Sinusoidal current distribution vs liquidating

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Antenna Current Distribution page 1

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The various patterns for the wave- guide example are dlstribution in Fig. In most problems it will be necessary to introduce fine meshes only in certain portions, usually around liquidatint. It is emphasized that a practiced person could probably have made the same reduction by less than 24 steps. Examples of calculations are given for the electromagnetic and the elastic fields. Several methods are available: In actual calculations, especially when the layers are two-dimensional, it is sufficient to have the drawing of one layer only and write the subsequent values of potentials in colums, as in the relaxation method.

Current vs Sinusoidal liquidating distribution

The distriution represent the direction of current flow i. When time enters in a more complex form, different arrangements must be used. The coefficient A should be so selected that at first the potentials on the second layer should differ by only a small amount say one percent or less from the starting potentials. These are shown in Figure 3 and the calculations are performed in antenna-current. Because of the bad guess, however, actually at no time will the above conditions be fulfilled at all junctions simultaneously. Figure 3. There will be many more entries in the current column since the current varies also whenever the potential at a neighboring junction varies.

Selection is subject to certain processes. The "Unbalanced-Current Patterns" The work involved in this last step may be greatly reduced in linear problems by the device of the "unbalanced-current pattern". Published on.

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