss at the end of the first date feels rather scripted and expected, which can kill the romance and spontaneity of a perfect kiss.

A few girls would think the guy is sweet if he waits for more than just one date before planting a kiss.

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But usually, a guy who sees a serious romantic potential in his date may prefer to Firsf away from the kiss on the first date unless he sees a sign from the girl. Girls, if you do want the guy to kiss you, give him a few subtle signs so he can get the hint. How to get a guy to kiss you when you want him to!

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