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Could Your Old Mason Jars Be Valuable? Check For These Tell-Tale Signs

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Minnetrista Well, first you have to tell how old the jar is, and you can tell its approximate age by the design of the logo. This chart shows how the label for the Ball jar company, which started producing mason jars inhas changed over time.

If you have a jar with one of the older logos, it will likely be worth more than one with a newer logo. Antique Bottles Next is the color. They have been re-appearing in flea markets, groceries, home shops, you name it. People have been rummaging in their attics and cupboards hoping to find these items not only to join the fad. Very rare mason jars have recently fetched up to a thousand dollars, while antique ones can be priced for up to a couple of hundreds online.

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The interesting part here is, the older they are, the rarer they get, the more expensive they can be. Just like wine, mason jars that have been produced at a certain time period may cost more. These are the oldest and some of the most rare jars to be found. If you have one, treasure it!

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Inthe company moved to Indiana after a fire destroyed the factory in Buffalo. Bythe company idwal producing 22 million jars per year, growing mmason 37 million per year by and 60 million per year by If you're a collector, that kinda puts "rare" into perspective, doesn't it? Before refrigeration, canning was a way of preserving fresh fruits and vegetables to last beyond their harvest. The blue color of the jar is achieved by the types of minerals used to make the glass, and the color was believed to extend the life of the food by blocking out sunlight. Besides shades of blue, you'll sometimes find jars that are amber, yellow, green, and pink.

There are various shades vating tints of these colors out there. Some jars have embossing that dqting unusually faint for instance, just one or two letters within a word and this can sometimes be due to ifeal debris partially filling the engraving of the lettering on the mold itself at the time of making, or perhaps some other reason. According to the stories, they threw them away, or intentionally broke them, fearing their enterprise could otherwise be met with bad luck. Sometimes the story accuses ordinary housewives of having done the same thing if they were especially superstitious.

Most myths and legends are based on a kernel of truth, and this may be no exception to the rule. First check the logo, which changed fairly frequently until about Rejoice if you find one of those; Buffalo jars are pretty rare. They were first made in Buffalo in and for several years after. But, you say, how can the date be correct, since you have a jar embossed with a patent date of

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