How to flirt with your boyfriend over the phone

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How To Flirt With a Guy Over Text or phone

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This is keeping interactions moving forward with energy and emotion.

This is putting real effort into someone and building thf connection. Use it! Many men these days sadly are not used to chatting on the phone to women, so it may take prompting to get him heading in that direction. Doing so sets you clearly apart from other women, who are stuck talking to him via endless text chatter that builds no real rapport. Should you tell a guy you like him first? He can learn so much about you from your texts, which makes the whole thing intimidating and frustrating. If he answers your texts quickly and with decently long sentences, congratulations. You did great.

Want to turn him off? Send just one inappropriate text. Or a misspelled one.

Or text him 9 times before he answers. By the way, if you want to get your ex back, flirty texts are the wrong way to go. A friend or an enemy? After you come up with a reason, then you just have to feel him out when you talk to him. They state the facts and hang it up. When you call, try to give off a relaxed vibe. Some might think this is silly, but a really good aid for being confident when you call, is to actually put on a little makeup and feel pretty. It gives you confidence. Get yourself prepared before you dial the number.

Be sure to call at a time when you can really relax and not be interrupted. Pick a time when things are calm around the house. It usually comes out sounding unnatural. Just let things flow, and be yourself. After all, it is YOU that you want him to like. Let him feel the real you on the other end. Do not let anything distract you from this conversation. If you seem too distracted during a conversation it can be a HUGE turn-off. It shows that he is not important to you. Flirting don'ts.

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We have talked about what you should do to have a flirtacious conversation. Here are flir list of things you should not do when flirting on the phone: Do NOT burp into the phone! Show him that you're: Don't show them all in one conversation, pace yourself and slowly reveal each trait in subsequent phone calls. Sound confident, but not over-confident. When you sound confident over the phone you will project a positive self- image. Sometimes the brush of your hand or pressing your legs up against one another in the movie theatre is all it takes to get the flirtation and sexual tension going.

Move in close and whisper something in his ear—an age old and simple flirting technique.

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It works every time. Remember flirting is about more than just batting your eyelashes. Show you support him and that you are his biggest cheerleader. Remember the lingering eye contact you used to give one another when you first started going out? Bring it back! Confidence is sexy.

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