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Disputes it take more of an investment to draw newsppaper. Kasimedu Perfect Beyond the microsoft of Royapuram, a very passage leads to the sports car yard of Kasimedu.

The views it provides are stunning. You can see as far as MRC Nagar. Spotting places that you know can be fun Look into the endless sea of blue and you will spot a few boats merrily bobbing about; peer further, and there are ships gliding along the horizon.

Who knows, the place may just inspire you to write poems about your significant other. A lift takes you to inline ninth floor from where a flight of stairs leads to the viewing platform. Even before your eyes take in the view, feel the pleasant breeze caress your face. Up for a challenge? What better than a challenging activity to spice up a date?

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Oh come on, it certainly is better than daintily sitting, sipping on coffee and biting into muffins, or chugging down cocktails. How about a day of surfing or deep sea diving? Drive down to Covelong Surf Point, hop onto a surf board and see who can quickly balance themselves on it. The one who falls into the water first buys lunch. Tried a diving date, yet? At least it saves you the awkward conversation! Barefoot Scuba runs a deep-sea dive course. A catamaran takes divers into the sea, from where they jump into the water along with instructors. Look out for butterflyfish, bannerfish, honeycomb morays, puffer fish, snappers, octopus and manta rays.

You can always do that when you surface. Loll in luxury This feels like a scene out of a Hollywood romcom — the sea, an elegant yacht and a couple stylishly lazing aboard while Adele and Bruno Mars blare from the speakers. Take it up to Mammallapuram or sail across to Pulicat and watch the elegant flamingos flap about. The yacht passes by numerous ships with large containers as it leaves the Chennai Port.

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Fifteen minutes newwspaper, all that your eyes can see are vast stretches of blue up to the horizon. If they are celebrating an occasion, we organise cake. People also find friends and casual dates without the usual social stigma. A varied bunch of people without disabilities are open to dating Hindh marrying persons with disabilities. Some have worked in NGOs in the disability space. I have lived with a person with a disability and it is not as big an obstacle as it is made out to be. It is about finding someone with common interests. I have also realised that persons with disabilities do not take things for granted. To be honest, it was not my plan to date someone with a disability.

But at the event I realised that a lot of persons with disabilities are not born that way, but became disabled due to accidents or illness. I started thinking, if I were already married and my husband acquired a disability later, would I abandon him? Then what is wrong if I fall in love with someone with a disability?

Does it take more of an effort to convince them? Shivani chenjai judging people based on physical attributes is not uncommon. But hailing from a family that has had its share of inter-religious and inter-caste marriages, having them accept someone with disability is not going to need much convincing, she adds. For Parul, it is the least of her problems. The people I have met so far are all well qualified and earning well. Two earning members of a family can lead a comfortable life and that is all I need. Also, there is orthodoxy in many Indian families.

If I find someone worth fighting for, I will fight. Manish Raj, 34, works in an IT multinational. He suffers from polio. He signed up for Inclov over a year ago to find and interact with people whom he could identify with.

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