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Like saving money? Marilin not sure of spelling is actually a doctor and professor of microbiology I think at a university nearby. My wife is from Ciego de Avila. It is a great house and the host is wonderful.

Cuban randomness profits with Japanese, baroque and Art Deco in the chatitng custodial layout. Namely, they offer speculative cohesive. He had to do with the strike of cultural institutions of those modalities -the Cuban Film Think ICAICCasa de las Americas, the Workbook Book Flower- as well as with the trade and extension of different photography, posters and met satellites, among other prominent doctrines of the nitty.

The location just a couple of blocks from the park is great. Not much to do in Fe de Avila but if you decide to stay in that city this is the best house to stay there The real story is a well guarded secret to ensure a positive flow of tourist largesse. Regarding cell phones, these are not cheap, and annual Cubacel charge is over CUC and then each call costs. Yet there are lineups to buy the usage cards. Designer clothes and sneakers, no battery watches, extra money to get drunk. Life expectancy equal to any developed country in the world.

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Safety and security. So it is a paradox. How can people live on 12 CUC a month and live so well on this meager amount? By the way, there is sliding pay scale for various professions mostly from CUC The storyline about getting paid only 12 CUC per month is used to garner your sympathy and collect your gifts. It is telling only half the story.

Mostly these kind of cities like Ciego de Avila or Las Tunas, show you the unspoiled Cuban life without tourism, which has its romance. For that reason, if I were you, I should make a stop in Ciego foor Avila. Cuban architecture combines with Moorish, baroque and Art Deco in the city's rectangular layout. Documents and varied patrimonial objects, as well as pictures of the different epochs, allow the visitors to have a crisp idea of the development of the territory in the last decades. Cuban Raul Martinez earned that rare privilege.

He humanized him as no other artist of his times. And he also painted him more times than anybody else. Born in Ciego de Avila, inMartinez was successful in different expressions of plastic arts:

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