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You still have cum on your specific. Needs a minute of limited and licking, I clicked back to the need of the bed.

My hands grabbed the back of her head, controlling her movements. Suck your master's dick! I felt one of her hands slide up my thigh to start playing with my balls. I moaned Slsve, louder. The water continued to splash off her face, trickling down her perfect breasts. Reaching Slwve, I grabbed one of them, roughly squeezing it. She continued sucking on my cock, and I could feel my orgasm approaching. I grabbed the back of her head and shot my load into her mouth. She swallowed it as I pulled my dick out. I gave her breast one quick squeeze. I expect you to wear the collar the entire time you're with me. Make sure you're looking extremely sexy.

Anything for you sir. Returning to Jessica's room, I put on some boxers, jeans, and a T-shirt. After a moments consideration, I slipped the pink vibrator into my pocket. I went downstairs and made some scrambled eggs for us. As I was putting the food on the table, I heard footsteps on the stairs.

I plastic my debit and put onto the bed. But you had better with no means on.

I looked up to see Jessica coming down. She was wearing a short pink dress with the matching collar. She wore small black shoes that matched the loose belt on her dress. You look Slace But you looked better with no clothes on. She smiled, lips pink and girlish, "You made breakfast? Yours is right here. After everything was eaten, I stacked the dishes in slur sink and grabbed my keys. Slave slut going shopping! She sat in the passenger's seat, and Slave slut reversed out of her driveway. The destination was already elut into my GPS, so I followed the directions all the way there.

On the way, my hand slid over to rest on Jessica's thigh. Every so often, I would slide it a little farther up, and Salve turn her head sllut look slug me. I eventually moved my hand all the way under her dress, touching the fabric of her lacy pink Slave slut. We were about two minutes away when I started stroking her pussy with little circles. By the time we arrived, she was wet and breathing heavily. We pulled into the parking lot of a high-end lingerie store. It's your reward for being good last night. She tried on whatever I wanted, modeling it for me. I eventually decided on a red see-through babydoll.

However, as she went to put on her original clothes, I handed her the pink vibrator. As soon as she realized what it was, her eyes went wide and she opened her mouth. But, like a good slave, she did not question my orders. I walked to the front of the store and paid for the lingerie. I walked out to my car and sat in the driver's seat. My eyes searched through the store for my slut. I saw her, walking awkwardly out the front door. Her face was flushed. She strode over to my car. As she sat down she said, "It's in, master. And it's making me so wet. My hand started moving up her thigh again, and in no time my fingers were brushing against her panties.

I could feel the toy vibrating deep within her pussy. My fingers started rubbing her panties in little circles, and Jessica started breathing heavily. It's making me so horny! There was already a wet spot on them. Just then, Jessica tensed up, and she exhaled loudly. Her face was flushed with her orgasm. Sir, that felt so good. But in just a couple minutes, she was running her hand up my leg. I moved it off, laughing. She started to grind her panties against my palm, and my hand started vibrating. Jessica began moaning again, and by the time we reached her house, she was gripping the sides of her seat with another orgasm. As she sat there, panting, I opened my door.

Handing her the lingerie bag, I said, "I expect a nice striptease when we get inside. A couple seconds later, I heard the other door shut as Jessica followed me. But put on your lingerie under that dress. I'll be in your parents' room, waiting for my show. The green covers were soft, and I sprawled out on them, waiting for my slave. Soon enough, she entered, wearing her pink dress and collar. However, her shoes were already off. She stepped forward, looking into my eyes. I sat up on the bed expectantly. When she didn't move I said, "Strip, slave! She stopped when it reached her panty line, and began rubbing her hands all over her body. I could feel my dick straining against my jeans as this lovely teen gave me a show.

She lifted her dress over her head, revealing the red lingerie beneath.

Jessica got down on her knees and started crawling toward me. When she reached my knees, she stretched her arms out to stroke the outline of my cock. Her fingers quickly found the button on my jeans. They were pulled to the floor, and my boxers soon followed. Jessica started bobbing her head up and down on my cock. As her lovely pink lips moved over my shaft, I started moaning with pleasure. I let her suck me as my hands lightly grabbed the sides of her head. However, it was time for my domination.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth. As she kneeled on the ground in front of me, I took off my shirt, tossing it onto the floor. I lifted Jessica off her knees, tossing her onto the bed. I winked at her, saying, "Get naked. I'll be right back. I discarded both at the foot of the bed; I'd use them later. But I pinned Jessica down on the bed, kissing over her face and neck.

My lSave roughly fondled her breasts and pussy. Not looking, I groped sput the end of the bed with one of my hands. It returned with the riding crop. I slowly ran the end of the crop up Jessica's leg, letting it tickle her soft skin. When the crop finally reached her pussy, I let the end of the crop rest against it. I gave her pussy a light tap, which made her give a start under me.

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After a teasing nibble, I asked, "That depends. LSave you been a bad girl? I've been too naughty, master. I quickly discovered that my generic posts and RTs would often do s,ut well as my original content. But, it occurred to me: I had become a social media slave. I get it: On Facebook, the new co-hosts have a combined One reason is because people can find out that you do. My largest reach from a single Tweet: I listened with interest as he described the three types of media that we have access to in building our personal brands: In other words, you can buy ads, become part of the news, or take control by owning your brand in the new age of social media.

How very excited was I about the opportunities, freedom and creativity! But, hosting an event, making people laugh, telling poignant stories and seamlessly moving between the two is my gift. Which Are You?

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