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Through s trials and tribulations, I came up with a helpful guide for choice-craving women to ethically monogamoue multiple people at once. Do be honest. If you want to continue to lead a multiple-partnered lifestyle, say it! A GIF of two hands forming a pinky promise. Be upfront about your intentions. Do take your time getting to know each person. Take your time learning about the people you are electing to spend time with! Let these meetups be an escape from the grind, not an addition to it. Keep codenames, keep a calendar organized by color, and keep it all private.

And jealousy is a normal part of having multiple relationships. And of course, if the burn is too fiery, nom may be time monogajous have a dialogue with your preferred mate and talk about giving a one-on-one relationship a try. Do use protection. I was vigorously, sluttily, reading. No, not porn. Not even erotica. I was reading The Ethical Slutthe handbook for the mindful pursuit of open, multiple, and unconventional relationships.

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I had been thinking about leaving the bonds of monogamy behind in favour of. What exactly? But I knew this: That was a year ago. And now, I am proudly, ethically, non-monogamous. And I talk about it all the time. I write about it, even jon I make comedy about it. How did I get mnoogamous Alternative relationships are starting to feel like a true alternative. So, when non-monogamy is prevalent enough to seem almost acceptable, why should you care no I did? Women especially have spent decades learning how to conform and bend to the status quo. It makes total sense that it might take a minute to reset.

Why, in a world where you could literally kiss, touch, and love anyone you want to, was all the thinking about it so self-serious? After all, sex and romance is awkward, strange and hilarious. And I can speak from very recent experience. If my love life were a penis — stay with me here — then the entire shaft would be made up of monogamous relationships while just the tip would be non-monogamy. All the feelings are up there, for one. From age 18, when I had my first sexual, monogamous relationship, to just last year, when I ended my last one, I was in one committed, date-til-we-move-in, hate-til-I-move-out relationship after the other.

I only dated one of them at a time. A quick aside: Hey, Chantal: Should I End It? It was likely cumulative, but flashes come to mind: Monogamy was easy, I thought then.

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I was difficult. It was my fault. Now I know: Monogamy is easy. And easy sucks. I am difficult. Mknogamous I want a life as big and difficult as I am. But like the good girl I am, it took an authority figure telling me what to do, to get me to do it. And like the good tortured comedian I am, that authority figure was my therapist. There I was, on her couch, cradling a fat, fringe-y pillow. I was complaining, once again, about the limitations in imagination of my then-boyfriend.

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