Dating an emotionally broken man

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8 Signs You Are Dating A Broken Man

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Unresolved Trauma Unresolved trauma is pretty common among a majority of the population.

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But most of the time they go out of their way to try to resolve the trauma at some point. A broken man might never take the initiative to do that. He feels as if emotiomally is no way to really deal with his bromen or at least he has not gotten up the motivation to try to deal with it entirely. This may be because the trauma was severe and came from his childhood. It could also be trauma from a previous, or several previous, relationships. Have you noticed that the man you are dating has trauma he does not like to discuss or confront? This would be a major sign that you are dating a broken man.

Sign 3: There will be days that he will be a rollercoaster of emotions. This can wear you and him both down. There seems to also be more bad days than there are good days. You will never know what he felt in that moment, why he reacted the way he did, or why it still bothers him today. Stay Calm There will be moments of anger, frustration, and mixed emotions. Not only towards him, but also towards the people that inflicted this pain.

Two angry people will never fix anything. Give Him and Yourself Some Ann There will be many times that he will need his own space to evaluate Daitng feelings; let him. This space can be beneficial to you also. You may begin to feel overwhelmed with failed attempts to make things better for him. Take time for yourself when you need to. Let Go Because you will never truly understand how he feels, there will be many instances in which you will disagree with him. They will come out of nowhere and when you least expect it. Over time, you will learn his triggers and that sometimes his train of thought is influenced by his broken pieces. In reality, they never reveal their emotional state to the outer world and become successful fooling everyone into thinking that, they are this ray of sunshine with a master plan for life.

You may find him cold and distant at times: Mostly, he will deal with his problems headfirst, never making you feel that something is wrong. He might be cold and distant when this will happen but be not indifferent to his state, he loves you and he just needs his time to handle things. He will never talk about his true emotions: Society has put a lot of pressure on men and women equally. For men, crying or shedding tears in front of others is not a good sight to watch.

Men change when they are ready to. Many women try to fix Daying emotionally damaged men by talking about their past. Well, their past is the main reason they feel this way. If you keep talking about it, you will just make things worse. So drop it. If you really love him, wait until he opens up to you. He is the one who will know when the time is right for that. Just by being patient and giving him some space, you are doing him an incredible favor. Yes, he has a heart but he keeps it locked, far away from everyone.

He has been hurt in the past and this is his self-defense mechanism. And honestly, that is not something he wants to go through again.

Man Dating an emotionally broken

So, please, try to understand him. It is not easy to fight with those demons living inside of him. He would like it if he could live like the rest of us and open up to every new person who came into his life. Just let him open up to you when he feels that it is the right time for that. Try to understand him because it is difficult to live this way. So, bear with him and be his rock. I am sure he will find some ways to pay you back! They eat at him, and he never allows himself to find a remedy. It's overwhelming, to say the least.

He could find solace in the person he loves, but he's afraid of how they might react. He's afraid he'll let them down.

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