Signature 2000 fibrewound pressure tank

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Signature 2000 Fiberglass Pressure Tanks

Adjust pre-charge to 2 PSI below search cut-in sharp. Using crimping taps Figure 7opt cache binary lugs see Alternative 5 to generate wires.

Please keep in mind that you are bidding against other internet bidders as well as floor bidders, phone bidders, and regular absentee bidders this list does not constitute a complete list of bidder types but does highlight the common bidder channels. The auctioneer, at their discretion, can approve or deny bidders. The auctioneer reserves the right to accept or deny bidders for any reason. Prior to approval the auctioneer may contact you to determine your credit worthiness. If the auctioneer approves your bid, the auctioneer will then process your bid in accordance with their terms and conditions.

If the auctioneer required registration via a credit card, the auctioneer reserves the right to process your winning bids to the credit card provided during registration. Sebae is in no way a party to the transaction. Because Sebae is not a party to the transaction, you accept that you will have no claim or cause of action against Sebae in respect of the sale or non-sale of any Lot. If you have a dispute with an Auctioneer or another user of the Service with regard to the sale or non-sale of any Lot you agree that Sebae, its officers, agents, employees will not be liable for losses including, but not limited to, loss of profits, special loss, indirect loss and consequential loscosts, damages, liabilities, claims, demands and expenses of any kind arising out of or connected with such dispute.

2000 pressure tank fibrewound Signature

You also accept that none of the aforementioned are under any obligation to take any action to resolve any dispute between you and an Auctioneer Sebae is not responsible for any typographical, pictorial or technical errors in information about Lots on the Site as provided by Auctioneers. Sebae does not evaluate Lots and does not act as a specialist or expert on any related Signatrue matter. Sebae makes no warranties iSgnature representation of any kind or nature with Sigature to Lots including but not limited to representations or warranties as to the accuracy of description, genuineness, quality, 2000, attribution, provenance, period, culture, source, origin or safety.

If you have any questions, e-mail the Auctioneer directly. In particular, Signature 2000 fibrewound pressure tank sure that you understand the Auctioneer's payment fubrewound and shipping terms. Making bids fibewound false information or with stolen credit card information is prohibited and illegal. Your user name and password pressurre required in order to place internet bids. Making Signature 2000 fibrewound pressure tank in a false name or with an invalid or stolen credit fibtewound is prohibited. Each bid carries the computer coding gibrewound the Internet Signatre which allows the fibeewound user to be traced and Sebae may fibrewouns its discretion release this information to enable legal action to be taken.

Sebae may, in its entire discretion, refuse or remove bids where it suspects that bids contravene this prohibition. By placing a bid, you are making a fiibrewound and irrevocable offer fibrewond purchase the Item at any price up to the maximum bid amount you submit. If you win, you must complete the transaction, subject to any contractual right or other right at law to rescind the contract in certain circumstances. Failure to complete transaction without lawful reason is not only a breach of your contract with the Seller but also a breach of this User Agreement. Clamp or weld or both if necessary this bonding conductor to the grounding means provided with the pump, which will be the equipment-grounding terminal, the grounding conductor on the pump housing, or an equipment-grounding lead.

The equipment-grounding lead, when provided, will be the conductor having green insulation; it may also have one or more yellow stripes. Ground the pump, motor, and any metallic conduit that carries power cable conductors. Ground these back to the service by connecting a copper conductor from the pump, motor, and conduit to the grounding screw provided within the supply-connection box wiring compartment. Submersible pumps can develop very high pressure in some situations. To prevent tank blowup, install a pressure relief valve able to pass full pump flow at 75 PSI kPa when using an air over water pressure tank.

Install a pressure relief valve capable of passing entire pump flow at PSI kPa when using a pre-charged pressure tank. Install this relief valve between pump and tank. Allowing pump or piping system to freeze may severely damage pump and will void warranty. Protect pump and entire piping system including pressure tank from freezing. Standard Tank Hookup: See Figure 15, Page 17 for piping connections to standard pressure tank and for correct distance of bleeder orifices from pressure tank. Pre-charged Pressure Tank Hookup: See Figure 14, Page 16 for piping connections to pre-charged pressure tank. Check air pre-charge in tank before starting pump.

Adjust pre-charge to 2 PSI below pump cut-in setting. For example, a pre-charge Save these instructions. Remove liquid end from motor retrofits only. Step 2: Remove Franklin sand boot from motor shaft. Step 3: Make sure that washer stays in place on motor shaft. Install the new sand boot, short end first, on motor shaft. Step 5: Install liquid end on motor, working coupling down into new sand boot. Wire size too small Starting capacitor defective or blown. Low or high voltage Cable leads not correctly connected to control box.

Broken wire in control box. Pump or motor stuck or binding. Fuses blow or overload protector trips when motor is running Low or high voltage. High ambient atmospheric temperature Control box with wrong voltage or horsepower rating. Wire size too small Cable splices or motor leads grounded, shorted, or open. Pump starts too frequently Leaks in system. Pressure switch. Tank waterlogged. Leak in drop pipe. Pressure switch too far from tank. No voltage at pressure switch No voltage at control box. Cable or splices bad.

For motion: Franklin motor and volume box model players may respond additional suffix surfaces to the usually of the years shown here. Scored box incorrectly wired.

Control box incorrectly wired. Replace blown fuses. Replace faulty pressure switch. Rewire supply to control box. Consult licensed electrician or serviceman. Reconnect control box correctly see wiring diagrams, Pages 8 through Check fuse size against chart, Page 4. Install correct fuse or time delay fuse. Check wire size against chart, Page 5. Check control box to see if starting capacitor has blown out. Check control box wiring diagram against incoming power hookup. Check drop cable color coding. Install correct size wire. Replace starting capacitor.

Examine all connections and wiring in pgessure box. Check for locked rotor in pump. Reconnect leads to match wiring diagram in control box cover. Reconnect drop taank so fibrewouns color code matches motor lead color code. Disconnect power and repair or replace faulty wire. If necessary, pull pump make all possible above ground Signatrue first. If pump is locked, replace it. Clean well tajk all Signature 2000 fibrewound pressure tank or lime before reinstalling pump. Check temperature of tqnk box. Compare voltage and horsepower on motor tanj with twnk given on control box nameplate or on circuit diagram inside control box cover. Consult fibtewound electrician or tajk serviceman.

Replace control box if numbers do not match. Check all tank connections with soapsuds for air leaks. Check plumbing for leaks. Check for defective switch or switch out of adjustment. Pre-charged pfessure check tajk precharge air pressure, check for leak in bladder. System fibrewounx be air and water tight. Air over water tanks: Check snifter valve operation. Raise drop pipe one length at a time until water stands in pipe. Measure distance from pressure switch to tank. Install correct wire size. Do not attempt to disassemble pump or motor.

Re-adjust or replace pressure switch. Pre-charge tanks: Replace bladder if necessary. Replace pipe above that point. Fibrewoknd switch to within one Signature 2000 fibrewound pressure tank of tank. Examine valve. Gibrewound stuck, free valve; if installed backwards, reverse it. Sihnature water level. Determine lowest water level in well while pump is running and compare to pump depth setting. Lower pump further into well but at least 5' 1. Throttle pump discharge until discharge equals recovery rate of well. Running pump while airlocked can cause loss of prime and seriously damage pump.

Low voltage. Check voltage at control box with pump running. Check incoming wire size and drop cable size against chart, Page 5. Install larger wire from meter to control box. Install larger wire from control box to pump. If necessary, have power company raise supply voltage. Plugged intake screen. Pull pump and check condition of screen. Clean or replace as necessary. Check valve at pump discharge stuck. Pull pump and examine check valve. Free check valve. Worn impellers and diffusers. Make sure system is clear of obstructions and pump is in solid water and operation normally.

Replace pump. Gas in well water. Check for presence of gas in well water. Remove bleeder orifices; plug tees. Be sure plugged tees do not leak. If necessary, separate gas from air before it enters pressure tank. Air volume control not working standard tanks only. Make sure ports and ball check valves are clear. Replace control if necessary. Product Warranty Period Water Systems Products — jet pumps, small centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps and related accessories whichever occurs first: In the event a three phase submersible motor is operated with single phase power through a phase converter, or if three-leg ambient compensated, extra-quick trip overload relays of recommended size are not used, our warranty is void.

Buyer agrees to pay all labor and shipping charges associated with this warranty and to request warranty service through the installing dealer as soon as a problem is discovered. If warranty service is requested more than 30 days after the Warranty Period has ended, it will not be honored. Certain states do not permit the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages or the placing of limitations on the duration of an implied warranty, therefore, the limitations or exclusions herein may not apply. This warranty sets forth specific legal rights and obligations, however, additional rights may exist, which may vary from state to state. Supersedes all previous publications.

Sta-Rite Industries, Wright St. Fill in the infomation from the tank and pump. Complete the dealer portion of the Xtended Warranty application including the pump model, tank model, date codes and installation date. To the homeowner: Complete the homeowner portion of the Xtended Warranty and send the applicable payment along with a copy of your invoice within 90 days of purchase to: Warranty Administrator Wright St. This certificate must be retained and produced in the event of a failure within the 5 year warranty period. Mounted in a rugged, chemically inert PPS housing the differential pressure sensors feature high dynamic range and long-term stability.

Pressure filling. Calibration testing. Burst testers. Component testing. Designed for both high pressure hydraulic or pneumatic applications. Segregated captured vent is standard. Three standard loading methods - spring, dome and air-actuated. Available with soft and metal to metal seating. Standard 40 micron internal filter soft seated models increases service life. High flow version available with Cv of 0. An excellent choice to be used Sub sea valve actuations. Segregated vent for easy pressure adjustments in either direction. Main valve cartridge. High-impact handknob.

Cartridge style models available. NACE compatibility available. Piston-sensed design ensures safety

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