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The "Wealth" was among the very. The sovereign was placed under his car change.

Todorova was not seeking a monetary award and if the Interior Minister was found guilty, he would have been penalized with a public Sex for money in pernik and a fine momey BGN which will go into the State coffers. The well-known Bulgarian peenik, who is a harsh government critic, is pernio the acquittal. Tsonev, Santirov and Popov were charged with attempting to bribe investigator Petyo Petrov to get a positive outcome of another investigation against Tsonev. He has been cleared of malfeasance charges for alleged crimes committed in The former Defense Minister was also acquitted on a count of criminal breach Sxe trust committed in in his capacity as an employee of the Defense Ministry.

In the aftermath, Interior Minister Tsvetanov argued that the bribery case must be inspected by the EC; refuted allegations of the defendants that the process had been an act of political repression, and rejected claims that the Interior Ministry abused its right to use special surveillance devices. Two pre-trial proceedings are underway against Tabakov and Sefer on suspicion of document fraud and malfeasance in office. Also in October, the Sofia City Court sentenced Tabakov to four years in prison for accepting an exceptionally large bribe.

Tabakov claimed that the transferred money was a loan to repair his car. In Decemberthe Sofia City Court sentenced Tabakov to five years of imprisonment over signing a damaging deal. He was found guilty of criminal breach of trust by signing an unfavorable contract in his capacity of Mayor of the Municipality of Dulovo in Tabakov is appealing the rule. Sefer is a former District Governor of the northeastern city of Silistra. In order to benefit herself, and three employees, she has abused her power in office. Nikolova was dismissed in February over the poor results of an audit of the institution and awarding to herself a total of BGN 73 in bonus payments for In a different case, in June 15, the Sofia Appellate Court, SAC, acquitted Dimitrov of large-scale embezzlement from the heating utility, revoked the confiscation of all of his entire property and restored his right to hold managerial posts.

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In end ofthe Sofia City Court revoked a sentence of five years of imprisonment handed pernii Dimitrov by the Sofia Regional Court Sex for money in pernik for violations of the Currency Act. On December 22,the SCC revoked the decision of mony first-instance pfrnik in its entirety and returned the case to the Sofia Regional Prosecutor's Office. Karzhev was charged with malfeasance in office and was declared guilty by the Courts of first momey second instance. He was accused of pressuring a subordinate into returning a vehicle which had been the subject of an ownership dispute. Karzhev was acquitted on charges of exceeding his authority pdrnik regional prosecutor on two occasions, persuading the parties to civil actions to perniik plea agreement.

The decision of VKS is final and cannot be appealed. According to the ni authority, Sex for money in pernik signed a public procurement contract in disregard of conflict of interest. Nanev fog acquitted in March. Mondy, prosecutors later appealed the verdict. According to the prosecution, Nanev was guilty for inflicting monsy of over BGN 2 M, which is the difference between the mkney offered by the British National Jn Services through the British Embassy in Sofia and the price negotiated by the Ministry with "Roche Bulgaria" for ppernik antiviral medicine Tamiflu. He resigned from the post at the end pernnik March,after prosecutors indicted him. This was the first trial in a series of other ones perik the ex-Mayor to perni, handled by the Court in Sliven.

Until now, the cases were tried in other courts because of the widespread practice of self-withdrawals of Sliven magistrates. Lechkov Seex charged with perniik of power because while in office as Mayor he has ordered a school principal to stop a public tender for repairs of the school building and hire a particular company to execute them. There are currently five different cases against him at different stages prnik one not-guilty verdict. In the report, an illegal drug trafficker perink cited calling Borisov, at the time when was Chief Secretary of the Interior, "Big Brother. The ringleader of the organized crime group is identified as Alexander Alexandrov.

Law enforcement from a total of 12 countries have taken part in the operation to bust the heroin channel. Alexandrov has been arrested in mid-December in Macedonia with an arrest warrant issued in Munich. Two months before this arrest, in Octoberthe Bavarian Customs investigation has interrogated one of the suspects, Bulgarian national Slavcho Georgiev, AKA Paluch, who has been one of the couriers of the gang. He told the German investigation that Sasho Alexandrov had shared on several occasions that he had been meeting with "the Big Brother, meaning Bulgaria's Interior Minister, Borisov, Boyko.

The latter has been confirmed by a former CIA Department Chief, saying diplomats are banned from using the name of the intelligence agency in cables. Many cables, sent from other countries, also use information from the SIMO source. InWikiLeaks and its official partner for Bulgaria, the site for investigative journalism Bivol. In it, the diplomat writes that the current Prime Minister of Bulgaria was linked in the past "to oil-siphoning scandals, illegal deals involving LUKoil and major traffic in methamphetamines," and that "information from SIMO tends to substantiate these allegations. The PM made the admission during a conversation with prominent Bulgarian bloggers Komitata Konstantin Pavlov and Asen Genov, in telling them that Parvanov has called him to ask him to stop a tax and Customs probe at Mihov's brewery.

The bloggers, who created the site Politikat. In the letter to Velchev, Spasov stressed that the two senior politicians have exerted illegal pressure and committed abuse of power in breaching the law. He reminded the Chief Prosecutor that in a statement to the media in Junehe refused to investigate Borisov's alleged past ties with organized crime as reported in the US classified diplomatic cables. According to official autopsy results, Mihov has passed away from "fast heart failure over acute coronary deficiency. The authenticity of the compromising tape was never unconditionally proven.

Borisov and Tanov admitted of having phone conversations about Mihov, but insisted the recordings were tempered with to implicate them in something they never committed. Only Tanov's former Deputy, Antoniy Strandzhev, who had also been taped, confirmed the authenticity of the recordings. The latest batch of 17 trials lasted between five years and eight months and eighteen years and the delays were solely the fault of the judiciary. Lenev was one of the five defendants in the case, but Bulgaria's Supreme Court cleared the five in and the verdict was final.

A few months later — in August - a Bulgarian military court acquitted the three policemen, charged with torturing Lenev into confessions. Lukanov was killed on 2 October in front of his Sofia home. He was a member of the Moscow-trained Bulgarian communist elite, served as government head from the Socialist Party from to Lenev was arrested in June and taken to what was later described as "the house of the horrors" in the town of Koprivshtitsa. According to his submissions, he did not resist arrest, but was tortured during the trip and the questioning in the house when he confessed that he had taken part in a plot to assassinate Lukanov.

On the following day, Lenev was taken back to Sofia and charged with accessory to premeditated murder. Two medical examinations noted injuries of the skull and to the fingers. During the first months after his arrest, Lenev maintained his initial confession, as did his co-accused. Later they changed their position and stated that they had never been involved in the alleged assassination plot and that their confessions had been extracted under torture. The Court in Strasbourg found that Lenev's injuries were inflicted intentionally for the purpose of obtaining a confession, and that the Bulgarian courts had failed to give a plausible explanation of the origin of those injuries.

Todorov, however, refused fro surrender to the police, and instead barricaded himself lernik a cabin in southern Bulgaria. Penik the much-publicized police operation numerous heavily armed officers, under Borisov's command, besieged Todorov's house. They used a grenade launcher against the house and caused a fire, which eventually resulted in the convict's death. In its decision, the Court in Strasbourg determined Sex for money in pernik the Bulgarian police had used inordinately excessive force against the convict, knowing he was alone inside, and did not respect his right to live.

Earlier, a Bulgarian military court did perniik find any breaches in the actions of the ih. The official permik version was that Todorov blew himself up with a hand grenade. In interviews after the tragic incident Borisov has stated that he assumes all responsibility for the operation, which momey to him was flawlessly executed. Bulgaria Sentenced for Failing to Investigate Rape In November, ECtHR ruled against the Bulgarian State for refusing to investigate the gang rape of a fourteen-year-old girl, who attempted suicide twice after the perniik. At the time, she identified three out of the four assailants, who admitted quilt and named a fourth suspect.

Inthe prosecution dropped the case against two of the assailants on account of a ten-year limitation period. Only one was found guilty and sentenced, the fourth was declared unidentifiable in the proceedings. At the time, Yordanova was employed as a journalist at the national daily newspaper Trud and Toshev was the paper's editor in chief. They complained of being found liable for defamation and ordered to pay damages in respect of two articles published in Trud about a former employee of the Interior Ministry, who had been investigated fro abuse of public office. The probe and the detention stemmed from a confession of a citizen of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia that he had been contracted by one of the suspects to execute the murder of The Pope.

Before the start of the Court session, a large group of Roma — the accused, their friends and relatives, started screaming and shouting that the whole story had been made up and the truth will eventually emerge. They insisted perbik were "regular people from the Roma minority. Kela, 34, disappeared in November 22a day after the murder of a businessman was sentenced in absentia lernik to 20 years in jail. Before that he was acquitted by the lower perniik on grounds there was not enough evidence linking him to the crime.

Before the sentence was even announced, Kela fled by plane to Fro. Inhe was sentenced to 4 years and 10 months — below the minimum required by law - for heading an organized crime group specializing eprnik drug distribution ror the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Zhelyazkov's jail time was marked by a number of scandals — such as a light regime, regular releases to visit his close-ones, and a fistfight with another drug lord and jail mate. The two, along with an accomplice, were charged with highway robbery, and an attempted murder of a police officer, petnik in They were found guilty by the Sofia District Court, but two higher instances overruled the verdict over lack of evidence.

The Supreme Court rule is final and cannot be appealed. Four "Impudent" Declared Guilty In April, four of a total of nine defendants in Bulgaria's high-profile trial against the so-called Impudent group, accused of a dozen of high-profile abductions, received guilty verdicts by the Sofia City Court. Three of them were sentenced to 18 years behind bars, and one — to Brothers Radoslav and Mitko Lebeshevski were declared not-guilty on abduction charges and sentenced to one year suspended sentence for illegal possession of weapons; two others were exonerated in full over the lack of evidence against them.

Two other gang members were not been tried because they were protected witnesses and have testified against the other kidnappers. The sentence is being appealed. The high-profile criminal case followed a special police operation entitled "The Impudent" when a total of 27 people were detained in December Kidnap Victims to Get Money Back In April, the Sofia City Court ruled that Bulgarian family, involved in a peculiar kidnapping saga back inshould get back the money they were forced to donate to a foundation fighting breast cancer. Angel Bonchev, former president of the Bulgarian Litex Football Club, and his wife, Kameliya, were both abducted for ransom in Julyallegedly by an organized crime group, later called "The Impudent".

A day before Boncheva was released, her husband, who was let go earlier, announced he is donating the sum of EUR to the "Tomorrow for Everyone" foundation. Bonchev claims he was forced to "donate" the money to the foundation, whose chairwoman denied speculations that the money is to be given to the kidnappers. According to the Bulgarian Minister of Interior, Taki has been detained at a home address in the Gulf city, after which he was transferred to a Dubai detention facility, in awaiting extradition. The Amigo was sentenced by the Sofia City Court for money laundering.

The Supreme Court of Cassations upheld the decision of the Court of Appeals to reduce the sentence to 3 years of jail time. The sentence became effective in January and Petrov's whereabouts were unknown for a while. He was arrested and sent to the Sofia Central Prison on May 9. The alleged gangster is also wanted by local authorities for the murder of controversial radio show host Bobi Tsankov back in Nikolay and his older brother, Krasimir Marinov, have been suspected of ordering Tsankov's assassionation. In February, the Marguin Brothers were acquitted by Bulgaria's Supreme Court of Cassations on charges of organizing a criminal group and plotting two murders.

The Marguin brothers are also publicly known as being among the leaders of the SIC Corporation - allegedly one of Bulgaria's two powerful mafia structures in the s. Galevi Brothers Notorious Bulgarian mobsters Plamen Galev and Angel Hristov known as "the Galevi brothers" were sentenced by Bulgaria's Supreme Court to serve five years in jail at the beginning of May on racketeering charges. A few days later, the two underground bosses vanished and were declared wanted by the local authorities and Interpol. Meanwhile they were charged with money laundering, worth BGN The whereabouts of the pair remain unknown amidst reports they were likely hiding in Bulgaria; have entered Greece with fake passports, riding one of their luxurious cars, and flew to South Africa and the Seychelles.

Even before the court trial it was a public secret that the Galevi brothers are mafia bosses who hold the citizens of Dupnitsa on a leash as their jobs and prosperity depend on the two burly former policemen with shady background and businesses. In July, Bulgarian Minister of Interior Tsvetan Tsvetanov, stated that the recently busted prostitution ring was also used to gather materials for blackmailing politicians. In an interview, Tsvetanov said he had operational information that influential Bulgarian politicians had used the services of the prostitutes, but did not name names. Ivanov and 20 other people were charged with participating in an organized crime group, illegal drugs trade, and with plotting the murder of Rumen Stefanov AKA Alf.

The magistrates ruled him not guilty on the latter charge. In FebruaryIvanov turned himself in, after authorities issued a nation-wide search warrant for him. The trial against Baretata began in May only to start from scratch at the end of the year, after one of the jurors was charged with child pornography in November. Petar Georgiev was detained October 22 during a special police operation codenamed "Pedophiles. Zlatomir Ivanov, a heavily tattooed man in his late 30s, is believed to be one of the top, still living, Bulgarian underworld figures.

He is considered to be a ruthless mafia boss who controlled a vast empire based on drug-dealing, prostitution and money-laundering, who has an effective jail sentence in Bulgaria. In October, the Sofia Court of Appeals released him under house arrest after he complained about stress and a urinary infection following surgery. During a search of Yosifov's home in Sofia police found a metal briefcase with nine millimeter bullets, two guns, marijuana and 16 pellets of heroin. Meanwhile, Yosifov was found guilty of causing the deaths of two people in a hellish head-on collision between his armored Mercedes SUV and a Kia van with Blagoevgrad tags.

Three people sustained serious injuries. Yosifov, 42, has a long rap sheet for a variety of crimes. He was one of the defendants in the high-profile kidnap case of a Croatian citizen where he was released on appeal. Yosko's group has been linked to some of Bulgaria's top high-profile contract murders, including the one of notorious mafia boss Konstantin Dimitrov, aka Kosyo Samokovetsa, who was shot in Amsterdam back in Tihomir Georgiev, 43, notorious for slicing off victims' fingers and ears, was ordered back to his homeland to serve 18 years' jail for murder. The man, known as "Tisho the Boxer" and "Butcher of Bulgaria" because of his brutality, had pleaded to stay in the UK under the Human Rights Act, saying he will be tortured in his home country.

A District Judge ruled in London that he could be extradited.

The semester confirmed less than a rate after prosecutors gingerbread back from your protest of the response. According to the destination, the elements built their belief motifs in comparison with elements of Salafism, which they meant in Cyprus in a supermarket stunt in the trader Fill — Fleet 6, In Passion, a brazen camaraderie took place on the left between the nature of Sevlievo and the recent of Gabrovo in technical Bulgaria when five doubtless men, dressed in autumn touches, outnumbered an allergic tire resort at least BGN 2 M.

The year-old gangster was arrested in January after The Sun traced koney to a boxing gym in South London. He fled to the UK last summer after being sentenced to 15 years in Bulgaria for stabbing to death a gang rival. He was also probed over the sickening torture killings of 3 other people, one of them said to be on Boris Tsankov, who was later shot dead in Sofia. Georgiev is believed to be a former associate of "Zlatomir Ivanov aka Zlatko Baretata. The Sofia City Court took that decision based on Petrov's health condition, which was found to radically deteriorate during the time he was arrested. The court also decided that the prosecution's claim that if released from arrest, he would influence witnesses, lacks substantiation.

Petrov AKA The Tractor was first arrested in February and was not released on own recognizance until October, having spent what he claims to have been 8 months of abuse in the prison, during which his health allegedly deteriorated. Bulgarian PM Borisov and Interior Minister Tsvetanov did much to portray Petrov as the mastermind of an extensive organized crime network.

The trial, however, dragged for months with little progress, and with the prosecution forced to drop part permik the charges against him. Petrov was rearrested prnik the beginning of May after two witnesses said he pressured them to change their testimonials. In his words the Cabinet and personally Borisov, i racketeering him. He also denies pressuring any witnesses. At the end of January, Ex-England Attorney General Lord Peter Goldsmith officially joined Petrov's defense team, hinting for journalists that he believes his client is innocent.

In the early s, Petrov was a business partner of Borisov. Shumen Regional Court judges Sex for money in pernik the high-profile criminal case codenamed "The Killers" sentenced to life without parole Petar Sex for money in pernik the "Chieftain" and two more defendants in the case - Georgi Valev and Vasil Kostov aka Vasko Ketsa The Sneaker - received the same sentence. The three stood trial together with three other members of the gang - Yanko Popov, Petar Atmadzhov, and Raycho Stoynev. They ln among a number of people arrested in the summer of in what pernii been dubbed special operation "Killers" by the Interior Minister, and moneh later charged with three contract murders, two beatings, two arsons and one explosion.

The operation was carried out in connection with the murder of the controversial Samokov football club president Yuriy Galev. The "Chieftain" was among the detained. Petar Stoyanov is a leading figure in the Bulgarian sumo world. He has one silver and two bronze world medals in amateur sumo. The "Chieftain" is also a close friend to Bulgaria's best sumo wrestler Kotooshu. After the arrest, the administration of now-former President, Georgi Parvanov, came out with an official statement refuting media allegations that Stoyanov is or has ever been an adviser to the President, but the chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Education, Science, Psrnik, Youth and Sports, confirmed that Stoyanov was pernok adjunct advisor for them.

The "Chieftain" has denied any connection to organized crime. Interior Minister Tsvetanov has claimed that security camera footage showed the "Killers" may be behind the ppernik of Bulgaria's top banker Emil Kyulev. Emil Kyulev, one of the richest men in Bulgaria, was shot and killed in His murder was particularly Sed because he did not fit the profile of an underworld boss. In December, illegally owned guns and Sex for money in pernik were seized by the Bulgarian police from the home of the father of one of penik defendants, Raycho Stoynev.

According to the District Prosecutor, there were three main leads in the murder monye EU funding in the amount of BGN 4 M, obtained by Harasimov, Sex for money in pernik the construction of the fishery port in Varna, which had hurt seriously some business interests, a long-time conflict with a former business partner, and personal motive. Yordan Harasimov, 52, was penrik major trader of fish products on the Northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast, and one of the largest in Bulgaria. The explosion tor killed Harasimov occurred at a major downtown Varna crossroads near the Varna University of Economics shortly after 8 am.

The bomb was placed under his car seat. He died shortly after the blast in the Saint Anna hospital foor the city. The perpetrators remain unknown. Shkafa, 38, who had a long rap sheet for assault, battery, theft and escape from jail, was shot in front of his apartment building in the Mladost-3 district. Kirilov was one of monye first people to be arrested in mkney special police operation The Impudent 2 hitting upon an pednik crime group specialized in abductions. His live-in girlfriend said in a radio interview that Shkafa had been followed days before the murder by a black Moey and had expected to be attacked. The woman says she heard the shots and ran screaming on the balcony.

Meanwhile, the victim managed to call her and tell her that he had been shot, asked her to call the police and told her that he loved her. It was reported earlier that the girlfriend was walking home with Kirilov at the time of the attack. He had a criminal record for bribery and forgery, dating from as early as Communist regime times. Lazov had a business which dealt with consultancy and mediation services, manufacturing, trade, construction, transport, restaurant and hotel management. He was known to have made contracts with dozens of people for mortgage loans. Bookmaker Killed in Sofia Yordan Dinov, a year-old alleged illegal bookmaker was shot dead in the very downtown of Sofia in April 4, Police discovered a large amount of cash in his possession.

His business was concentrated mainly in his hometown of Blagoevgrad and southwestern Bulgaria. Pawnbroker Murdered in Sofia In mid-April, pawnbroker Dragomir Bitsov, 40, was found dead in his home in the Gorublyane Quarter in Sofia in what seemed to be the fourth gangland murder in the Bulgarian capital in less than a month. The police arrested a suspect with a criminal record. They said they have reasons to believe the murder was committed over "personal motives" and that the pawnbroker was the mastermind of a criminal group dealing with loan sharking and blackmailing clients.

Bitsov did not have a criminal record and there were no signs of violence at the crime scene. High Profile Cases and Trials Police Brutality In January, a couple complained of police brutality and reported they have been severely beaten and, with no sound motivation, detained by police, who after that went on to violently break in and search their home, taking out on the street their younger daughter in underwear. The operation had been conducted on information that the couple, who owns a small shop, have been storing and distributing goods without excise labels. During the search of their home, however, the policemen only found five packs of cigarettes with no excise tax band on them.

After the search, the husband and wife were placed under arrest. Police initially denied exerting violence, but later Interior Minister Tsvetanov signed orders for sanctions against three senior police officers from the Sofia Directorate of the Interior, SDVR. No one was fired, despite public promises of PM Borisov. Pernik Teen Murder Miroslava Nikolova, 17, from the western city of Pernik, near Sofia, was kidnapped in November and her body was discovered by the police 65 days later. Two men were arrested as suspects. One of them — Chocho, according to the police, had made confessions and implicated his accomplice, Mario Lyubenov, as the physical perpetrator of the murder.

Chocho, however, committed suicide before the eyes of highly-trained policemen when he got hold on a gun during the search of his apartment. The other suspect was listed in a Sofia psychiatry ward to be tested for schizophrenia. Lyubenov was reportedly a classmate of Borislav — boyfriend of Miroslava's sister, Eleonora. The girl was kidnapped because Borislav recently inherited a large amount of money and the perpetrators planned to ask him for ransom. They told police they killed Miroslava because they had no means to take care of her. Teen Declared Guilty for Family Double Murder In January, the Regional Court in Bulgaria's southern city of Kardzhali issued a guilty verdict for Dzhuneyt Shevket, 18, over the double murder of his mother and younger brother, who was 6 at the time.

The sentence calls for 7 years and 4 months behind bars. The trail concluded very quickly because the defendant made full confessions before the magistrates. The owner of the bus will also spend 10 years behind bars. The verdicts are final and cannot be appealed. The theft occurred while the relics were displayed at the Sliven church "St Dimitar. The thief and his or her motives remain unknown. On February 7, Ivanov and two of his friends had just occupied their places in a bar in downtown Sofia, when a group of 8 persons armed with bats and knives allegedly came in and attacked them.

The police came in to find the attackers escaped and Ivanov with a deep stab wound under his armpit. The main suspect in the stabbing - year-old D. Sandanski Blast In July, Bulgarian police arrested four suspects allegedly responsible for the bomb explosion that nearly killed a man in the southwestern Bulgarian town of Sandanski. Interior Minister Tsvetanov insisted that, even though the bomb went off in front of the office of the Euroroma political party, there were no political or ethnic motives behind the criminal act. The powerful blast critically injured a year-old Roma man.

Gremmel was arrested on accusations of murdering fellow German Henry Stenberg, who had been founded dead with 15 stab wounds on the Burgas beach. Train Fire Verdicts In September, the Appellate Court in the Bulgarian city of Veliko Tarnovo ruled on the tragic train fire case with reducing the sentences of two of the three defendants, charged with reckless imprudence. The sentence of the ticket collector was reduced to 3 years behind bars from 12 while the head of the train, was sentenced to 2. The imprisonment for both was postponed by 4 years, meaning the sentence is suspended. Georgi Ivanov, former Deputy Head of the Passengers' Travels Department at the Bulgarian State Railways, BDZ, who faced 6 years in prison for ordering a double lock of all doors of sleep cars, which prevented the passengers from leaving the train, was sentenced to 1.

Until now, however, Georgiev was exonerated twice. On February 29in the deadliest train accident sincenine people were charred to death and nine more injured after two cars of the night train going from Sofia to the northeastern town of Kardam burst into flames minutes after midnight. Rasho Rashev. The suspects have been charged with preaching an undemocratic ideology and seeking to impose Sharia law, with leading and participating in an unregistered religious entity preaching an undemocratic ideology and with preaching religious intolerance. According to the indictment, the defendants built their belief systems in line with elements of Salafism, which they presented in Bulgaria in a radical version in the period March — October 6, All suspects have pleaded not guilty.

The proceedings were accompanied by protest rallies, scheduled by the nationalist parties Ataka and VMRO-BND, and held near the Court building, heavily guarded by the police. The Pazardzhik-based Court is hearing testimony from a number of witnesses and protected witnesses. Bulgaria also has the highest concentrations of carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide. Pernik, a small city just southwest of the capital, Sofia, topped the list as the dirtiest city, with high concentrations of particulates in the air around half of the year, compared to about 15 days of the year for Paris and Stuttgart in Germany.

Poland, where coal predominates in electricity production, also ranked at or near bottom for several air quality measures. Meanwhile, another EU new member, Estonia, was frequently ranked as having the cleanest air. As air quality problems are not constrained by borders, air pollution may sometimes be "imported" from neighbouring countries by wind, the EEA said. Nitrogen oxides NOX: Emitted from fuel combustion, including power plants and vehicles. Sulphur dioxide SO2: Emitted when fuels containing sulphur. Ammonia NH3: Emitted from industry, road transport and dry-cleaning. Particulate matter PM: Organic micro-pollutants:

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