Lapsitting while dating

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It sounds like Lapeitting isn't directly worried about that, more that she is habitually worried about it by proxy - that it's wandering into territory that she learned to consider inappropriate in the social circles she grew up in, and it was inappropriate in those circles because it wasn't innocent there. Neither person is wrong, but the two stances are incompatible. But there needs to be some sign, preferrably through actions, that the new girlfriend's opinions are being taken on board.

Similarly, your friend has the right to wyile whether she's comfortable in a relationship where her comfort was prioritized below being able to another woman, and where he'd rather touch this woman than wile be with her at all. I say this as as someone who was very good platonic friends with a man who was as physically affectionate as me. But we must make distinctions about what behaviors are arguably integral to a friendship warm greetings arguably are and what behaviors are optional and dispensable as circumstances warrant. That still does not change the fact that social standard everywhere else consider it rude.

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I don't want me, wjile how I interact with them, to be an issue. Have the boyfriend and this female friend ever had a romantic or sexual entanglement? See, that's what strikes me about this - it's difficult to imagine a man and a woman doing this lap-sitting business without there being to use that excellent phrase from upthread a "heterosexual frisson". This comes off as way weird to me.

If neither of them gets that, there's either serious Lapsirting issues or they collectively don't give a shit about how new girlfriend feels. Something more is going on here. I score very low on the jealousy scale but if my boyfriend let some girl sit in his lap and act like that and then completely dismiss my feelings as being irrational, his ass would be hittin' the road. It's not even something that I would try to change.

While dating Lapsitting

She could probably throw enough of a fit to get him to stop, but ultimately it would just make her seem petty and unreasonable, and he would resent wile for it. As a guy, I would fully expect any woman I'm dating to rightfully FLIP OUT if I'm letting another woman be that affectionate towards me, and wouldn't fault her for thinking that there's something else going on here. Or maybe it's not deliberate. I'm not trying to say it's wrong to use that model, but like any tool it works better in some situations than others. If her boyfriend, as others have said, is more concerned about maintaining and presumably not upsetting his friendship at the expense of his acknowledged girlfriend, then the question is why.

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