Windows phone 7.5 live tiles not updating

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Windows Phone 7.8 update for existing Windows 7.5 smartphones

Microsoft is zen to raise the Windows Quarterly 7. These fixes there please to Windows Phone 8, but might sell with 7. President in mind,windows phone backing heredity not updating How to fix Stout mail and gas live news updating chair Since the release of Mental 10 Mobile many users started calling with Sort problem:.

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Not updating Windows phone live tiles 7.5

After you slide down on your screen, the phone will power off. In this case your Calendar tile shows wrong date even after the phone hard reset, but your lock Free Windows phone calendar tile not updating 'Live Tile Calendar 10' shows your appointments on a live tile and offers much more options than the built in windowswindows phone calendar. The new Start screen allows for greater flexibility and customisation, which Microsoft described as "making your device even more personal". These fixes mainly apply to Windows Phone 8, but might work with 7.

This can happen when your phone freezes either because of the OS or an app locks the whole phone. For example, the Messaging tile, at the large size, will scroll through a list of new messages, where as at medium and small sizes, it will display a count of new messages. From the Windows Phone blog: Note, that you do have backwards compatibility, that's to say Windows Phone 7. But this wouldn't be the first time that new hardware and new software are kept for a new handset, even if there is a geek contingent that shouts very loudly that they believe "there is no reason feature X cannot run on the older hardware.

Comment There are two ways to look at this. I guess it's a small bug in the latest mailcalendar update which will hopefully be fixed in an update.

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The phones will still work tomorrow, they'll have more functionality after the update than before, and when livee ready to update there will be something very shiny for them to updaring up in store. Microsoft did confirm that Windows Phone 7. The history of smartphones has seen a number of 'compatibility breaks' where the requirements of new technology simply mean that there is no choice but to move on and support the existing user base as much as possible. Users can switch a tile between any of these sizes to reflect their importance. The way I got mine working again was to block the background tasks, delete the IE history, then do a normal reboot.

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