Pros and cons of dating a gemini woman

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Dating a Gemini? You need to know these 7 things about them

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Want to understand this sun sign better? They will find something hilarious in anything and everything. Even when their boat is sailing Pgos rough waters, they will look for a reason to smile. They are light-hearted and optimistic by nature. They will always try to be in your shoes before making any opinion in an argument. Opening your heart to her, wooing her with wit, and making her laugh are more of her romantic dope than a tall, dark, handsome Prince waiting to sweep her off her feet.

July a look at our international on how to shorter with an ardent Gemini woman for more bars. She'll Shower You Prefer Documentation via: You must have enough on the convention to keep her present busy since this is how she runs it.

Sex, for a Gemini woman, is a mental sport Natalie Portman Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License True to her Zodiac sign, the adventurous Gemini woman enjoys variety and constant stimulation, so her bedroom antics will keep you on your toes. In love with the chase, she is always seeking a wholesome experience — a total stimulation of all senses and loves experimentation in the bedroom. Hers is a balanced approach to love and life Nicole Kidman Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License In keeping with the duality of her zodiac glyph, her lightheartedness and youthful exuberance mask a practical and balanced woman — making her an alluring seductress as well as a social success.

Just remember, it is in the realm of the intellect where you can come closest to a Gemini woman and establish the foundation of a lasting relationship. An Aries woman will be the kick you need to make a plan and set it in motion. She's Impatient via: If you've ever been around an Aries, especially an Aries woman, patience is something they do not understand and something that definitely doesn't come naturally. She won't be the type to wait in a long line at the supermarket or stand outside for hours waiting for free concert tickets with you. Their impatience also includes not being kept waiting. Make sure if you plan a date at 7 pm that you make it there before 7 pm, at least if you plan to continue your romance!

She's Incredibly Ambitious via: With Taurus around, she will show you what it truly means to go after something and work hard to get it. The great thing about her hardworking nature is it doesn't just apply to her work life, it applies to her relationships too. If she's interested in you, she will put in the work in order to make the relationship flourish as well as make you feel like the most important person in her life.

As an earth sign, she is very down to earth and ready to be unwavering in datign attempts at love with you. She's Very Stubborn via: Although she might care for you and want to be there for you, sometimes she becomes stubborn and is unable to see anything else. The upside to her downfall is her ability to want to do better. Taurus bulls might have a reputation for being stubborn but this doesn't mean they are always stuck in their ways.

They are willing to see what others have xons say but they aren't daitng type to change their opinion just to please you. They have to truly understand and feel what you're saying in order to change Prso minds. She's Extremely Adaptable via: Gemini is known to womaj the fun loving, easy going and free spirited sign. They are always ready for an adventure and willing to try out anything at least once. If you're the adventurous type looking for someone to go skydiving or bungee jumping with, this girl is definitely a keeper. She will always be the person you will share your crazy stories with!

Even though they have plenty of their own, your Gemini will be very interested in your hobbies and interests. If you like participating in a particular sport or activity they will be willing to try it out with you! They crave to learn, they pick up fast and they will genuinely want to try the things you love doing. They have a wonderful sense of humor. Why so serious?

Of a gemini cons woman dating and Pros

She will be able to adapt to others, but will never bend to what she does not believe in. Who will be her ideal spouse? A Gemini woman expects a spouse who is also known for some unique characters. She has high empathy and boundless imagination. The spouse that she chooses should be able to drive with what she imagines. If you want to be happy with a Gemini wife, you should learn to praise whatever she does, compliment her always, and give way to her thoughts. Gemini will not prioritize looks, but is often quite the sapiosexual instead. She strives for learning more each day with her partner, so always having good and intelligent conversation is the key to winning her heart.

Although she has a dual nature, she will seldom break her relations. She is romantic, and knows how to maintain her relationships. You will never feel bored with a Gemini woman.

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