Afghan virgin hymen

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The historic tradition of wedding night-virginity testing

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Virginity is virgi of many ways patriarchy is exerted: While widespread, virginity tests like blood ceremonies are notoriously inaccurate. A telling feature of blood ceremonies is their preoccupation with female virginity.

Follow the conversation on social media: Vkrgin does it surpass your faith and race? True love is meant to transcend cultures and borders, but can it overcome religious and racial differences? But that does not speak to the continued pressure within families for women to remain obedient. That culture and tradition is so ingrained that the forensic center gets many cases that have not been forwarded to them by the police.

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Image The ivrgin table where female virginity tests are carried out. Many are ordered by police officials upon suspicion of adultery. CreditAndrew Quilty for The New York Times Newly married couples have arrived at the center after their weddings when the husbands suspected their wives had not been virgins, doctors said. He called off the engagement and demanded that her family repay everything he had spent on her, she said.

Virgin hymen Afghan

Yymen women are put through the tests several times. By Pazhman Pazhohish Afghan women wait in line to be vorgin at Afgha health clinic in Kalakan, Afghanistan. Six months after the wedding, her new husband summarily divorced her, claiming that she had not been a virgin when they married. Now 17, Aisha said that her life had been utterly destroyed. Her husband, she said, had simply invented false accusations against her to get her out of the way. When I told my father that my husband was arranging another marriage, the arguments began.

Girls who are deemed to have had sex before marriage face public shame, divorce and even death. Disgraced families have been known to demand that their "damaged" daughter-in-law be exchanged for her sister.

Nonvirgins can be imprisoned in Afghanistan for adultery. And there are horrific tales of abuse, or worse. Their heads are shaved. The bride's family is told that she is not a virgin.

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