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In total, 66 social mapping sessions involving street-children were conducted using a checklist. Dex findings may not be generalized to the wider context due to its participatory nature and approaches that were applied to select street-children. A few male children said that they could not use it as the size of a condom is bigger than their penis. They also enlisted 8—15 street-children from each spot to participate in the mapping session.

In this regard, one girl said: One of the abandoned children expressed his coping mechanism during illness jhulna the following inn These children are usually deprived from basic human rights and have inadequate access to food, clothings, accommodation, education, and health facilities [ 8 ]. Victimization of rape was more prevalent among the older children 9—12 years than the younger 5—8 years. After then, I only took injection instead of taking dandy, heroin, regularly. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare MoHFW and private sectors should come forward to ensuring future programmes to meet the needs of this extremely vulnerable group.

It required 2—3 hours for conducting a PGD session. If they did not recover, they consulted local pharmacist, herbalist, or spiritualist e. Through initial analysis of these mapping transcripts, we selected six of the 11 locations for participatory group discussion PGD sessions and individual interviews where each location had a boundary encompassing an area with two-kilometre radius.

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After coming to Kamalapur station, I learned to take ib and cakki from my working peers. Street-children reported being very reluctant to seek treatment for any health problems. The existing NGO interventions for addicted children need to be reviewed to enhance their participation in these programmes. The children fixed the time, place, and the day. Two friends cut their hands or any exposed parts of the body, mix their blood, and promise to sacrifice and do everything for each other. In this regard, one of the abandoned children said:

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