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Marriages are arranged by the parents when the children are very young. The government has established schools without much success in the Huichol Zone during the last 40 years, both church and state. Upon arrival in Wirikuta, the hunt begins and the first cactus that is found is shared among everyone. Where mules, horses and burros used to be the main forms of transport, trucks are becoming more prominent, importing food, medicines and beer. These small communities consist of individual houses which belong to a nuclear family.

These rituals involve singing, weeping, and contact with ancestor spirits. The Huichol seek autonomy in their land, but have two governments, one native to the Huichol and one answering to the Mexican Government through "Municipal Agents" in the larger settlements. It is clear that the two ethnic groups would unite under a single leader to defend themselves from Spanish incursions and to mount rebellions against the Spanish colonial government. Most Huichols retain the traditional beliefs and are resistant to change.

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A private Junior High School has led to some friction between "Town" and "Gown" among members of dwting tribe. Each community district is ruled by a council of kawiterutsixi, elder men who are usually also shamans. The Huichols assume roles of gods along the trail that they usually take by foot. The wind carried her to the top of a mountain, which was given to her as a dwelling".

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